Kinaros (Greek: Κίναρος; Latin: Cinarus or Cinara; Italian: Zinari), is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, named after the artichoke (kinara) which it produced.[2][3] It is located west of Kalymnos and Leros and east of Amorgos, 5.5 nautical miles west-southwest of Levitha.[4] It is the second westernmost island of the Dodecanese after Astypalea, and has an area of 4.5 km². The island's highest point is 296m. It was noted by several ancient authors including Pliny the Elder,[5] Pomponius Mela,[6] and Athenaeus.[7]

Native name:
Kinaros is located in Greece
Coordinates36°58′49″N 26°17′23″E / 36.98028°N 26.28972°E / 36.98028; 26.28972Coordinates: 36°58′49″N 26°17′23″E / 36.98028°N 26.28972°E / 36.98028; 26.28972
Population1 (2020)[1]
Kinaros on the map


The population of the island according to the 2003 census had 2 inhabitants.[8] The islands last inhabitants were a family that returned from Australia and earned a living by raising livestock, out of whom only one member remains as of 2003.[9][10][1]


On 11 February 2016, a Greek Navy Agusta-Bell AB212 PN28 helicopter crashed on the island of Kinaros during a night training mission, killing all three officers aboard.[11]


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