List of Berber people


This is a list of famous Amazigh people. The Amazigh are a transnational North African ethnic group who speak the Amazigh languages.

Royalty and nobility

Ancient period

  • Osorkon the Elder, fifth king of the twenty-first dynasty of Ancient Egypt and was the first Pharaoh of Libyan origin
  • Shoshenq I, Egyptian Pharaoh of Libyan origin, founder of the Twenty-second dynasty of Egypt
  • Ailymas, Numidian chieftain or King, ally of Agathocles of Syracuse.
  • Gaia, King of the Massylii (East-Numidia) until 206 BC.
  • Baga (also Bagas), king of Mauretania (or Maurusia, North Morocco) about 225 BC, ally of Massinissa of Numidia.
  • Oezalces, King of Numidia for a short time in 206 BC, brother of King Gaia.
  • Mazaetullus, member of the Massylii royal family. Led a coup to assassinate Capussa and install Lacumazes.
  • Capussa, son of Oezalces, King of Numidia for a short time in 206 BC, assassinated in a coup.
  • Lacumazes, youngest son of Oezalces, King of Numidia for a short time in 206 BC, puppet king installed in coup.
  • Syphax, King of the Masaesyli (West-Numidia) until 203 BC.
  • Masinissa, King of the Massylii, founder and King of Numidia, in present-day Algeria and Tunisia.
  • Vermina or Fermina, son of Syphax, King of the Masaesyli.
  • Archobarzane, son of Vermina, last King of the Masaesyli, led a failed attack against Massinissa.
  • Micipsa, King of Numidia, son of Massinissa.
  • Jugurtha, King of Numidia from 118 to 105 BC.
  • Hiempsal I, King of Numidia, son of Micipsa, assassinated by Jugurtha.
  • Adherbal, King of Numidia from 118 to 112 BC, son of Micipsa, murdered by Jugurtha.
  • Bocchus, king of Mauretania about 110 BC until 80 BC.
  • Volux, son of Bocchus, army leader.
  • Bogud, son of Bocchus.
  • Gauda, King of Numidia from 105 to 88 BC, divided the kingdom between his sons upon his death.
  • Masteabar, petty king of West-Numidia.
  • Hiempsal II, king of Numidia, son of Gauda, 88 to 60 BC.
  • Hiarbas, usurper king of Numidia, defeated by Romans to restore Massinissa II on the throne. Died in 82 or 81 BC.
  • Masinissa II, petty king of West-Numidia (81 to 46 BC), son of Masteabar.
  • Mastanesosus, king of Mauretania from 80 to 49 BC, son of Bocchus.
  • Juba I, king of Numidia, 60 to 46 BC, son of Hiempsal II, defeated by Julius Caesar who annexed his kingdom.
  • Arabio or Arabion, last independent king of Numidia, son of Massinissa II.
  • Bogud, king of West-Mauretania, son of Mastanesosus, from 49 to 38 BC.
  • Bocchus II, king of East-Mauretania from 49 to 38 BC, then all of Mauretania until 33 BC. Son of Mastanesosus. Died without leaving heirs.
  • Juba II, son of Juba I. king of Numidia (30 to 25 BC) and then later moved to Mauretania (25 BC to 23 AD).
  • Ptolemy of Mauretania, last king of Mauretania (23 to 40 AD).
  • Macrinus, Roman emperor for 14 months in 217 and 218.
  • Aemilianus, Roman emperor.
  • Lusius Quietus, governor of Judaea and one of Trajan's chief generals
  • Quintus Lollius Urbicus, governor of Britannia from 138 to 144
  • Gildo, Roman general who turned against the Romans and fought them in 398

Medieval period



Medieval period

Modern period


Writers and poets

Ancient period

  • Terence, (Publius Terentius Afer), Roman writer
  • Apuleius, (125–170), born in Madaurus (M'Daourouch), Philosopher and Rhetorician. Who wrote the only Latin novel to survive its entirety
  • Corippus, late Berber-Roman epic poet of the 6th century
  • Cresconius Africanus, Latin canon lawyer, possibly a Christian Bishop in the African Church

Medieval period

Modern period





Performing Arts


Film directors


Academic sciences

Linguistics and philology

Medieval times

Modern times


Medieval period

Modern period












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