League of Peja
Lidhja e Pejës
Formation23 January 1899
ExtinctionMay 1900
Legal statusdisestablished
LeaderHaxhi Zeka

The League of Peja (less commonly the League of Peć or League of İpek,[1] Albanian: Lidhja e Pejës), originally known as Besa-Besë (Pledge for a Pledge) between Albanians,[2] was an Albanian political organization established in 1899 in the city of İpek (now Pejë, Serbian: Peć), Kosovo Vilayet, Ottoman Empire. It was led by Haxhi Zeka, a former member of the League of Prizren, and shared the same aim of achieving an autonomous Albanian vilayet within the Ottoman Empire. This organization was encouraged and supported by Austria-Hungary and directed against Ottoman reforms and against Serbs from Kosovo Vilayet.[3]

Albanian patriotic circles had been seeing a need of creating a new organisation, similar to the first League of Prizren, and to include all the Albanian lands and place it in front of a national movement.

The first efforts for the creation of the League began in September 1896. Haxhi Zeka was named as head of this movement by the most influential Albanian leaders in the Ottoman province of Kosovo (Kosovo villayet was one of four Ottoman provinces – vilayets – with a significant Albanian presence).

Albanian leaders led by Haxhi Zeka organised a meeting in Yakova (now Gjakova) in March–April 1897 as a first step for the creation of the league. There were two groups of members. The first group of conservative and more moderate members wanted five vilayets (with Salonika vilayet included) to be united into the Albanian vilayet, and the second group of the more radical members wanted full administrative autonomy for the four vilayets united in the Albanian vilayet.[4]

The League ended its activity in 1900 after an armed conflict with the Ottoman forces. Zeka was assassinated by a Serbian agent Adem Zajmi in 1902.[5]

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