Land-attack missile


A land-attack missile (LAM) is a naval surface-to-surface missile that is capable of effectively attacking targets ashore, unlike specialized anti-ship missiles, which are optimized for striking other ships. Some dual-role missiles are suitable for both missions.

Like long-range anti-ship missiles, land-attack missiles are usually turbojet or turbofan powered cruise missiles. To prevent early detection and counter-measures, they usually fly near the ground at very low altitude, employing terrain-following techniques, either with terrain-following radar or with precise navigation system, like GPS, combined with a stored map of obstacles and ground elevation data (TERCOM).

Land-attack missiles are usually programmed before launch to follow a set of waypoints up to the target. Terminal guidance can be done with active radar homing, passive radar or Electronic warfare support measures, infrared homing or optical guidance, or the (fixed) target was predesignated with as final waypoint.

Some missiles allow mid-course updates after launch and some may even send information back to the launch platform or other units.

List of missiles

Specific types of LAMs (current, past and under development)
Name Origin Maximum Range
Hsiung Feng III Taiwan Taiwan 1,500 kilometres (930 mi)
Hsiung Feng IIE Taiwan Taiwan 1,000 kilometres (620 mi)[1]
Wan Chien "Ten Thousand Swords" missile Taiwan Taiwan 300 kilometres (190 mi)[2]
3M22 Zircon Russia Russia 1,000 kilometres (620 mi)
3M-51 Alfa Russia Russia 250 kilometres (160 mi)
3M-54 Kalibr Russia Russia 4,500 kilometres (2,800 mi)
BGM-109 Tomahawk (TLAM) United States United States of America 1,666 kilometres (1,035 mi)[3]
BrahMos India India / Russia Russia 450 kilometres (280 mi)
BrahMos-II India India / Russia Russia 1,000 kilometres (620 mi)
CJ-10 China China 1,500 kilometres (930 mi)
Hermes (missile) Russia Russia 100 kilometres (62 mi)
Hongniao China China 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi)
Hyunmoo-3 South Korea South Korea 1,500 kilometres (930 mi)
Otomat Mk/2E Italy Italy 360 kilometres (220 mi)
Kh-59 Russia Russia 550 kilometres (340 mi)
Naval Strike Missile Norway Norway 555 kilometres (345 mi)
P-800 Oniks Russia Russia 600 kilometres (370 mi)
RBS15 Sweden Sweden 250 kilometres (160 mi)
RK-55 / S-10 Russia Russia 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi)
YJ-18 China China 540 kilometres (340 mi)
YJ-62 China China 290 kilometres (180 mi)


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