List of books about skepticism


The Age of Reason – A rare, original copy on display at the Center for Inquiry library in Amherst, NY.

This list of books about skepticism is a skeptic's library of works centered on scientific skepticism, religious skepticism, critical thinking, scientific literacy, and refutation of claims of the paranormal. It also includes titles about atheism, irreligion, books for "young skeptics" and related subjects. It is intended as a starting point for research into these areas of study.

Collections in the realm of skepticism, science literacy, and freethought exist both online and in brick-and-mortar libraries. The complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll are available online at both the Secular Web[1] and as part of the Internet Archive project[2] The Drew University Library hosts a collection of pamphlets by and about Mr. Ingersoll.[3] In 2013 the Library of Congress announced the opening of the Seth MacFarlane Collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Archive which includes more than 1,500 boxes of donated material.[4] MacFarlane donated the funds which allowed the Library of Congress to purchase a collection of Sagan's notes from Druyan (widow of Sagan) because of his concern over fading science literacy.[5]


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Author(s)/Editor(s) Category Title ISBN Publisher Edition Year
John William Draper Religious skepticism History of the conflict between religion and science - KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER, & CO., Ltd. 21st 1890
Haeckel, Ernst Religious skepticism The answer of Ernst Haeckel to the falsehoods of the Jesuits, Catholic and Protestant, from the German pamphlet "Sandalion," and "My church departure" - The Truth Seeker Company 1st 1911
McCabe, Joseph Religious skepticism From Rome to Rationalism: or Why I Left the Church - WATTS & CO. 1st 1896
Crease, Robert P. Scientific skepticism The Workshop and the World: What Ten Thinkers Can Teach Us About Science and Authority 9780393292442 W. W. Norton & Company 1st 2019
White, Andrew Dickson Religious skeptIcism A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom, vol. 1

A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom, vol 2

- Macmillan and Company 1st 1897
Sloan, Richard P. Scientific skepticism Blind faith: the unholy alliance of religion and medicine 9780312348816 St. Martin's Griffin 1st 2006
Steve Novella with Bob Novella, Cara Santa Maria, Jay Novella, and Evan Bernstein Scientific skepticism The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: How to Know What's Really Real in a World Increasingly Full of Fake 978-1-5387-6051-2 Grand Central Publishing 1st 2018
Grams, Natalie Alt Med Homeopathy Reconsidered — What Really Helps Patients (German title: Homöopathie neu gedacht — Was wirklich Patienten hilft) 978-3-662-45336-0 Springer 2nd (in German) 2015
Grams, Natalie Alt Med Gesundheit — A Book not Without Side Effects (German title: Gesundheit — Ein Buch nicht ohne Nebenwirkungen) 978-3-662-54798-4 Springer 1st (in German) 2017
Carroll, Sean M. The Big Picture On the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself 0-5259-5482-1 Dutton Illustrated 2016
Wilson, Robert A Philosophy Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati 0692513973 Hilaritas Press, 24th printing, 2013 Paperback 1978
Hutchinson, Sikivu Religious skepticism White Nights, Black Paradise 978-0692267134 Infidel Books Paperback 2015
Loftus, John Religious skepticism The Outsider Test for Faith: How to know which Religion is True 1616147377 9781616147372 Prometheus Books Paperback 2013
Hendry, Allan Scientific skepticism The UFO Handbook 0385143486 978-0385143486 Doubleday/Dolphin Books Paperback 1979
McAfee, David Religious skepticism Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World's Most Followed Religion 1451555334 Dangerous Little Books Paperback 2010
McAfee, David Religious skepticism Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings: Second Edition 978-0956427687 Dangerous Little Books Paperback 2011
McAfee, David Religious skepticism Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer 978-1908675040 Dangerous Little Books Paperback 2012
McAfee, David Young skeptics The Belief Book 978-1908675316 Dangerous Little Books Paperback 2015
Waldron, David; Simon Townsend Cryptozoology Snarls From the Tea-Tree: Big Cat Folklore 9781921-875830 Arcadia Paperback 2012
Sanders, Kyle (Creator), Wikey, Elisa (Illustrator) Scientific skepticism Sounds Sciencey: A Comic Strip Collection About Science, Pseudoscience, and Geeky Relationships 9780692-448601 (2015) Hardcover 2015
