List of National Historic Landmarks in Arizona


This is a List of National Historic Landmarks in Arizona. There are 47 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in Arizona, counting Hoover Dam that spans from Nevada and is listed in Nevada by the National Park Service (NPS), and Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites, which is listed by the NPS in Arizona, and overlaps into California. The first designated was San Xavier del Bac Mission, in October, 1960. The most recently designated is the Klagetoh (Leegito) Chapter House in January 2021.

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Current NHLs

[1] Landmark name Image Date designated[2] Location County Description
1 1956 Grand Canyon TWA – United Airlines Aviation Accident Site
Image of the crash site
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April 23, 2014
Grand Canyon National Park
36°10′30″N 111°49′59″W / 36.1750°N 111.833°W / 36.1750; -111.833 (1956 Grand Canyon TWA – United Airlines Aviation Accident Site)
Coconino Crash area of first major (100+ deaths) commercial air disaster in the United States; led to creation of Federal Aviation Administration
2 Air Force Facility Missile Site 8(Titan II ICBM Site 571-7)
An ICBM loaded into the silo of the Titan Missile Museum
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April 19, 1994
Green Valley
31°54′05″N 110°59′54″W / 31.901339°N 110.998414°W / 31.901339; -110.998414 (Air Force Facility Missile Site 8)
Pima Last surviving Titan II missile launch facility; inactive
3 Apache Pass and Fort Bowie
Ruins of Fort Bowie
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December 19, 1960
32°08′46″N 109°26′08″W / 32.146111°N 109.435556°W / 32.146111; -109.435556 (Apache Pass and Fort Bowie)
Cochise Commemorates the conflict between the Chiricahua Apaches and the United States military; preserves the ruins of Fort Bowie
4 Awatovi Ruins
Awatovi Ruins
July 19, 1964
Keams Canyon
35°43′07″N 110°16′37″W / 35.718611°N 110.276944°W / 35.718611; -110.276944 (Awatovi Ruins)
Navajo Ruins of a 500-year-old pueblo visited by Coronado's men in
5 Casa Malpais Site
Casa Malpais Site
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July 19, 1964
34°09′N 109°18′W / 34.15°N 109.3°W / 34.15; -109.3 (Casa Malpais Site)
Apache Ruin built around 1250; inhabited until about 1400 by Mogollon culture.

