List of United States Air Force reconnaissance squadrons


This is a list of United States Air Force reconnaissance squadrons. It covers units considered to be part of the Combat Air Force (CAF) such as bomb and fighter squadrons and serves as a break out of the comprehensive List of United States Air Force squadrons. Units in this list are primarily assigned to Air Combat Command in the United States Air Force.

When squadrons are deployed on operations overseas their names are temporarily changed to include the word "expeditionary", although when they return the names revert. However, there are some units which include the word "Expeditionary" all the time; these squadrons are provisional and may activate and inactivate at any time.

Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadrons (ERS)

Squadron Shield Location Unit Aircraft Note
4th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 4th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Bagram Airfield MC-12W Inactivated on
1 October 2014.[1]
46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 46 Expeditionary Reconnaissance Sq emblem.png S.W. Asia 387th Air Expeditionary Group MQ-1 Previously at
Joint Base Balad
60th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 60 Bombardment Sq emblem.png Camp Lemonnier MQ-1B, MQ-9A Inactivated on
7 October 2015.[2]
62d Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 62d Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron - Emblem.png Inactivated.
361st Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron 361 Expeditionary Reconnaissance Sq emblem.png Kandahar Airfield MC-12W Inactivated on
1 September 2014.[1]
362d Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron Joint Base Balad MC-12W Inactivated.[1]
363d Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron Inactivated. Previously at
Prince Sultan Air Base.

Reconnaissance Squadrons (RS)

Squadron Shield Location Nickname Aircraft Note
1st Reconnaissance Squadron 1st Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Beale AFB U-2
5th Reconnaissance Squadron 5th Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Osan AB U-2
6th Reconnaissance Squadron 6th Reconnaissance Squadron.PNG Holloman AFB RQ-1 [3]
11th Attack Squadron 11th Attack Squadron emblem.png Creech AFB RQ-1, MQ-1
12th Reconnaissance Squadron 12thReconSquadron.PNG Beale AFB RQ-4
13th Reconnaissance Squadron 13th Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Beale AFB RQ-4 Reserve Unit
15th Attack Squadron 15th Attack Squadron Emblem.png Creech AFB "Cotton Pickers" RQ-1, MQ-1
17th Reconnaissance Squadron Creech AFB RQ-1, MQ-1
18th Reconnaissance Squadron 18th Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Creech AFB
30th Reconnaissance Squadron 30th Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Creech AFB RQ-170
38th Reconnaissance Squadron 38th Reconnaissance Squadron.png Offutt AFB "Fighting Hellcats" RC-135
45th Reconnaissance Squadron 45th Reconnaissance Squadron.png Offutt AFB "Sylvester" OC/RC/TC/EC/WC-135
78th Reconnaissance Squadron 78th Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Nellis AFB "Bushmasters" Reserve Unit
82d Reconnaissance Squadron 82d Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Kadena AB "Hog Heaven" RC-135
95th Reconnaissance Squadron 95th Reconnaissance Squadron.png RAF Mildenhall "Kickin' Ass" RC-135
99th Reconnaissance Squadron 99th Reconnaissance Squadron.png Beale AFB U-2
111th Reconnaissance Squadron Ace-in-the-hole.png Ellington Field "Ace in the Hole" MQ-1 Texas ANG
343d Reconnaissance Squadron 343d Reconnaissance Squadron.jpg Offutt AFB
489th Attack Squadron 489 Attack Sq emblem.png Beale AFB, CA MQ-1

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