Krun Macula


Krun Macula[1]
Krun Macula, Pluto.jpg
Enhanced color view of Krun Macula on Pluto
Coordinates15°S 150°W / 15°S 150°W / -15; -150Coordinates: 15°S 150°W / 15°S 150°W / -15; -150
The Brass Knuckles chain of equatorial dark regions on Pluto

Krun is the westernmost of the "Brass Knuckles", a series of equatorial dark regions on Pluto. It is named after Krun, the greatest of the five Mandaean lords of the underworld.[2][3][4]

Krun Macula - context

Krun is the third largest equatorial dark region on Pluto, after the Cthulhu Macula and the Balrog Macula. It extends nearly to 180 degrees longitude, the Plutonian longitude opposite Charon.

In popular culture


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