List of NATO reporting names for air-to-air missiles


NATO reporting name for AA series air-to-air missiles, with Soviet designations:

  • AA-1 "Alkali" (Kaliningrad K-5)
  • AA-2 "Atoll" (Vympel K-13)
  • AA-3 "Anab" (Kaliningrad K-8)
  • AA-4 "Awl" (Raduga K-9)
  • AA-5 "Ash" (Bisnovat R-4)
  • AA-6 "Acrid" (Bisnovat R-40)
  • AA-7 "Apex" (Vympel R-23)
  • AA-8 "Aphid" (Molniya R-60)
  • AA-9 "Amos" (Vympel R-33)
  • AA-10 "Alamo" (Vympel R-27)
  • AA-11 "Archer" (Vympel R-73)
  • AA-12 "Adder" (Vympel R-77)
  • AA-X-13 "Axehead" (Vympel R-37)
  • - none - Novator K-100 (was KS-172, R-172 etc.)

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