Lala Şahin
Diedafter 1388
Allegiance Ottoman Empire
Years of service1360–88
Wars, campaigns and battles

Lala Şahin Pasha (Turkish: Lala Şahin Paşa; 1330 – after 1388) was the first Beylerbey of Rumelia. He was the teacher (lala) of Sultan Murad I, and when Murad succeeded the throne, Şahin led the Ottoman campaign of Thrace.[1] In 1360, he took Didymoticho, and in 1362, Adrianople, which afterwards served as the Ottoman seat of throne as Edirne.[2] In 1364, he took Boruj and Plovdiv. He was one of commanders in Battle of Maritsa (1371).[3] As of 1382 he ruled in Sofia. He was decisively defeated by Prince Lazar of Serbia at the Battle of Pločnik (1385–86).[4] He was badly defeated by the Bosniaks in the Battle of Bileća on August 27, 1388. Lala Shahin probably die in 1389 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria where still there is an old mausoleum /turbe/ in park "Tulbeto", near the famous Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak. Later the remains of Lala Shahin was removed from Kazanlak tomb to onother one in his homelands near Bursa, Turkey.


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Political offices
Preceded by
post created
Beylerbey of the Rumelia Eyalet
c. 1360—1382
Succeeded by