A-235 PL-19 Nudol
TypeAir-to-surface missile
Anti-ship missile
Place of originSoviet Union
Service history
Used byNever entered service
Production history
VariantsSee Variants

The Kh-45 "Lightning" was a Soviet hypersonic anti-ship air-to-surface missile project. It was developed as the main armament for ICD "Raduga"'s T-4 missile carrier bomber. The designers were A. Y. Bereznyak, G. K. Samokhvalov and V. A. Larionov.[1]


The Kh-45 was intended to be carried on the Tu-160, but the integration was cancelled in 1976–77.[2]

Basic tactical and technical characteristics

The Kh-45 weighed 4,500 kg and was 10.8m long.[2]

  • Starting range, km - up to 600

<! - * Flight altitude, m: on the march - 10–15 on the final segment - 4 ->

  • Flight speed, km / h - 7000
  • Starting weight, kg - 4500
  • Cumulative high-explosive warhead, thermonuclear
  • The mass of the warhead, kg - 500-1000

<! - * Rocket length, m -

  • Rocket diameter, m - ->
  • Guidance system: inertial, radio command, GISU "Whirlwind" + ARGSN "Harpoon"

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