Tours and museum

6 Mary Jane Colter buildings
Desert View Watchtower
More images
May 28, 1987
South Rim locations in Grand Canyon National Park
36°03′29″N 112°08′13″W / 36.058056°N 112.136944°W / 36.058056; -112.136944 (Mary Jane Colter buildings)
Coconino Includes Desert View Watchtower, Hermits Rest, Hopi House, and The Lookout.
7 Desert Laboratory
Desert Laboratory
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December 21, 1965
32°13′31″N 111°00′09″W / 32.225278°N 111.0025°W / 32.225278; -111.0025 (Desert Laboratory)
Pima Founded in 1903 to study plant adaptation to an arid desert environment with long term experiments, this laboratory contributed significantly to the formation of Ecology as a science. Part of the University of Arizona
8 Double Adobe Site
Double Adobe Site
January 20, 1961
31°21′00″N 109°32′00″W / 31.35°N 109.53333°W / 31.35; -109.53333 (Double Adobe Site)
Cochise Archaeological site where development of the Cochise Culture occurred
9 El Tovar
El Tovar
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May 28, 1987
Grand Canyon Village
36°03′21″N 112°08′13″W / 36.055704°N 112.136999°W / 36.055704; -112.136999 (El Tovar)
Coconino Classic lodge at South Rim of Grand Canyon
10 Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School
Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School
March 2, 2012
Fort Apache
33°47′23″N 109°59′21″W / 33.789812°N 109.98903°W / 33.789812; -109.98903 (Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School)
Navajo Site of historic Fort Apache; later converted to a school for the purpose of assimilating the native population. It is now a tribal museum.
11 Fort Huachuca
Historic Commanding Officer's quarters
More images
May 11, 1976
Sierra Vista
31°33′19″N 110°20′59″W / 31.555278°N 110.349722°W / 31.555278; -110.349722 (Fort Huachuca)
Cochise Commemorates "Buffalo Soldiers"
12 Gatlin Site
Gatlin Site
July 19, 1964
Gila Bend
32°58′51″N 112°42′06″W / 32.980935°N 112.701612°W / 32.980935; -112.701612 (Gatlin Site)
Maricopa Preserves a Hohokam platform mound, pit houses, ball courts, middens, and prehistoric canals
13 Grand Canyon Depot
Grand Canyon Depot
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May 28, 1987
Grand Canyon Village
36°03′15″N 112°08′11″W / 36.054295°N 112.136346°W / 36.054295; -112.136346 (Grand Canyon Depot)
Coconino Railway station constructed in 1909–10 for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
14 Grand Canyon Lodge
Grand Canyon Lodge
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May 28, 1987
North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park
36°11′57″N 112°03′07″W / 36.199167°N 112.051944°W / 36.199167; -112.051944 (Grand Canyon Lodge)
Coconino Lodge at Bright Angel Point, on North Rim of Grand Canyon
15 Grand Canyon Park Operations Building
Grand Canyon Park Operations Building
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May 28, 1987
Grand Canyon Village
36°03′12″N 112°08′13″W / 36.053226°N 112.136908°W / 36.053226; -112.136908 (Grand Canyon Park Operations Building)
Coconino National Park Service building; built in 1929; designed to blend with the natural surroundings
16 Grand Canyon Power House
Grand Canyon Power House
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May 28, 1987
Grand Canyon Village
36°03′14″N 112°08′24″W / 36.053873°N 112.139970°W / 36.053873; -112.139970 (Grand Canyon Power House)
Coconino Rustic building designed to conceal the purpose of the building, which was to provide power to the railroad.
17 Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon Village
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February 18, 1987
Grand Canyon Village
36°03′20″N 112°08′18″W / 36.055556°N 112.138333°W / 36.055556; -112.138333 (Grand Canyon Village)
Coconino Planned town significant for its urban planning and ecological sensitivity
18 Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
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August 20, 1985
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
36°00′56″N 114°44′16″W / 36.015556°N 114.737778°W / 36.015556; -114.737778 (Hoover Dam)
Mohave, AZ and Clark, NV Historic dam, power plant and water-storage facility
19 Hubbell Trading Post
Inside the trading post
More images
