List of Belgian military equipment of World War II


The following is a list of Belgian military equipment of World War II which includes artillery, vehicles and vessels. World War II was a global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945. On 10 May 1940, Nazi Germany, which aimed to dominate Europe, attacked Belgium as part of their war with France. By 28 May 1940 the Belgian mainland had surrendered to German forces, although the colony of Belgian Congo remained independent throughout the war. Belgian power was not restored until final Axis collapse in late 1944. This list covers the equipment of the Belgian Army and the Force Publique of Belgian Congo, but not the Free Belgian Forces or Belgian mainland forces after October 1944, which was equipped completely by foreign forces.

Knives and bayonetsEdit

Small armsEdit

Pistols (manual and semi-automatic)Edit

Automatic pistols and submachine gunsEdit

  • MP 28 (Pieper Bayard mle 1934) 1.500-1.811[1]


Grenades and grenade launchersEdit

Recoilless riflesEdit


Machine gunsEdit

Infantry and dual-purpose machine gunsEdit

Vehicle and aircraft machine gunsEdit


Infantry mortarsEdit

  • 50mm DBT mortar [ja]
  • 70mm van Deuren mortar
  • Stokes mortar (81mm, also fortress version)

Heavy mortars & rocket launchersEdit

  • 142mm Delattre mortar - fired cluster bombs

Field artilleryEdit

Fortress and siege gunsEdit

Anti-tank gunsEdit

Anti-tank weapons (besides anti-tank guns)Edit

Anti-aircraft weaponsEdit

Light anti-aircraft gunsEdit

Heavy anti-aircraft gunsEdit


  • Berliet VUDB armoured car (12 imported from France in 1930)

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Self-propelled gunsEdit



Armored carsEdit

Armored carriersEdit

Engineering and commandEdit


Passenger carsEdit


FN 12a SM

Tractors & prime moversEdit

Miscellaneous vehiclesEdit

Navy ships and war vesselsEdit

List of ships of the Second World War


Secret weaponsEdit


Missiles & bombsEdit

Cartridges and shellsEdit

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