List of auxiliary ship classes in service


The list of auxiliary ship classes in service includes all auxiliary ships in naval service in the world. For combatant ships, see the list of naval ship classes in service.

Command and support ships

Command ships

River command ships

Amphibious command ships

Minecraft command and support ships

Multi-role support ships

Medical ships

Hospital ships

Medical evacuation ships

Ambulance transport ships

Ambulance craft

Ammunition ships

Missile/rocket ammunition ships

Replenishment ships

Fast combat support ships


Replenishment oilers

Transport tankers and oilers

  • Olekma-class fleet oiler
  • Vyaz'ma fleet oiler

Coastal tankers

Water tankers


  • Rhin-class tender
    • Displacement: 2,445 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 2 in service

Buoy tenders

Buoy tugs

  • Alcyon-class ocean tug and buoy tender
    • Displacement: 1,500 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 2 in service

Dive tenders

Submarine tenders

  • Kashtan submersible support ship
  • Pionier Moskvyy-class submersible support ship (Project 05360)

Degaussing ships

  • Pelym-class degaussing ship (Project 1799)

Repair ships

  • Amur-class repair ship (Project 304)
  • Garonne-class small repair ship
  • Oskol-class repair ship (Project 300/301/303)

Dry docks

Engineering vessels


Crane ships

Construction ships

Cable laying ships

Surveillance and intelligence vessels

Ocean surveillance ships

Electronic surveillance ships

  • Alpinist-class electronic surveillance ships (Project 503M)
  • Bougainville electronic surveillance ship
  • Vishnaya-class electronic surveillance ship (Project 864)

Missile tracking ships

  • Waters navigation research and missile tracking ship (T-AGS-45)

Research and scientific vessels

  • Helmsand-class trial and fleet service ships (Type 748)
  • Wilhelm Pullwer-class trial boat (Type 741)

Acoustic research vessels

Survey vessels

  • Lapérouse-class survey ship
    • Displacement: 980 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 4 in service
  • Valerian Uryvayav-class survey ship

Hydro-oceanographic Survey vessels

Oceanographic Research vessels

  • Melville-class oceanographic research/survey ship (T-AGOR-14)

Polar Oceanographic Research vessels

  • BIO Las Palmas polar oceanographic research vessel


Lake icebreakers

Electronic surveillance icebreakers

Electronic surveillance / hydrographic research icebreakers

Polar icebreakers

Polar patrol icebreakers

Polar research icebreakers

Polar oceanographic research icebreakers

Icebreaking tugs

Logistical support ships

Multi role vessels

General cargo ships

  • Cape Girardeau-class container/bulk cargo ship (AK-2039)

Container ships

Prepositioning ships

  • 2nd Lieutenant John P. Bobo-class Marine Corps prepositioning ship (AK-3008)
  • Corporal Louis J. Hauge Jr.-class Marine Corps prepositioning ship (AK-3000)
  • Sergeant Matej Kocak-class Marine Corps prepositioning ship (AK-3005)
  • Shughart-class army prepositioning ship (AKR-295)

Vehicle ships

  • Cape Hudson-class vehicle cargo ship (AKR-5066)
  • Cape Knox-class vehicle cargo ship (AKR-5082)
  • Cape Washington-class vehicle cargo ship (AKR-9961)

Aviation logistics ships

Barge Carrier ships

Troop ships

Polar logistics ships

Rescue and salvage ships

Heavy-lift ships

Salvage ships

Salvage tugs

  • Ingul-class salvage tug (Project 1452/1453)
  • Neftegaz-class salvage tug (Project B-92)
  • Prut-class salvage tug (Project 527M)
  • Sliva-class salvage tug (Project 712)

Fire tugs

  • Iva-class fire rescue tug (Project B-99)
  • Katun-class fire tug (Project 1893/1993)

Search and Rescue Vessels

  • San Juan-class Search and Rescue Vessel
    • Builder:  Australia
    • Displacement: 540 tons
    • Operator: Philippine Coast Guard: 4 in service

Submarine Rescue ships

  • Alagez submarine salvage and rescue ship (Project 537)
  • Amatista Mod-class submarine rescue ship

Torpedo recovery vessels

Pollution control ships


  • Habagat-class MT Tug (TB-271)
    • Builder:  Philippines
    • Displacement: unknown
    • Operator: Philippine Coast Guard

Anchor tugs

Supply tugs

  • Rari-class supply tug
    • Displacement: 1,550 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 2 in service

Harbour tugs

  • Lütje Hörn-class (Type 725) harbour tug
  • Porto-class harbour tug
  • Sylt-class (Type 724) large harbour tug
  • Wustrow-class (Type 414) harbour tug

Coastal tugs

  • Belier-class coastal tug
    • Displacement: 800 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 3 in service
  • Chamois-class coastal tug and logistical support ship
    • Displacement: 505 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 1 in service

Offshore tugs

  • Atlante-class ocean tug
  • Ciclope-class ocean tug
  • Goliat-class ocean tug (Project 733)
  • MB-330 class ocean tug
  • Tenace-class ocean tug
    • Displacement: 1,400 tons
    • Operator:  French Navy: 2 in service

Fleet tugs

  • Goryn-class fleet tug (Project 563)

Training ships

See Category:Training ships
  • Intermares training ship


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