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This list comprises Fijian citizens, and some foreigners associated with Fiji. For the sake of size, persons who could be listed under multiple categories should generally be listed only under the category for which they are best known.

The term Fijian is used here in a national rather than an ethnic sense.

Academic leadersEdit


Business peopleEdit

  • Iqbal, Imraz, political activist, businessman, former journalist
  • Khan, Ballu, business tycoon
  • Kumar, Lokeshani, business tycoon; hospitality owner/operator; originally from Lautoka, Fiji; currently residing in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Munjal, C.K., businessman and entrepreneur, founder of the Munjal Charitable Trust
  • Nagindas, Shivlal, Labasa businessman and former Senator
  • Nawalowalo, Ratu Josateki, businessman and Chairman of the Kadavu Provincial Council
  • Niranjan, Sangeeta, businesswoman
  • Punja, Hari (born 1937), business tycoon
  • Samisoni, Adi Mere, businesswoman and Member of Parliament
  • Seeto, Dixon, business tycoon and President of the Chinese Association of Fiji
  • Sharma, Sunil, partner at Aliz Pacific, one of the leading accounting firms in Fiji; Secretary/Treasurer of Suva Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Singh, Rajnesh, businessman and technologist
  • Singh, Ram, Indian-born businessman
  • Deo, Raten, businessman, owner of Shop N Save Supermarkets
  • Toganivalu, Davila, businesswoman and newspaper publisher
  • Waradi, Taito, President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Chiefs, excluding chiefs listed in other sections, include:

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Fijian public figures who do not fit into one of the more other categories include:

Non-resident Fiji IslandersEdit

Fiji Islanders who are living abroad, or who have been naturalised as citizens of other countries, or who were born abroad but have Fijian roots, include:.