List of City of Long Beach historic landmarks


This is a List of Long Beach historic landmarks. These sites have been designated as historic landmarks in the Long Beach Municipal Code. The city of Long Beach has recognized certain buildings and neighborhoods as having special architectural and historical value. The City Council designates historic landmarks and districts by city ordinance. In total, there are 114 Long Beach historic landmarks.

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Listing of the Long Beach historic landmarks

LBHL #[1] Name Image Address Neighborhood Description[2]
16.52.010 Jergins Trust Building Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard Demolished in 1989; formerly a landmark containing a theater, offices, and the Superior Court.
16.52.010 Pacific Coast Club 850 East Ocean Blvd. Demolished in 1989; formerly a private club, designed by Curlett and Beelman in the Chateauesque style, with interior decorations by Heinsbergen.
16.52.010 Villa Riviera Villa Riviera.jpg 800 E. Ocean Blvd.
33°45′59″N 118°10′54″W / 33.76639°N 118.18167°W / 33.76639; -118.18167 (Villa Riviera)
15-story apartment building later converted to condominiums; it was the second tallest building in Southern California when built in 1929.
16.52.010 First Congregational Church First Congregational Church (Long Beach).jpg 241 Cedar Ave.
33°46′12″N 118°11′43″W / 33.77000°N 118.19528°W / 33.77000; -118.19528 (First Congregational Church)
Red brick church built in 1914 in Italian Romanesque Revival style with Gothic rose windows; founded by Jotham and Margaret Bixby.
16.52.010 Rancho Los Alamitos Rancholosalamitos.jpg 6400 Bixby Hill Rd.
33°46′38″N 118°6′19″W / 33.77722°N 118.10528°W / 33.77722; -118.10528 (Rancho Los Alamitos)
Adobe house built c. 1806 is one of the oldest in Southern California, also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the site of the former Puvunga Village.
16.52.010 Rancho Los Cerritos Casa de los Cerritos, 4600 American Avenue, Long Beach (Los Angeles County, California).jpg 4600 Virginia Rd.
33°50′22″N 118°11′42″W / 33.83944°N 118.19500°W / 33.83944; -118.19500 (Los Cerritos Ranch House)
Adobe structure on 4.7-acre (19,000 m2) site is operated by the city as a historic site; formerly the center of a 27,000-acre (110 km2) rancho.
16.52.020 Cooper Arms Apartments Cooper Arms Apartments.jpg 455 E. Ocean Blvd.
33°46′1″N 118°11′13″W / 33.76694°N 118.18694°W / 33.76694; -118.18694 (Cooper Arms)
Twelve-story Renaissance Revival apartment tower built in 1923.
16.52.030 Drake Park/Willmore City Historic Landmark District
16.52.040 Long Beach Community Hospital Long Beach Community Hospital.jpg 1720 Termino Ave.
33°47′18″N 118°08′42″W / 33.78833°N 118.14500°W / 33.78833; -118.14500 (Long Beach Community Hospital)
Spanish Colonial Revival Style hospital built 1922-1924 with courtyard patio and fountain centerpiece entered through an arcade.
16.52.050 Scottish Rite Cathedral Scottish Rite Cathedral.jpg 855 Elm Ave.
33°46′38″N 118°11′16″W / 33.77722°N 118.18778°W / 33.77722; -118.18778 (Scottish Rite Cathedral)
Scottish Rite Freemasonry building designed in Italian Renaissance-Romanesque Revival style.
16.52.060 Insurance Exchange Building Middough Brothers-Insurance Exchange Building.jpg 205 E. Broadway
33°46′9″N 118°11′24″W / 33.76917°N 118.19000°W / 33.76917; -118.19000 (Middough Brothers--Insurance Exchange Building)
Also known as Middough Brothers-Insurance Exchange Building.
16.52.070 Recreation Park Golf Course Clubhouse Recreation Park Golf Course Clubhouse.jpg 4900 East 7th St.
33°46′29″N 118°08′06″W / 33.77472°N 118.13500°W / 33.77472; -118.13500 (Recreation Park Golf Course Clubhouse)
Spanish Colonial Revival recreation building built in the 1920s.
16.52.080 Bembridge House Bembridge House.jpg 953 Park Circle Dr.
33°46′45″N 118°12′4″W / 33.77917°N 118.20111°W / 33.77917; -118.20111 (Bembridge House)
Also known as Green-Rankin-Bembridge House; Ornate Queen Anne Victorian house built in 1906 with original carriage house and gazebo.
16.52.090 Cherry Avenue Lifeguard Station Cherry Avenue Lifeguard Station.jpg 1 Cherry Ave. (Ocean Blvd. and Cherry Ave.)
33°45′48″N 118°10′05″W / 33.76333°N 118.16806°W / 33.76333; -118.16806 (Cherry Avenue Lifeguard Station)
Three-story structure with hexagonal lookout tower built in 1938 as a WPA project; moved to Cherry Ave. in 1961.
16.52.100 William Benjamin Dearborn Simmons Tracker Pipe Organ 5950 Willow St. Antique organ built in Boston by William Benjamin Dearbon Simmons; purchased and restored in 1975 by Los Altos United Methodist Church.
16.52.110 Dr. Rowan Building Dr. Rowan Building - Terra Cotta Ornamentation.jpg 201-209 Pine Ave.
33°46′10″N 118°11′32″W / 33.76944°N 118.19222°W / 33.76944; -118.19222 (Dr. Rowan Building)
Art Deco commercial structure built in 1930 with terra cotta ornamentation.
16.52.120 Long Beach Municipal Auditorium Mural 3rd Promenade-LB Municipal Aud Mural.jpg 3rd and Promenade WPA Mosaic depicting beach recreation; created from 1936-1938 by Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Henry Nord, and Albert Henry King on the facade of the Municipal Auditorium; relocated in 1982 as a freestanding piece at the Promenade and Long Beach Plaza.
16.52.130 Heartwell-Lowe House 2505 E. Second St.
33°45′56″N 118°09′44″W / 33.76556°N 118.16222°W / 33.76556; -118.16222 (Heartwell-Lowe House)
Colonial Revival house built in 1919 for Col. Charles L. Heartwell.
16.52.140 St. Regis Building


