List of Star Trek: Enterprise cast members


Connor Trinneer (pictured far left) and Scott Bakula (pictured far right) in costume alongside three members of the crew of the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

Star Trek: Enterprise is an American science fiction television series that debuted on UPN on September 26, 2001, and ran for four seasons until May 13, 2005.[1] The show was the fifth live-action series in the Star Trek franchise,[2] and was intended to serve as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series.[3] It was originally entitled Enterprise,[4] but was renamed to add the Star Trek prefix towards the start of the third season.[5] The series was created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga,[3] both of whom served as executive producers throughout the four seasons. They stood down as show runners during the fourth season, with Manny Coto taking on the role instead.[6]

The casting team pursued Scott Bakula for the role of Jonathan Archer, with no other actors in mind.[7] There were extended contract negotiations, and Bakula signed up for another pilot during the talks which didn't go to series, and he instead signed for Enterprise.[8] Both Anthony Montgomery and Dominic Keating had previously auditioned for roles on Star Trek: Voyager and were hired when they returned for Enterprise.[7][9] Braga later explained that the most difficult casting process was for the role of T'Pol, who had been originally envisioned as the character T'Pau from The Original Series episode "Amok Time".[10][11] Jolene Blalock was cast after attending the final casting session,[7] after her agents had previously rejected invitations to attend auditions.[12]

Some recurring characters were played by actors who had previously appeared in the franchise, with Jeffrey Combs portraying the Andorian Shran, making his first appearance in the season one episode "The Andorian Incident". He had previously portrayed the characters Weyoun and Brunt on Deep Space Nine.[13] Vaughn Armstrong, who played Admiral Maxwell Forrest in Enterprise, had previously appeared in a number of roles throughout the franchise since portraying a Klingon in The Next Generation episode "Heart of Glory" and by the end of the Enterprise run, he had appeared as 13 different characters in total.[14] Randy Oglesby, Rick Worthy and Scott MacDonald had also appeared in a variety of parts within the franchise before taking on the recurring parts of Xindi council members throughout the third season.[12]


Linda Park plays the communications officer Hoshi Sato

Main cast

Recurring cast


  = Main cast (credited)
  = Recurring cast (4+)
  = Guest cast (1-3)
Actor Character Season Ref
1 2 3 4
Main Cast
Scott Bakula Jonathan Archer Main [7]
Jolene Blalock T'Pol Main [7]
John Billingsley Phlox Main [2]
Dominic Keating Malcolm Reed Main [15]
Anthony Montgomery Travis Mayweather Main [9]
Linda Park Hoshi Sato Main [16]
Connor Trinneer Charles "Trip" Tucker III Main [17]
Recurring Cast
Vaughn Armstrong Maxwell Forrest Recurring Recurring [14]
Jeffrey Combs Thy'lek Shran Guest Recurring [13]
Jim Fitzpatrick Marcus Williams Guest Guest
John Fleck Silik Recurring Guest Guest [18]
Gary Graham Soval Guest Recurring Guest Recurring [19]
James Horan Humanoid figure[n 1] Recurring Guest [21]
Kellie Waymire Elizabeth Cutler Recurring [22]
Joseph Will Michael Rostov Guest [23]
Matt Winston Daniels Guest Recurring Guest [22]
Daniel Riordan Duras Guest
Nathan Anderson N. Kemper Guest
Molly Brink Talas Guest [24]
Steven Culp J. Hayes Recurring
Daniel Dae Kim D. Chang Recurring
Ken Lally Taylor Guest
Scott MacDonald Dolim Recurring [12]
Sean McGowan F. Hawkins Recurring
Randy Oglesby Degra Recurring [12]
Tucker Smallwood Xindi Primate Councillor Recurring [25]
Rick Worthy Jannar Recurring [12]
Joanna Cassidy T'Les Recurring [26]
Ada Maris Erika Hernandez Recurring [26]
Derek Magyar Kelby Recurring
Kara Zediker T'Pau Guest
Eric Pierpoint Harris Recurring [27]
Michael Reilly Burke Koss Recurring [28]

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