List of World War I flying aces from France


This is a complete list of French flying aces of World War I.

While Roland Garros is often called the first French Ace, he has only four confirmed victories. The distinction of being the first French Ace goes to Adolphe Pégoud.

Aces are listed after verifying the date and location of combat, and the foe vanquished, for every victory accredited by the Aéronautique Militaire using their own aerial victory standards. Those victories for which the evidence is unavailable or fragmentary have been excluded from the victory count.[1]

20 or more victoriesEdit

15-19 victoriesEdit

11-14 victoriesEdit

10 victoriesEdit

9 victoriesEdit

8 victoriesEdit

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5 victoriesEdit


  1. ^ Held dual Franco-American citizenship.


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