1030 E. Ocean Blvd.
33°45′56″N 118°10′49″W / 33.76556°N 118.18028°W / 33.76556; -118.18028 (St. Regis Building)
Luxurious apartment hotel built in 1920s combining Greek Revival and Renaissance Revival styles.
16.52.150 Fire Maintenance Station No. 10 Fire Maintenance Station No 10.jpg 1445 Peterson St. Oldest fire station in Long Beach; built in 1925 with tall stepped gable; operated in recent years as the Long Beach Firefighter’s Museum.
16.52.160 Leonie Pray House Leonie Pray House.jpg 4252 Country Club Dr.
33°50′02″N 118°11′47″W / 33.83389°N 118.19639°W / 33.83389; -118.19639 (Leonie Pray House)
English Tudor Revival house built in 1927; also known as Dawson-Pray House.
16.52.170 Skinny House Skinnyhouselongbeach.jpg 708 Gladys Ave.
33°46′32″N 118°09′27″W / 33.77556°N 118.15750°W / 33.77556; -118.15750 (Skinny House)
16.52.180 First National Bank of Long Beach First National Bank of Long Beach (2009).jpg 101-125 Pine Ave.
33°46′6″N 118°11′30″W / 33.76833°N 118.19167°W / 33.76833; -118.19167 (First National Bank of Long Beach)
Also known as the Enloe Building.
16.52.190 Henry Clock House Henry Clock House.jpg 4242 Pine Ave.
33°50′00″N 118°11′37″W / 33.83333°N 118.19361°W / 33.83333; -118.19361 (Henry Clock House)
16.52.200 Artaban Apartments Artaban Apartments.jpg 10 Atlantic Ave.
33°46′00″N 118°11′05″W / 33.76667°N 118.18472°W / 33.76667; -118.18472 (Artaban Apartments)
16.52.210 Broadlind Hotel Broadlind Hotel.jpg 149 Linden Ave.
33°46′08″N 118°11′11″W / 33.76889°N 118.18639°W / 33.76889; -118.18639 (Broadlind Hotel)
16.52.220 and 16.52.540 Masonic Temple 230 Pine Ave.
33°46′11″N 118°11′32″W / 33.76972°N 118.19222°W / 33.76972; -118.19222 (Masonic Temple)
16.52.230 Matlock House 1560 Ramillo Ave.
33°47′14″N 118°07′44″W / 33.78722°N 118.12889°W / 33.78722; -118.12889 (Matlock House)
Designed by the architect Richard Neutra.
16.52.240 Moore House 5551 La Pasada-Moore House.jpg 5551 La Pasada St.
33°46′54″N 118°07′30″W / 33.78167°N 118.12500°W / 33.78167; -118.12500 (Moore House)
Designed by the architect Richard Neutra.
16.52.250 Olan Hafley House 5561 La Pasada-Olan Hafley House.jpg 5561 La Pasada St.
33°46′54″N 118°07′29″W / 33.78167°N 118.12472°W / 33.78167; -118.12472 (Olan Hafley House)
Designed by the architect Richard Neutra.
16.52.260 The Willmore The Willmore (Long Beach).jpg 315 W. Third St.
33°46′15″N 118°11′40″W / 33.77083°N 118.19444°W / 33.77083; -118.19444 (Willmore, The)
16.52.270 Lafayette Complex Lafayette Complex.jpg 130-140 Linden Ave.
33°46′07″N 118°11′10″W / 33.76861°N 118.18611°W / 33.76861; -118.18611 (Lafayette Complex)
East Village
16.52.280 Linden House 847 Linden 20090511113018.jpg 847 Linden Ave.
16.52.290 Termo Company Building 3275 Cherry Ave.
16.52.300 Home Market Building 942-948 (now 946-950) Daisy,.jpg 942-948 Daisy
16.52.310 Farmers and Merchants Bank Office Tower Farmers and Merchants Bank Office Tower.jpg 320 Pine Ave.
16.52.320 Long Beach Professional Building Long Beach Professional Building.jpg 117 E. 8th St.
33°46′36″N 118°11′32″W / 33.77667°N 118.19222°W / 33.77667; -118.19222 (Long Beach Professional Building)
16.52.330 Bixby Ranch House 11 La Linda Drive Los Cerritos
16.52.340 The Houser Building 2740-2746 E. Broadway
16.52.350 Harriman-Jones Clinic 211 Cherry Ave
16.52.360 Breakers Hotel Breakers Hotel.jpg 200-220 E. Ocean Blvd.
16.52.370 Ocean Center Building Ocean Center Building, Long Beach, CA.jpg 110 W. Ocean Blvd. Meyer & Holler, design by Raymond M. Kennedy, 1929
16.52.380 Adelaide M. Tichenor House 852 E. Ocean Blvd. Greene and Greene, 1904
16.52.390 Californian Apartments 325 W Third-Californian Apts.jpg 325 W. 3rd St.
16.52.400 Crest Apartments 321 Chestnut-Crest apts.jpg 321 Chestnut Ave.
16.52.410 Blackstone Hotel 330 W Ocean-Blackstone Hotel.jpg 330 W. Ocean Blvd.
16.52.420 The Sovereign (Long Beach) Sovereign Apartments.jpg 354-360 W. Ocean Blvd This condominium property was initially built in 1922 as an "own-your-own" apartment building containing 95 units with architectural features intended to maximize the sea location effect . It also features a historical tattoo studio established in 1927.
16.52.430 Lord Mayor's Inn (Windham House) 435 Cedar-Lord Mayors Inn.jpg 435 Cedar Ave.
