Laser Vago


The Laser Vago is a British/American sailing dinghy that was designed by Jo Richards as a one-design racer and first built in 2005.[1]

Laser Vago
Laser Vago sailboat 3378.jpg
DesignerJo Richards
LocationUnited Kingdom
United States
RoleOne-design racer
NameLaser Vago
Boat weight234 lb (106 kg)
Draft3.77 ft (1.15 m) with daggerboard down
ConstructionRotational moulded polyethylene tri-skin foam sandwich
LOA13.78 ft (4.20 m)
Beam5.12 ft (1.56 m)
Hull appendages
Keel/board typedaggerboard
Rudder(s)transom-mounted rudder
Rig typeBermuda rig
SailplanFractional rigged sloop
Mainsail area81.38 sq ft (7.560 m2)
Jib/genoa area29.92 sq ft (2.780 m2)
Spinnaker area116.79 sq ft (10.850 m2)
Total sail area139.00 sq ft (12.914 m2)
RYA PN1074


The design has been built since 2005 by LaserPerformance in United Kingdom and in the United States and remains in production.[1][2]


The Laser Vago is a recreational sailboat, built predominantly of rotational moulded polyethylene tri-skin foam sandwich. The hull has a sharply single chined design. It has a fractional sloop rig, a raked stem, a plumb transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a retractable daggerboard. It displaces 234 lb (106 kg).[1]

The boat has a draft of 3.77 ft (1.15 m) with the daggerboard extended. With the daggerboard removed the boat can be beached or transported on a trailer or car roof rack.[1]

There are "standard" and XD "race" models, with the latter model equipped with sails of larger area. The boat is rated as a skill level of intermediate to advanced.[1]

For sailing the design may be equipped with an asymmetrical spinnaker, flown from a retractable bowsprit and a single trapeze.[1]

The design has a Royal Yacht Club Portsmouth Yardstick racing average handicap of 1074 and is normally raced with a crew of one or two sailors. The optimal crew weight is 176 to 331 lb (80 to 150 kg).[1][3]

Operational historyEdit

Laser Vago, showing hull chine.

The boat was named Sailing World magazine's "Best One-Design Dinghy" for 2007.[4]

In a 2007 review for Sailing World, Chuck Allen wrote, "This boat is designed to be many things; singlehander, doublehander, fast trainer, and all-around fun, planing dinghy for whoever feels the need for speed in an inexpensive, durable design. Several key design features enable this 13'9" rocketship to get on a plane sooner than similar dinghies. The hard chine Richards designed into the hull combines with its rocker, which makes the boat handle like a dream during maneuvers. Its flared gunwales provide flotation and good righting moment. The XD version, which has 30 more square feet of sail area than the standard Vago, as well as a trapeze, is, quite simply, a ton of fun to sail ... Overall, sailing the boat is a great experience mostly because of the speed."[4]

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