Lansdowne (electoral district)


Lansdowne is a former provincial electoral division in Manitoba, Canada. It was created for the 1888 provincial election, and eliminated with the 1958 election.

Lansdowne was a rural constituency in the province's southwestern corner. For almost its entire history, it was considered safe for the Liberal Party and its successor, the Liberal-Progressive Party. Only two non-Liberals were ever elected for the division, and both were defeated after a single term. Tobias Norris, who served as Premier of Manitoba from 1915 to 1922, represented Lansdowne in the provincial legislature for twenty-one years.

After its elimination, parts of Lansdowne were included in the new constituency of Souris-Lansdowne.

Provincial representativesEdit

  Name Party Took Office Left Office
  Edward Dickson[1] Liberal 1888 1896
  Tobias Norris
Liberal 1896 1903
  Harvey Hicks
Conservative 1903 1907
  Tobias Norris
Liberal 1907 1928
  Donald McKenzie
Liberal–Progressive 1928 1936
  Matthew R. Sutherland[2] Liberal–Progressive 1936 1949
  Thomas Seens[3] Progressive Conservative 1949 1953
  Matthew R. Sutherland
Liberal–Progressive 1953 1958


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