O'Reilly, Patrick; Phyllis Rosen Scientific skepticism Undue Influence: Cons, Scams and Mind Control 9780985939953 Bay Tree Publishing Paperback 2013
Mervine, Barbara "Kitty" Young skeptics Fairy Tales Fairly Told 9781300179375 Kitty Mervine Paperback 2012
Gaylor, Annie Laurie (ed). Religious skepticism Women Without Superstition: "No Gods-No Masters" 9781877-733093 Freedom from Religion Foundation Hardback 1997
Blackmore, Susan Scientific skepticism Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body Experiences 0-89733-344-6 Academy Chicago Publishers Paperback 1992
Selman, Jeffrey Creationism God Sent Me: A Textbook Case on Evolution vs. Creation 978-0578152554 Blossom Press(self-published) Softcover 2015
Empiricus, Sextus Pyrrhonism Outlines of Pyrrhonism 978-0674993013 Harvard University Press Hardcover 1933
Dobelli, Rolf Logic The Art of Thinking Clearly 978-0062219695 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 2013
Stebbing, Susan Logic Thinking to Some Purpose ASIN B000LAP53Q Pelican Paperback 1942
Cranshaw-Williams, Rupert Scientific skepticism The Comforts Of Unreason: A Study of the Motives Behind Irrational Thought ASIN B0006D7LOO Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co Paperback 1947
Shelton, Jay Alt med Homeopathy: How It Really Works 1-59102-109-X Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Brown, Candy Gunther Alt med The Healing Gods: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Christian America 978-0199985784 Oxford University Press Hardcover 2013
Draco, Marc; Kavin Senapathy; Mark Alsip Alt med The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari's Glass House 978-0692509814 Senapath Press Hardback 2015
Fried, John J. Alt med Vitamin Politics 978-0879752224 Prometheus Books Paperback 1984
Slack, Gordy Creationism The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and a School Board in Dover, PA 978-0787987862 Jossey-Bass Paperback 2007
Herbert, Victor Alt med Nutrition Cultism Facts and Fictions ASIN B000TL0XCU George F Stickley Hardcover 1981
Stalker, Douglas; Clark Glymour Alt med Examining Holistic Medicine 978-0879753030 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1986
Humes, Edward Creationism Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America's Soul 978-0060885496 Harper Perennial Paperback 2008
Lebo, Lauri Creationism The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma V. Darwin in Small-town America 978-1595584519 The New Press Paperback 2009
Whorton, James E Alt med Nature Cures: The History of Alternative Medicine in America 978-0195140712 Oxford University Press Hardcover 2002
Entine, Jon Scientific skepticism Let Them Eat Precaution: How Politics is Undermining the Genetic Revolution in Agriculture 978-0844742007 Aei Press Hardcover 2005
Crews, Frederick Follies of the Wise: Dissenting Essays 978-1593761011 Counterpoint Hardcover 2006
Brock, Pope Scientific skepticism Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam 978-0307339898 Broadway Books Paperback 2009
Homola, Samuel; Stephen Barrett Alt med Inside Chiropractic: A Patient's Guide (Consumer Health Library) 978-1573926980 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1999
Skrabanek, Petr; James McCormick Alt med Follies and Fallacies in Medicine 978-0879756307 Prometheus Books Hardback 1990
Jack Yetiv Alt med Popular Nutritional Practices: Sense and Nonsense 978-0440200468 Dell Mass market paperback 1988
Twain, Mark Religious skepticism Christian Science 1907
Harari, Yuval Noah Scientific skepticism Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind 978-0062316097 Harper Hardcover 2015
Greene, Joshua Scientific skepticism Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them 978-1594202605 Penguin Press Hardcover 2013
Harding, Nick Religious skepticism How to be a Good Atheist 978-1842432372 Oldcastle Books Hardcover 2008
Bakker, Gary Religious skepticism God: A Psychological Assessment 9781612331850 Universal-Publishers Paperback 2013
Hanks, Joanne Religious skepticism "It's Not About the Sex" My Ass 978-1105997402 Lulu Press, Inc. Paperback 2013
Gardner, Martin Scientific skepticism Weird Water & Fuzzy Logic 978-1573920964 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1996
Pendergrast, Mark; Melody Gavigan Scientific skepticism Victims of Memory: Sex Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives 978-0691133553 Upper Access Paperback 1996
Bowditch, Peter Scientific skepticism Things I Think About – Volume 1 ASIN B00M7LCS78 Peter Bowditch Kindle 2014
