List of World War II weapons of France


This is a list of weapons used by the military forces of the French Third Republic in WW2.



Submachine gunsEdit

    MAS-38 French submachine gun. Production of this gun had just started in 1940 when the Germans occupied France. They used the gun as a substitute weapon. Somehow one of the guns was obtained by a partisan who use the MAS-38 to murder Benito Mussolini the Fascist leader of world war II Italy.
  • Erma EMP-35
  • Thompson M1928 and M1928A1
  • MP 28
  • MP40 Captured from German troops
  • Delacre machine pistol
  • Sten

Machine gunsEdit

Anti-Tank weaponsEdit

Anti-Aircraft weaponsEdit


Grenades and minesEdit


Armoured vehiclesEdit

Armoured cars
    Panhard 178 which was the main French armoured car during Battle of France that was built to be a reconnaissance vehicle
    AM Gendron SOMUA 39
  • AMC Schneider P 16
  • AMD Laffly 80AM
  • AMD Panhard 165
  • AMDL Panhard
    Laffly S15 TOE (théâtre d'opérations extérieures: "overseas theatre of operations") used by French forces in North Africa. Used by Free French forces in the Capture of Kufra
    Berliet VUDB
  • Berliet VUDB4
  • Citroen-Kegresse M23
  • Laffly S15 TOE
  • Laffly 50AM
  • Panhard 178
Rear view of Lorraine 38L armoured personnel carrier. Was created from the Lorraine 37L armoured tank supply vehicle. Only armoured personnel carrier in battle of France
Armoured personnel carriers

Armoured personnel carriers

Armoured utility vehiclesEdit


Light tanks
Medium tanks
Cavalry tanks
    SOMUA S-35.One of the best tanks of its time in armour and firepower and outclassed German Tanks such as the Panzer III and IV in this respect. However overall they(Panzers) were better tanks as they granted far better vision, communication and ergonomics than French tanks which were mostly pretty bad in this regard due to things like a one man turret crew.
    SOMUA S35[1]
  • Char G1 (Prototype)
Armoured combat tanks
Heavy tanks
  • Char B1
    Char B1 bis variant. Originally the Char B1 was conceived as breakthrough tank using its Hull mounted gun to attack fortifications. Eventually became a Char de Bataille or battle tank that was meant to take on enemy armour. Heavily armoured and armed for its day and was inpenetrable to ordinary German Anti-tank Guns.
  • Char 2C
  • ARL 44 (Prototype)
  • AMX M4 (Prototype for the AMX 50.)
  • AMX 50 (Later replace with the AMX 30.)
  • FCM F1 (Prototype)

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