December 12, 1960
35°43′32″N 109°35′36″W / 35.725556°N 109.59333°W / 35.725556; -109.59333 (Hubbell Trading Post)
Apache Meeting ground of two cultures, the Navajo and the settlers
20 Jerome Historic District
Jerome Historic District
More images
November 13, 1966
34°45′13″N 112°06′41″W / 34.753611°N 112.111389°W / 34.753611; -112.111389 (Jerome Historic District)
Yavapai Copper mining town
21 Kinishba Ruins
Kinishba Ruins
July 19, 1964
33°48′53″N 110°03′16″W / 33.814722°N 110.054444°W / 33.814722; -110.054444 (Kinishba Ruins)
Gila Large pueblo ruin; accessible via Fort Apache Historical Park.
22 Klagetoh (Leegito) Chapter House January 13, 2021
35°29′58″N 109°31′48″W / 35.4994°N 109.5299°W / 35.4994; -109.5299 (Klagetoh (Leegito) Chapter House)
23 Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site
Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site
More images
May 28, 1967
31°26′00″N 110°06′00″W / 31.433333°N 110.1°W / 31.433333; -110.1 (Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site)
Cochise Clovis culture mammoth butchering site
24 Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi
Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi
More images
June 21, 1990
31°24′36″N 110°54′10″W / 31.409908°N 110.902689°W / 31.409908; -110.902689 (Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi)
Santa Cruz Ruins of Spanish mission church; founded 1691
25 Lowell Observatory
Lowell Observatory
More images
December 21, 1965
35°12′10″N 111°39′52″W / 35.202778°N 111.664444°W / 35.202778; -111.664444 (Lowell Observatory)
Coconino Observatory where Pluto was discovered
26 C. Hart Merriam Base Camp Site
C. Hart Merriam Base Camp Site
December 21, 1965
35°22′29″N 111°43′34″W / 35.374824°N 111.725990°W / 35.374824; -111.725990 (C. Hart Merriam Base Camp Site)
Coconino Work site of C. Hart Merriam, path-breaking eco-biologist
27 Murray Springs Clovis Site
Murray Springs Clovis Site
More images
October 16, 2012
Sierra Vista
31°34′14″N 110°08′27″W / 31.570638°N 110.140872°W / 31.570638; -110.140872 (Murray Springs Clovis Site)
Cochise Clovis culture site associated with bison and mammoth kills; site open to public.
28 Navajo Nation Council Chamber
Navajo Nation Council Chamber
More images
August 18, 2004
Window Rock
35°40′58″N 109°02′54″W / 35.682778°N 109.048333°W / 35.682778; -109.048333 (Navajo Nation Council Chamber)
Apache Center of government for Navajo Nation.
29 Old Oraibi
Oraibi village, circa 1899
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July 19, 1964
35°52′35″N 110°38′25″W / 35.876389°N 110.640278°W / 35.876389; -110.640278 (Old Oraibi)
Navajo Historic Hopi village
30 Painted Desert Community Complex Historic District
Painted Desert Community Complex Historic District
More images
December 23, 2016
One Park Rd.
35°04′06″N 109°46′50″W / 35.068333°N 109.780556°W / 35.068333; -109.780556 (Painted Desert Community Complex Historic District)
31 Painted Desert Inn
Painted Desert Inn
More images
May 28, 1987
Petrified Forest National Park
35°05′01″N 109°47′20″W / 35.083737°N 109.788845°W / 35.083737; -109.788845 (Painted Desert Inn)
Apache Lodge in the Petrified Forest National Park
32 Phelps Dodge General Office Building
Phelps Dodge General Office Building
More images
May 4, 1983
31°26′25″N 109°54′41″W / 31.440186°N 109.911261°W / 31.440186; -109.911261 (Phelps Dodge General Office Building)
Cochise Phelps Dodge mining company headquarters from 1896 to 1961
33 Point of Pines Sites
Point of Pines Sites
July 19, 1964
San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation
33°21′13″N 109°44′40″W / 33.3535°N 109.7445°W / 33.3535; -109.7445 (Point of Pines Sites)
Graham Set of archaeological sites associated with Anasazi, Mogollon and Hohokam cultures; location is site of archaeological field camp
34 Poston Elementary School, Unit 1, Colorado River Relocation Center
Poston Elementary School, Unit 1, Colorado River Relocation Center
More images
October 16, 2012
33°59′31″N 114°24′24″W / 33.991943°N 114.406625°W / 33.991943; -114.406625 (Poston Elementary School, Unit 1, Colorado River Relocation Center)
La Paz Located at the former Poston War Relocation Center, this is the only surviving elementary school building from any World War II-era Japanese internment camp.
