Lev Kreft


Lev Kreft (born 15 September 1951) is a Slovenian politician, former Member of Parliament, editor, philosopher and sociologist.

Lev Kreft
Lev Kreft 2013.jpg
Lev Kreft in 2013
Era20th century
SchoolMarxism, Frankfurt school, postmodernism
Main interests
Aesthetics, cultural philosophy, political philosophy, social philosophy, ethics, cultural sociology


He was elected into the first Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia in 1992 and acted as Vice President of Parliament during that term.

He has lectured at the following institutions:

  • Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Biotechnology in Ljubljana
  • Academy of Music in Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana
  • Teachers' Academy in Ljubljana.

He co-founded the Forum 21 movement in 2004.[1]

His father was the Slovene playwright Bratko Kreft.


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