16.52.450 Barker Brothers Building 141 E. Broadway; 215 Promenade
16.52.460 Buffums Autoport 119-121 W. 1st St.
16.52.470 Security Pacific National Bank Building Security Pacific National Bank Building.jpg 102-110 Pine Ave.
16.52.480 American Hotel 224-230 E. Broadway Built in 1905[3]
16.52.490 Art Deco Building at 312-316 Elm Avenue 312-316 Elm Avenue
16.52.500 First United Presbyterian Church 600 E Fifth-FirstUnited PresbyterianChurch.jpg 600 E. Fifth St.
16.52.510 Walker's Department Store 401 Pine-Walker Building.jpg 401-423 Pine Ave.
16.52.520 Engine Company No. 8 5365 E 2nd St.-Engine Co. No. 8 and old police station.jpg 5365 E. 2nd St.
16.52.530 Golden House 628 W. 10th St. (This appears to be an incorrect address as the Flossie Lewis House is also at this address.)
16.52.550 Pacific Tower (Long Beach, California) 205-215 Long Beach Blvd.
16.52.560 St. Anthony's Church 540 Olive Ave.
16.52.570 St. Luke's Episcopal Church 703 Atlantic Ave.
16.52.580 First Church of Christ Scientist 440 Elm Ave. Later First Christian Church
16.52.590 Famous Department Store 601-609 Pine Ave. Later Rite-Aid
16.52.600 Residence at 453 Cedar Avenue 453 Cedar-residence.jpg 453 Cedar Avenue
16.52.610 Residence at 629 Atlantic Avenue 629 Atlantic Avenue
16.52.620 Second Church of Christ Scientist 655 Cedar Ave.
33°44′55″N 118°11′35″W / 33.74861°N 118.19306°W / 33.74861; -118.19306 (Second Church of Christ Scientist)
16.52.630 Christian Outreach Appeal Building 503-515 E. 3rd St. Also known as First Methodist Episcopal Church
16.52.640 Long Beach Airport Terminal 4100 E. Donald Douglas Dr.
16.52.650 Long Beach Museum of Art 2300 E. Ocean Blvd.
16.52.660 Harnett House 730 Sunrise Blvd.
16.52.670 Acres of Books 240 Long Beach Boulevard
16.52.680 Cambridge Building 320 East Bixby Road
16.52.690 Hancock Motors Building 500 E. Anaheim St.
16.52.700 Cheney-Delaney Residence 2642 Chestnut Ave.
16.52.710 James E. Porter Residence 351 Magnolia Ave.
16.52.720 Meeker Building
16.52.730 278 Long Beach Skating Palace 278 Alamitos Ave.
16.52.740 Recreation Park bandshell Recreation Park bandshell.jpg
16.52.750 Coffee Pot Cafe Koffee Pot.jpg Hot Cha Beer, Long Beach, California LCCN2017709395.tif 955 E. 4th St. Hexagonal fantasy structure with large coffee pot on roof, formerly known as the Hot Cha Cafe, built in 1932
16.52.760 Chancellor Apartments 1037 E. 1st St.
16.52.770 Kress Building 445-455 Pine Ave.
16.52.780 Gaytonia Apartment Building 212 Quincy Ave.
16.52.790 Masonic Hall Commercial Building 5351-53 Long Beach Blvd.
16.52.800 Art Theater Building 2025 E. 4th St.
16.52.810 Ambassador Apartment Building 35 Alboni Place
16.52.830 Merrill Building 810-812 Long Beach Blvd.
16.52.840 Flossie Lewis House 628 10th St-Flossie Lewis House-a.jpg 628 West 10th St.
16.52.860 Pressburg Residence 167 East South St.
16.52.870 El Cordova Apartments (Rose Towers) 1728 E. 3rd St.
16.52.890 Bank of Belmont Shore 5354 E. 2nd St.
16.52.900 Castle Croydon 7th & Orizaba Ave.
16.52.910 Ernest and Lillian McBride Home 1461 Lemon Ave.
16.52.920 Dolly Varden Hotel Rooftop Sign 335 Pacific Ave.
16.52.930 Le Grande Apartments 635 East 9th St.
16.52.940 Silver Bow Apartments 330 Cedar Ave.
16.52.950 Casa Aitken 725 E. 8th St.
16.52.960 St. John's Missionary Baptist Church 732 E. 10th St.
16.52.970 James C. Beer Residence 1503 E. Ocean Blvd.
16.52.980 Garvey House 1728 East 7th St.
16.52.990 Bay Hotel 318 Elm Ave.
16.52.1000 Ringheim-Wells House 4031 E. 5th St.
16.52.1010 Kale House 853 Linden Ave.
16.52.1020 Foster & Kleiser Building 1428 Magnolia Ave.
16.52.1030 Anna R. Brown Residence 1205 E. Ocean Blvd.
16.52.1040 Butler Residence 251 Junipero Ave.
16.52.1050 Long Beach Unity Church 935 E. Broadway
16.52.1060 Packard Motors Building 205 East Anaheim St.
16.52.1070 American Legion Post No. 560 (Houghton Post) 1215 E. 59th St.
16.52.1080 Phillips House 5917 Lemon Ave.
16.52.1090 1163 Appleton Street House 1163 Appleton Street
16.52.2000 1169-75 Appleton Street House 1169-75 Appleton Street
16.52.2010 Parsonage 640 Pacific Ave.
16.52.2020 Esser House 1001 E. 1st St.
16.52.2030 Sunnyside Cemetery 1095 E. Willow St.