Park, Robert Scientific skepticism Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science 978-0691133553 Princeton University Press Hardcover 2008
Stein, Gordon; James Randi Scientific skepticism The Sorcerer of Kings: The Case of Daniel Dunglas Home and William Crookes 978-0879758639 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1993
Campbell, Terence W. Scientific skepticism Smoke and Mirrors: The Devastating Effect of False Sexual Abuse Claims 978-0306459849 Da Capo Press Hardcover 1998
Clements, Tad S. Scientific skepticism Science Versus Religion 978-0879755935 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1990
Kurtz, Paul; Barry Karr; Ranjit Sandhu Scientific skepticism Science and Religion: Are They Compatible? 978-1591020646 Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Wright, Lawrence Scientific skepticism Remembering Satan 978-0679755821 Vintage Reprint 1995
Browne, Thomas Scientific skepticism Pseudodoxia Epidemica: Or, Enquiries into Very Many Received Tenentes, and Commonly Presumed Truths 978-0198127062 Clarendon Press Hardcover 1981 (orig. 1646)
Bok, Bart J.; Lawrence E. Jerome Scientific skepticism Objections to Astrology 978-0879750596 Prometheus Books 1st edition 1975
Loftus, Elizabeth; Katherine Ketcham Scientific skepticism The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse 978-0312141233 St. Martin's Griffin 1st edition 1996
Swift, Jonathan Scientific skepticism A Modest Proposal and Other Satires 978-0879759193 Prometheus Books Reprint 1995
Schacter, Daniel L. (ed.) Scientific skepticism Memory Distortion: How Minds, Brains, and Societies Reconstruct the Past 978-0674566767 Harvard University Press Reprint 1997
Ofshe, Richard; Ethan Watters Scientific skepticism Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria 978-0520205833 University of California Press 1st edition 1996
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Scientific skepticism The Little Black Book of Scams 978-1921964749 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission PDF 2013
Hobbes, Thomas Scientific skepticism Leviathan 978-0140431957 Penguin Classics Paperback 1982
Harris, Melvin Scientific skepticism Investigating the Unexplained 978-1591021087 Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Hicks, Robert D. Scientific skepticism In Pursuit of Satan:The Police and the Occult 978-1591022190 Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Clark, Jef; Theo Clark Scientific skepticism Humbug!: The Skeptic's Field Guide to Spotting Fallacies and Deceptive Arguments (Second Edition) ASIN B00KBB0XEQ Nifty Books Kindle 2014
Gardner, Martin Scientific skepticism How Not to Test a Psychic: Ten Years of Remarkable Experiments With Renowned Clairvoyant Pavel Stepanek 978-0879755126 Prometheus Books 1st edition 1989
Wheen, Francis Scientific skepticism How Mumbo-jumbo Conquered the World 978-0007140978 Harper Perennial Paperback 2004
Gross, Paul; Norman Levitt Scientific skepticism Higher Superstition : The Academic Left and Its Quarrels With Science 978-0801857072 Johns Hopkins University Press Reprint 1997
Stenger, Victor Scientific skepticism Has Science Found God? The Latest Results in the Search for Purpose in the Universe 978-1591020189 Prometheus Books Hardcover 2003
Davis, Philip G. Scientific skepticism Goddess Unmasked : The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality 978-0965320894 Spence Publishing Company 1st edition 1998
Gross, Paul R.; Norman Levitt; Martin W. Lewis Scientific skepticism The Flight from Science and Reason 978-0939571086 Merril Press Paperback 2010
Arnold, Andrea Scientific skepticism Fear of Food : Environmentalist Scams, Media Mendacity, and the Law of Disparagement 978-0939571086 Merril Press Paperback 2010
Ottoboni, Alice Scientific skepticism The Dose Makes the Poison: A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology 978-0471288374 Wiley Publishing 2nd Edition 1997
Sagan, Carl Scientific skepticism Cosmos 978-0345539434 Ballantine Books Paperback 2013
Barrett, Stephen; Ronald E. Gots Scientific skepticism Chemical Sensitivity : The Truth About Environmental Illness 978-1573921954 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1998
Hoggart, Simon; Mike Hutchinson Scientific skepticism Bizarre Beliefs 978-1573921565 Prometheus Books Paperback 1997
Singh, Simon Scientific skepticism Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe 978-0007162215 Harper Perennial Reprint 2005
Pincock, Stephen (ed.) Scientific skepticism The Best Australian Science Writing 2011 978-1742233000 New South Paperback 2011
