List of Canadian organizations with royal patronage


This is a list of Canadian organizations with royal patronage. The practice of members of the Canadian Royal Family giving their patronage to Canadian organizations stems from that which started in the United Kingdom in pre-industrial times, when all development of the sciences and arts were under the direct control of the monarch and exercised by the foundation of colleges that today form the basis of modern universities. Today, royal patronage is a ceremonial function wherein the royal person will either volunteer their time for service or make charitable donations, in order to help bring recognition to the group's achievements and to the contributions of different sectors of public life.[1]

Any organization may apply for royal patronage, via the Office of the Governor General; however, to receive the honour, an organization must prove to be long lasting and have aims and objectives that will earn the approval of the person from whom patronage is requested.[2] Also, patronage is typically granted to athletic, artistic, cultural, or charitable organizations; rarely to corporate or for-profit companies. Some charities and volunteer organizations have been founded as gifts to, or in honour of, some of Canada's monarchs or members of the Royal Family, such as the Victorian Order of Nurses (a gift to Queen Victoria for her Diamond Jubilee in 1897), the Canadian Cancer Fund (set up in honour of King George V's Silver Jubilee in 1935), and the Queen Elizabeth II Fund to Aid in Research on the Diseases of Children.

Queen Elizabeth IIEdit

The Queen is the patron of the following organizations:



Charles, Prince of WalesEdit

Prince Charles is the patron of the following organizations:

Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkEdit

Prince Andrew was the patron of the following organizations, until returning these patronages to the Queen in 2022:[7]

Prince Edward, Earl of WessexEdit

Prince Edward is the patron of the following organizations:

Sophie, Countess of WessexEdit

Countess Sophie is the patron of the following organizations:

Anne, Princess RoyalEdit

Princess Anne is the patron of the following organizations:

Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady OgilvyEdit

Princess Alexandra is the patron of the following organizations:


  • Friends of the Osborne and Lillian H. Smith Collections[3]



The viceroys are the patrons of the following organizations:

New BrunswickEdit

  • Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association[14]
  • Royal United Services Institute of New Brunswick (Honorary)[14]




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