Lao Zhang's Philosophy


The Philosophy of Old Zhang
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Cover of the French translation by Claude Payen
AuthorLao She

Lao Zhang's Philosophy is the 1926 debut novel of Chinese author Lao She, written while Lao She was teaching at London University's School of Oriental Studies (SOS). The novel was a resounding success back in China, and encouraged Lao She to immediately write a second novel set in the same Beijing milieu, Zhao Ziyue, the following year.[1]


  1. ^ Bonnie S. McDougall, Kam Louie The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century 1997 Page 116 -"The central character, Lao Zhang, is a schoolteacher who also practises usury and owns a small shop, concerned mainly with money and status. Believing that a concubine would elevate his social standing, he tries to make the sister of one of his students his concubine in settlement of a debt."