Doherty, Peter Scientific skepticism The Beginner's Guide to Winning the Nobel Prize 978-0231138963 Columbia University Press Hardcover 2006
Bowditch, Peter Scientific skepticism The Bear's Progress: SkeptoBear's World Tour 2004 ASIN B00N1AW0T0 Peter Bowditch Kindle 2014
Wanjek, Christopher Scientific skepticism Bad Medicine : Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Distance Healing to Vitamin O 978-0471434993 Wiley Paperback 2002
Jerome, Lawrence E. Scientific skepticism Astrology Disproved 978-0879750671 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1977
Stewart, JV Scientific skepticism Astrology: What's Really in the Stars? 978-1573920773 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1996
Holmes, Richard Scientific skepticism The Age of Wonder : How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science 978-0375422225 Pantheon Books Hardcover 2009
Radford, Benjamin Scientific skepticism Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic, and Monsters in the Land of Enchantment 978-0826354501 University of New Mexico Press Paperback 2014
Dunning, Brian Scientific skepticism Skeptoid 3: Pirates, Pyramids, and Papyrus 978-1453881187 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 2011
Dunning, Brian Scientific skepticism Skeptoid 2: More Critical Analysis Of Pop Phenomena 978-1440422850 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 2008
Dunning, Brian Scientific skepticism Skeptoid 4: Astronauts, Aliens, and Ape-Men (Volume 4) 978-1475205657 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 2012
Dunning, Brian Scientific skepticism Skeptoid 5: Massacres, Monsters, and Miracles 978-1492709060 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 2013
Dunning, Brian Scientific skepticism Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Of Pop Phenomena 978-1434821669 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 2008
Flew, Antony Scientific skepticism How to Think Straight: An Introduction to Critical Reasoning 978-1573922395 Prometheus Books 2nd edition 1998
Bartholomew, Robert; Benjamin Radford Scientific skepticism Hoaxes, Myths, and Manias: Why We Need Critical Thinking 978-1591022466 Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Patten, Bernard M. Scientific skepticism Truth, Knowledge, Or Just Plain Bull: How to Tell the Difference 978-1591022466 Prometheus Books Paperback 2004
Riniolo, Todd C. Scientific skepticism When Good Thinking Goes Bad: How Your Brain Can Have a Mind of Its Own 978-1591025863 Prometheus Books Paperback 2008
DiCarlo, Christopher W. Scientific skepticism How to Become a Really Good Pain in the Ass: A Critical Thinker's Guide to Asking the Right Questions 978-1616146344 Prometheus Books Paperback 2011
Collins, Loren Scientific skepticism Bullspotting: Finding Facts in the Age of Misinformation 978-1616146344 Prometheus Books Paperback 2012
Harrison, Guy P. Scientific skepticism Think: Why You Should Question Everything 978-1616148072 Prometheus Books Paperback 2013
Ehrenreich, Barbara Scientific skepticism Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America 978-0312658854 Picador (imprint) Paperback 2010
Pringle, Laurence Young Skeptics Billions of Years, Amazing Changes: The Story of Evolution 978-1590787236 Boyds Mills Press Hardcover 2011
Aaronovitch, David Conspiracy theory Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History 978-1594484988 Riverhead Books Paperback 2010
Dunbar, David; Brad Reagan Conspiracy theory Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts 978-1588165473 Hearst Books Updated 2011
Bugliosi, Vincent Conspiracy theory Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 978-0393045253 W. W. Norton & Company Hardcover 2007
Hurley, Dan Alt med Natural Causes: Death, Lies, and Politics in America's Vitamin and Herbal Supplement Industry 978-0767920438 Broadway Books Paperback 2006
Kern, Edmund M. Young Skeptics The Wisdom of Harry Potter: What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us about Moral Choices 978-1591021339 Prometheus Books Paperback 2003
Bennett, Helen Young Skeptics Humanism, What's That?: A Book for Curious Kids 978-1591023876 Prometheus Books Paperback 2005
Baillargeon, Normand Scientific skepticism A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense: Find Your Inner Chomsky 978-1583227657 Seven Stories Press Paperback 2008
Whitt, Stephen Young Skeptics The Turtle and the Universe 978-1591026266 Prometheus Books Paperback 2008
Rubino, Michael Young Skeptics Bang!: How We Came to Be 978-1616144722 Prometheus Books Paperback 2011
