Koval'sky (crater)


Koval'sky Crater
Martian crater Koval'sky based on day THEMIS.png
THEMIS image of Koval'sky
RegionMemnonia quadrangle
Coordinates29°34′S 141°32′W / 29.56°S 141.54°W / -29.56; -141.54Coordinates: 29°34′S 141°32′W / 29.56°S 141.54°W / -29.56; -141.54
QuadrangleMemnonia quadrangle
Diameter296.67 km
EponymMarian Kowalski
Map of Koval'sky

Koval'sky is an impact crater on Mars, located in the southernmost area of the Memnonia quadrangle at 29.56° south and longitude 141.54° west. It measures approximately 297 kilometers in diameter. Its name refers to Polish–Russian astronomer Marian Kowalski (1821–1884).[1]

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