Other Long Beach sites also recognized

The Long Beach Historic Landmarks listed above include many of the most important historic sites in the City of Long Beach. Some others within the City of Long Beach have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places or designated as California Historical Landmarks. These are:

Name Image Address Neighborhood Description[2]
RMS Queen Mary Queen Mary hotel.jpg Pier J, 1126 Queensway Hwy.
33°45′10″N 118°11′23″W / 33.75278°N 118.18972°W / 33.75278; -118.18972 (RMS QUEEN MARY)
Art Deco transatlantic luxury ocean liner built in 1936 in Scotland, fastest ocean liner from 1936 to 1952, extensively gutted and converted for use as a hotel/museum/convention center after being purchased from the Cunard Line in 1967 by Long Beach.
US Post Office-Long Beach Main U.S. Post Office (Long Beach Main).jpg 300 Long Beach Blvd.
33°46′22″N 118°11′20″W / 33.77278°N 118.18889°W / 33.77278; -118.18889 (US Post Office--Long Beach Main)
Moderne structure built from 1933-1934 as a project of the Works Progress Administration
Jennie A. Reeve House Jennie A. Reeve House.jpg 4260 Country Club Dr.
33°50′3″N 118°11′41″W / 33.83417°N 118.19472°W / 33.83417; -118.19472 (Reeve, Jennie A., House)
Craftsman house designed by Greene & Greene
Puvunga Indian Village Sites Address Restricted

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  1. ^ Numbers are as designated in the Long Beach Municipal Ordinance. Pink represents sites that are Long Beach Historic Landmarks without a higher designation. Other various colorings (defined here) represent higher designations as National Historic Landmarks and listing on the National Register of Historic Places. No color represents delisted monuments.
  2. ^ a b Various sources cited in articles, retrieved on various dates.
  3. ^ Grobaty, Tim (30 September 2015). "Home to Long Beach ad agency was once a psychic temple, for reals". Press Telegram.

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