List of Apotheothenai


The Greek pantheon of gods included mortal-born heroes and heroines who were elevated to godhood through a process which the Greeks termed apotheosis.[1][2][3] Some of these received the privilege as a reward for their helpfulness to mankind example: Heracles, Asclepius and Aristaeus, others through marriage to gods, example: Ariadne, Tithonus and Psyche, and some by luck or pure chance example: Glaucus.


Name God/Goddess of Parents Married to Immortal Children Notes
Dionysus Wine, festivity, madness Zeus (Sky) and Semele Ariadne (Mazes) Priapus (Vegetable patchs), Methe (Drunkness), Thysa (The Bacchic frenzy), Telete (The initiation rites of the Bacchic Orgies), Iacchus (The ritual cry of the Eleusinian Mysteries), Pasithea (Rest, relaxation), Charites (Grace, joy, mirth, beauty, glory, dance), Hymenaeus (Weddings, bridal-hymns), Sabazios was a Olimpian
Heracles Gatekeeper of olympus Zeus and Alcmene Hebe (Youth) Alexiares and Anicetus ( defence of fortified towns and citadels) also the protector of mankind and patron of gymnasium
Aeolus Keeper of the winds Hippotes Cyane
Ariadne mazes Minos and Pasiphaë (Witchcraft) Dionysus
Psyche The Soul A king and Queen Eros (love) Hedone (Plesure)
Leucothea Protector of sailors Cadmus and Harmonia Athamas Palaemon (Protector of sailors)
Palaemon protector of sailors Athamas & Leucothea N/A N/A Sacred animal was the dolphin
The Dioscuri Horsemanship and Saint elmo's fire Zeus (Sky), Tyndareus and Leda Hilaeira and Phoebe (Horses) N/A Also the protectors of sailors
Ganymede Cupbearer of the gods Tros and Callirhoe was often portrayed as the god of homosexual love
Asclepius Medicine Apollo and Coronis Epione (Soothing pain) Hygeia (Good health), Aigle (Radiance), Iaso (Healing), Panakeia (Cure-All), Akeso (Curing) and Telesphorus (convalescence) Was also the god of doctors
Amphiaraus A Seer Oecles
Aeacus Judge of the Dead Zeus and Aegina Endeïs
Aristaeus shepherds and cheesemaking, beekeeping, honey and honey-mead, olive growing Apollo and Cyrene Autonoe Macris was also the god of oil milling, medicinal herbs, hunting, and the Etesian winds
Attis Eunuchs Nana and an almond Cybele also the god of vegitation
Autonoe Cadmus and Harmonia Aristaeus ( shepherds) Macris Was a maenad
Alabandus Alabanda Euippus and Callirhoe Founder of the town Alabanda
Bolina Bolina Nowhere stated Made immortal by Apollo
Britomartis Hunting and Fishing Zeus and Carme was also the goddess of fowling-nets
Daimones Khryseoi Agricultural fertility Gaia Were the masters of the Daimones Argeoi
Daimones Argeoi Agricultural fertility Gaia Meliae (Ash-trees, honey-sap) Men
Endymion Aethlius and Calyce Selene (Moon) the Menae (Lunar months) Granted immortality in enternal sleep
Glaucus Fishermen Poseidon Became immortal after eating a herb which was sowed by Kronos
Nymphai Hyperboreioi Archery Boreas Servants of Artemis
Helen of Troy Zeus and Leda Menelaus Lived in Elysium
Helle Hellespont Athamas and Nephele Poseidon
Hemithea Castabus Staphylus or Apollo
Hyacinthus Amyclas and Diomede Apollo
Leucippides Horses Leucippus or Apollo The Dioscuri
Iasion Agriculture Zeus and Electra Demeter Philomelus (Ploughs, wagons) and Plutus (Wealth, agricultural bounty) Made immortal by Persephone
Orithyia Mountain gales Erechtheus and Praxithea Boreas Chione (Snow)
Parthenos Bubastus Staphylus or Apollo Follower of Artemis
Phaethon The star Jupiter Cephalus and Eos (Dawn) Aphrodite
Phylonoe Tyndareus and Leda Follower of Artemis
Polyboia Amyclas and Diomede Follower of Artemis
Minos Judge of the dead Zeus and Europa Pasiphaë (Sorcery) Ariadne (Mazes)
Rhadamanthys Judge of the Dead Zeus and Europa Alcmene Also the King of Elysium
Tenes Cycnus and Proclia Elavated to godhood after his death
Semele The Bacchic frenzy Cadmus and Harmonia Zeus Dionysus Made immortal by her son Dionysus after she died
Tithonus Laomedon of Troy and Strymo Eos (Dawn) Memnon Zeus granted him immortality, but Eos forgot to request eternal youth and her husband quickly shrivelled up with old age
Triptolemos Sowing, milling Celeus and Metanira Follower of Demeter
Trophonius A seer Apollo
Arethusa Nereus A follower of Artemis
Aspalis Not Known A follower of artemis
Orsilokhia (Mortal name Iphigenia Helper of Childbirth King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra A follower of Artemis
Acis River Acis Pan and Symaethis Galatea
Alcyone and Ceyx halcyon days Aeolus and Enarete (Alcyone), Eosphorus (Ceyx) They were king fishers
Myiagros Flies Not Known Also the god of Mice
Cleitus Mantius Eos
Memnon Eos (Dawn) and Tithonus Fought in the Trojan War
Lampsace Lampsacus Mandron
Philoctetes Macalla Poeas and Methone Fought in the Trojan War
Methe drunkenness unknown Staphylus of Assyria A follower of Dionysus
Perseus Perseus (constellation) Zeus and Danaë Andromeda(Andromeda (constellation)) A greek hero


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