Cunningham, Darryl Young Skeptics How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial 978-1419706899 Abrams Books Hardcover 2013
Yes! (U.S. magazine) Young Skeptics Hoaxed!: Fakes and Mistakes in the World of Science 978-1554532070 Kids Can Press Paperback 2009
Yes! (U.S. magazine) Young Skeptics Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real-Life Mysteries 978-1553379959 Kids Can Press Paperback 2006
Jackson, Ellen Young Skeptics The Tree of Life: The Wonders of Evolution 978-1591022404 Prometheus Books Paperback 2004
Bennett, Jeffrey Young Skeptics Max Goes to the Moon: A Science Adventure with Max the Dog 978-1937548209 Big Kid Science Second 2013
Lawson, Kristan Young Skeptics Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities 978-1556525025 Chicago Review Press Paperback 2003
Bering, Jesse Scientific skepticism The Belief Instinct: The Psychology of Souls, Destiny, and the Meaning of Life 978-0393341263 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 2012
Cazeau, Charles Young Skeptics Test Your Science IQ 978-1573928519 Prometheus Books Paperback 2000
Swanson, Diane Young Skeptics Turn it Loose: The Scientist in Absolutely Everybody 978-1550378504 Annick Press Paperback 2004
Dawkins, Richard Young Skeptics The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True 978-1451675047 Free Press Paperback 2012
French, Jackie Young Skeptics The Little Book of Big Questions 978-1550376555 Annick Press Hardcover 2000
Haught, James A. Young Skeptics Science in a Nanosecond: Illustrated Answers to 100 Basic Science Questions 978-0879756376 Prometheus Books Paperback 1990
Wollard, Kathy Young Skeptics How Come? 978-1563053245 Workman Publishing Company Paperback 1993
Yule, Tim Young Skeptics Sasquatches from Outer Space: Exploring the Weirdest Mysteries Ever 978-1573928472 Prometheus Books Paperback 2000
Stein, Sara Young Skeptics The Evolution Book 978-0894809279 Workman Publishing Company Paperback 1986
Martin, Theresa Young Skeptics Flat Earth? Round Earth? 978-1573929882 Prometheus Books Paperback 2002
Nickell, Joe Young Skeptics Wonder-Workers!: How They Perform the Impossible 978-0879756888 Prometheus Books Paperback 1991
Spong, John Shelby Religious skepticism Why Christianity Must Change or Die: A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile 978-0060675363 HarperCollins Paperback 1999
Helms, Randel Religious skepticism Who Wrote the Gospels? 978-0965504737 Millenium Press Paperback 1997
Friedman, Richard Elliot Religious skepticism Who Wrote the Bible? 978-0060630355 HarperCollins Paperback 1989
Chalmers, Alan Scientific skepticism What Is This Thing Called Science? 978-1624660382 Hackett Publishing Company Paperback 2013
Feynman, Richard Scientific skepticism What Do You Care What Other People Think?: Further Adventures of a Curious Character 978-0393320923 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 2001
Quine, Willard Van Orman; J.S. Ullian Scientific skepticism The Web of Belief 978-0075536093 McGraw-Hill Paperback 1978
Gould, Stephen Jay Scientific skepticism An Urchin in the Storm: Essays about Books and Ideas 978-0393305371 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 1988
Szasz, Thomas Scientific skepticism The Untamed Tongue: A Dissenting Dictionary 978-0812691047 Open Court Publishing Company Paperback 1990
Horgan, John Scientific skepticism The Undiscovered Mind: How the Human Brain Defies Replication, Medication, and Explanation 978-0684865782 Free Press (publisher) Paperback 2000
Bowie, G. Lee; Meredith W. Michaels; Robert C. Solomon Scientific skepticism Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy 978-1439043967 Cengage Learning Paperback 2010
Hoffer, Eric Scientific skepticism The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements 978-0060505912 Harper Perennial Paperback 2010
Kurtz, Paul Scientific skepticism The Transcendental Temptation: A Critique of Religion and the Paranormal 978-1616148270 Prometheus Books Paperback 2013
Gray, William D. Scientific skepticism Thinking Critically About New Age Ideas 978-1573922111 Cengage Learning Paperback 1991
Cannavo, S. Scientific skepticism Think to Win: The Power of Logic in Everyday Life 978-1573922111 Prometheus Books Paperback 1998
de Bono, Edward Scientific skepticism Teaching Thinking 978-0140137859 Penguin Books Paperback 1992
Pigliucci, Massimo Scientific skepticism Tales of the Rational: Skeptical Essays About Nature and Science 978-1887392112 Freethought Press Paperback 2000
