List of World War II aces from Southern Rhodesia


This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from Southern Rhodesia. For other countries see List of World War II aces by country

Name Kills Notes
Neville Bowker 11 Prisoner of war

DFC in 1941[1]

George Andrew F. "Buck" Buchanan 7 DFC Mostly defending Malta.[2]
John Howard Deall 5 OBE, DSO, DFC, Vliegerkruis
Eric Sidney "Dicky" Dicks-Sherwood 7
Frank Holman 9
Caesar Barrand Hull 8 DFC Joined RAF in 1936. Most successful pilot of Norwegian campaign. Killed in action on 7 September 1940
William Ivan Hartley Maguire 13
Percy Arthur "Ping" Newton 5
Ioannis Agorastos "John" Plagis 16 Born and brought up in Rhodesia of Greek descent; joined the Royal Air Force as a Greek citizen, not holding British nationality.
Perry Robert St Quintin 9
Ernest Leopold Williams 9

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Notes and references

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