Country of originJapan
ManufacturerMitsubishi Heavy Industries
Applicationsustainer engine
Associated L/VH3 Launch Vehicle
StatusIn Development
Liquid-fuel engine
PropellantLiquid oxygen / Liquid hydrogen
Mixture ratio5.9
CycleExpander Bleed cycle
Nozzle ratio37
Thrust (vac.)1,471 kN (331,000 lbf)
Thrust-to-weight ratio62.50
Chamber pressure10.0 MPa (1,450 psi)
Isp (vac.)426 s (4.18 km/s)
Length3.8 m
Dry weight2.4 t (5,300 lb)
Used in
H3 Launch Vehicle core stage.

The LE-9 is a liquid cryogenic rocket engine burning liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in an expander bleed cycle. Two or three will be used to power the core stage of the H-3 launch vehicle.[1][2][5]

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