La Grande-1 generating station


The La Grande-1 (LG-1) is a hydroelectric power station on the La Grande River that is part of Hydro-Québec's James Bay Project. The station can generate 1,436 MW and was commissioned in 1994–1995. A run of the river generating station, it is one of only two generating stations of the James Bay Project that use a reservoir without any major water-level fluctuations (the Laforge-2 generating station is the other). Thus, the amount of electricity generated by the station depends almost entirely on the water-flow of the river, which is largely controlled by upstream reservoirs and generating stations.[1]

La Grande-1 generating station
La Grande-1 generating station is located in Quebec
La Grande-1 generating station
Location of La Grande-1 generating station in Quebec
Official nameCentrale La Grande-1
LocationBaie-James, Quebec
Coordinates53°44′04″N 78°34′25″W / 53.73444°N 78.57361°W / 53.73444; -78.57361Coordinates: 53°44′04″N 78°34′25″W / 53.73444°N 78.57361°W / 53.73444; -78.57361
Construction began1989
Opening date1994-1995
Construction costC$2.5 billion
Dam and spillways
Type of damBarrage
ImpoundsLa Grande River
Height25 m (82 ft)
Length2,584 m (8,478 ft)
Dam volume1,070,000 m3 (38,000,000 cu ft)
Spillway typeParabolic
Spillway capacity16,280 m3/s (574,923 cu ft/s)
Total capacity1,228 hm3 (4.34×1010 cu ft)
Active capacity98 hm3 (3.5×109 cu ft)
Surface area70 km2 (27 sq mi)
Maximum length75 km (47 mi)
Normal elevation32.0 m (105.0 ft)
Power Station
Hydraulic head27.5 m (90 ft)
Turbines12 × fixed-blade propeller-type turbines
General Electric (8);
GEC Alsthom (4)
Installed capacity1,436 MW
Capacity factor57%
Annual generation7,500 GWh
Source: Société d'énergie de la Baie James 1996

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