List of Callistemon cultivars


This is a list of cultivars of the plant genus Callistemon.

Cultivar Image Registration Parentage and notes Reference
(Austraflora cultivars) listed by second name, e.g. 'Austraflora Firebrand' > 'Firebrand'
'Bob Bailey' Empty.png ACRA, 1985 Seedling of Callistemon viminalis
'Burgundy' Empty.png ACRA, 1967 Seedling of Callistemon 'Reeves Pink'
'Candle Glow' Empty.png ACRA, 1985 Seedling of Callistemon pallidus, also known as 'Austraflora Candle Glow'
'Cane's Hybrid' Callistemon-caneshybrid.jpg
'Captain Cook' Empty.png
'Cinderella' Empty.png ACRA, 1981 Garden origin, 1966
'Country Sprite' Callistemon 'Country Sprite' 6386.jpg ACRA, 1990 Seedling of 'Glasshouse Country'
'Dawson River Weeper' Callistemon viminalis DawsonRiver1.jpg ACRA, 1984 Form of Callistemon viminalis from Dawson River area, Queensland
'Demesne Rowena' Empty.png ACRA, 1982 Cross of two Callistemon citrinus cultivars 'Splendens' and 'White Anzac' in 1979
'Endeavour' see 'Splendens'
'Eureka' Callistemon 'Eureka'.jpg
'Firebrand' Callistemon 'Firebrand'.jpg ACRA, 1979 Originally registered as 'Austraflora Firebrand', seedling of unknown origin first planted in 1973
'Glasshouse Country' Empty.png ACRA, 1985 Cross between Callistemon sp. (Tinaroo) and Callistemon salignus
'Glasshouse Gem' Empty.png ACRA, 1985 Cross between Callistemon sp. (Tinaroo) and Callistemon salignus, originated mid 1960s
'Hannah Ray' Empty.png
'Hannah's Child' Empty.png ACRA, 1992 Cross between 'Hannah Ray' and 'Kings Park Special' selected in 1987
'Harkness' Callistemon 'Harkness'.jpg ACRA, 1974 Also known as 'Gawler' or 'Gawler Hybrid'. Seedling of Callistemon citrinus obtained in 1937
'Jeffersii' Callistemoncitrinus-jeffersii.jpg
'Kempsey' Empty.png ACRA, 1987 Seedling of 'Maffra Pastel Pink'
'Kings Park Special' Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'.jpg ACRA, 1980 Seedling of unknown origin raised in Kings Park, Perth
'Lilacinus' Callistemon 'Lilacinus'.jpg
'Little John' Empty.png Dwarf shrub selected by Ken Dunstan of Alstonville, New South Wales [1]
'Mary MacKillop' Empty.png 'Hannah Ray' x 'Splendens'. Released by Austraflora in 2001. [2]
'Matthew Flinders' Empty.png PBR, 2005
'Mauve Mist' Empty.png ACRA, 1967 Seedling of 'Reeves Pink'
'Moonbeam' see 'White Anzac'
'Ngungun Red' Empty.png ACRA, 1988 Also known as 'Ngun Ngun', seedling of Callistemon recurvus x Callistemon salignus first planted in 1981
'Packers Selection' Empty.png ACRA, 1980 Seedling from Callistemon subulatus
'Perth Pink' Empty.png ACRA, 1993 Seedling selection of Callistemon salignus c. 1960
'Pink Sensation' Empty.png ACRA, 1991 Seedling of 'Glasshouse Gem'
'Prolific' Empty.png ACRA, ? Form of Callistemon viminalis from Dalby, Queensland
'Red Reika' Empty.png ACRA, 1984 Seedling selection from 'Harkness'
'Reeves Pink' Empty.png ACRA, 1967 Seedling of unknown parentage from Cheltenham, Victoria; shares characteristics with Callistemon citrinus
'Rose Opal' Empty.png ACRA, 1980 Selected form of Callistemon viminalis from Wappa Falls on the Maroochy River, Queensland (1956)
'Sallyann' Empty.png ACRA, 1983 Selected pink-flowered form of Callistemon paludosus
'Smoked Salmon' Callistemon 'Smoked Salmon' 6342.jpg ACRA, ? Selected pink-flowering form of Callistemon pachyphyllus from Runaway Bay, Queensland, first cultivated in 1976
'Splendens' Callistemon 'Splendens'.jpg ACRA, 1989 A form of Callistemon citrinus of unknown origin, promoted in 1970 under the name 'Endeavour' by the Australian nursery industry
'Tin-Sal Glow' Empty.png ACRA, 1989 Thought to be a hybrid of 'Glasshouse Country' and Callistemon recurvus (Tinaroo).
'Western Glory' Empty.png ACRA, 1980 Seedling of Callistemon citrinus selected in Wanneroo, Western Australia
'White Anzac' Empty.png ACRA, 1981 White-flowering form selected from a naturally occurring population in New South Wales. The cultivar 'Moonbeam' registered in 1964 is regarded as a synonym
'Wilderness White' Empty.png ACRA, 1985 White-flowering naturally occurring form from Copper Load Falls Dam, north Queensland.
'Wollumbin' Empty.png ACRA, 1978 Salmon-flowering form of Callistemon viminalis raised in Wollumbin, New South Wales
'Woolomin Sparkler' Empty.png ACRA, 1991 Hybrid of a pink-flowering form of Callistemon salignus and 'Harkness' or Callistemon citrinus selected in 1987

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