Lancaster Memorial (Luxembourg)


Aircraft and crew
No. 61 Squadron RAF
motto: Per purum tonantes
Avro Lancaster I
ME596 QR-H
No. 75 Squadron RAF
motto: Ake ake kia kaha (Maori)
Avro Lancaster I
HK564 AA-P
Taylor G.M. RCAF Mulcahy C.D. RNZAF
Burnside J.K. RAF Parker R.R. RAF
Nevin A.F. RCAF Hazard W.F. RNZAF
Meek J. RCAF POW Thomson E.L. RNZAF
Adair S. RAF Elvin W. RNZAF
Goulding W. RAF Jonston H.D. RNZAF
Scrimshaw C.C. RAF Wright J.H. RNZAF

The Lancaster Memorial is a memorial in the northern Luxembourg locality of Weiswampach, which was erected 60 years after World War II in memory of 14 allied airmen, 13 of whom died on the spot and one who was made prisoner by the Germans. During the night from 12 to 13 August 1944 their aircraft, two Avro Lancasters, were shot down.

Lancaster Memorial, chapel near Lancaster Memorial

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Coordinates: 50°08′29″N 6°06′47″E / 50.141455°N 6.113049°E / 50.141455; 6.113049