35 Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation Sites
Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation Sites
More images
July 19, 1964
33°26′47″N 111°59′03″W / 33.446389°N 111.984167°W / 33.446389; -111.984167 (Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation Sites)
Maricopa Pueblo Grande Ruin and adjacent Hohokam-Pima Irrigation Sites
36 Sage Memorial Hospital School of Nursing January 16, 2009
35°42′40″N 109°32′36″W / 35.711073°N 109.543446°W / 35.711073; -109.543446 (Sage Memorial Hospital School of Nursing)
37 San Bernardino Ranch
San Bernardino Ranch
More images
July 19, 1964
31°20′11″N 109°16′47″W / 31.336389°N 109.279722°W / 31.336389; -109.279722 (San Bernardino Ranch)
Cochise Historic cattle ranch
38 San Cayetano de Calabazas
Ruins of the mission compound and church at Mission San Cayetano de Calabazas.
More images
December 14, 1990
31°27′09″N 110°57′34″W / 31.4525°N 110.959444°W / 31.4525; -110.959444 (San Cayetano de Calabazas)
Santa Cruz Spanish mission, also known as Calabasas; part of Tumacácori National Historic Park.
39 San Xavier del Bac Mission
San Xavier del Bac Mission
More images
October 9, 1960
32°06′25″N 111°00′29″W / 32.107°N 111.008°W / 32.107; -111.008 (San Xavier del Bac Mission)
Pima Spanish mission founded in 1699
40 Sierra Bonita Ranch
Sierra Bonita Ranch
More images
July 19, 1964
32°35′00″N 109°58′00″W / 32.583333°N 109.966667°W / 32.583333; -109.966667 (Sierra Bonita Ranch)
Cochise and Graham First permanent American cattle ranch in Arizona
41 Snaketown
More images
April 29, 1964
Hohokam Pima National Monument
33°10′59″N 111°55′12″W / 33.183056°N 111.92°W / 33.183056; -111.92 (Snaketown)
Pinal Archaeological remains of the Hohokam culture
42 Taliesin West
Taliesin West
More images
May 20, 1982
33°36′11″N 111°50′38″W / 33.603111°N 111.843781°W / 33.603111; -111.843781 (Taliesin West)
Maricopa Winter home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright
43 Tombstone Historic District
Allen Street
July 4, 1961
31°42′45″N 110°03′59″W / 31.7125°N 110.066389°W / 31.7125; -110.066389 (Tombstone Historic District)
Cochise Classic Western mining boomtown; location of the OK Corral
44 Tumacacori Museum
Tumacacori Museum
More images
May 28, 1987
31°33′58″N 111°03′01″W / 31.566065°N 111.050402°W / 31.566065; -111.050402 (Tumacacori Museum)
Santa Cruz Museum to Spanish missions that itself is an architectural landmark
45 Ventana Cave
Ventana Cave
January 20, 1964
Santa Rosa
32°21′00″N 112°14′00″W / 32.35°N 112.233333°W / 32.35; -112.233333 (Ventana Cave)
Pima Archaeological site; has evidence of Native American occupation of the area for the last 4,000 years
46 Winona Site July 19, 1964
35°12′00″N 111°24′00″W / 35.200°N 111.400°W / 35.200; -111.400 (Winona Site)
Coconino Archaeological site; evidence of cultural change following eruption of Sunset Crater
47 Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites
Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites
More images
November 13, 1966
Yuma, AZ and Winterhaven, CA
32°43′43″N 114°36′52″W / 32.728611°N 114.614444°W / 32.728611; -114.614444 (Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites)
Yuma County, AZ and Imperial County, CA Archaeological and historical sites including Yuma Quartermaster Depot and Arizona Territorial Prison

Former listing

Landmark name Image Date of designation[3] Date of move
or dedesignation
Location County Description
1 Roosevelt Dam Roosevelt Dam 1911.JPG May 23, 1963[4] March 10, 1999[4] Roosevelt Gila and Maricopa When built in 1906–11, this was the highest masonry dam in the world, and the first major reclamation project dam in the western United States. It was substantially altered in 1989–96, enlarging the structure and encasing the original in concrete.[4]

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  1. ^ Numbers represent an alphabetical ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  2. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.
  3. ^ National Park Service (June 2010). "National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State" (PDF). U.S. Department of the Interior. Retrieved 2010-10-04. Cite journal requires |journal= (help)
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