Lieutenant admiral


Lieutenant admiral is a senior naval military rank in some countries of the world.

In the Royal Netherlands Navy the rank of lieutenant admiral (Dutch: luitenant-admiraal) is a four star rank, senior to a vice-admiral (Dutch: vice-admiraal) and equivalent to admiral in most foreign navies. It is used whenever the Dutch Chief of Defence is from the Navy. The Dutch navy rank of "admiral" is traditionally reserved for a member of the House of Orange-Nassau.

The rank was used in the Kingdom of England during the sixteenth century for the office of the Lieutenant of the Admiralty.

During the seventeenth century, the senior Dutch fleet commanders Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Tromp, had the rank of lieutenant admiral-general (Dutch: luitenant-admiraal-generaal) to distinguish them from other naval officers with the rank of lieutenant admiral.

The Swedish word for Lieutenant admiral is amiralitetslöjtnant.

Other countries

Equivalent to OF-8

Equivalent to OF-9

  • Brazil (Almirante-de-Esquadra)
  • Italy (Ammiraglio de squadra con incarichi speciali)