Larson, Edward J. Scientific skepticism Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion 978-0465075102 Basic Books First Trade Paper Edition 2006
Kuhn, Thomas Scientific skepticism The Structure of Scientific Revolutions 978-0226458120 University of Chicago Press 50th Anniversary 2012
Bawer, Bruce Religious skepticism Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity 978-0609802229 Broadway Books Paperback 1997
E.W. Castle; B. B. Thierling (editors) Scientific skepticism Some Trust in Chariots!! 0859220001 The Griffin Press Paperback 1972
Berger, Peter L.; Thomas Luckmann Scientific skepticism The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge 978-0385058988 Random House Paperback 1967
Raymo, Chet Religious skepticism Skeptics and True Believers: The Exhilarating Connection Between Science and Religion 978-0802775641 Walker & Co. Paperback 1999
Sagan, Carl; Ann Druyan Scientific skepticism Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors 978-0345384720 Ballantine Books Paperback 1993
Lett, James Scientific skepticism Science, Reason, and Anthropology: The Principles of Rational Inquiry 978-0847685936 Rowman & Littlefield Paperback 1997
Hazen, Robert; James Trefil Scientific skepticism Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy 978-0307454584 Random House Second 2009
Spong, John Shelby Religious skepticism Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture 978-0060675189 HarperCollins Paperback 1992
Victor, Jeffrey S. Scientific skepticism Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend 978-0812691924 Open Court Publishing Company Paperback 1993
Asimov, Isaac Scientific skepticism The Relativity of Wrong 978-1575660080 Kensington Books Paperback 1995
Oparin, A. I. Creationism Origin of Life 978-0486495224 Dover Publications Hardcover 2003
Strahler, Arthur N. Creationism Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy 978-1573927178 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1999
Alters, Brian J. Creationism Teaching Biological Evolution in Higher Education: Methodological, Religious, and Nonreligious Issues 978-0763728892 Jones & Bartlett Learning Paperback 2004
Alters, Brian J; Sandra M. Alters Creationism Defending Evolution: a guide to the evolution/creation controversy 978-0763711184 Jones & Bartlett Learning Paperback 2001
Zimmer, Carl Creationism Smithsonian Intimate Guide to Human Origins 978-0060829612 Harpercollins Hardcover 2005
De Duve, Christian Creationism Vital Dust: The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth 978-0465090457 Basic Books Paperback 1995
Wills, Christopher; Jeffrey Bada Creationism The Spark of Life: Darwin and the Primeval Soup 978-0738204932 Basic Books Paperback 2001
Dennett, Daniel C. Creationism Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life 978-0684824710 Simon & Schuster Paperback (reprint) 1996
Darling, David J. Creationism Life Everywhere 978-0465015641 Basic Books Paperback 2002
Chaisson, Eric J. Creationism Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos 978-0231135603 Columbia University Press Hardcover 2005
Dyson, Freeman Creationism Origins of Life 978-0521626682 Cambridge University Press Paperback 1999
Dalrymple, G. Brent Creationism The Age of the Earth 0-8047-2331-1 Stanford University Press Paperback 1994
Birx, H. James Creationism Interpreting Evolution 978-0879756369 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1991
Schopf, J. William Creationism Cradle of Life: The Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils 978-0691088648 Princeton University Press Illustrated 2001
Schopf, J. William Creationism Life's Origin: The Beginnings of Biological Evolution 978-0520233911 University of California Press Paperback 2002
Smith, John Maynard Creationism The Theory of Evolution 978-0521451284 Cambridge University Press Paperback 1993
McCabe, Joseph Creationism The Story of Evolution 978-1409967736 Dodo Press Paperback 1912
Krauss, Lawrence M. Creationism A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing 978-1451624465 Atria Books Paperback 2013
Stauth, Cameron Scientific skepticism In the Name of God: The True Story of the Fight to Save Children from Faith-Healing Homicide 9781250005793 Thomas Dunne Books Hardcover 2013
Prothero, Donald Scientific skepticism Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future 9780253010292 Indiana University Press Hardcover 2012
Margulis, Lynn Creationism Microcosmos: Four Billion Years of Microbial Evolution 978-0520210646 University of California Press Paperback 1997
Perakh, Mark Creationism Unintelligent Design 978-1591020844 Prometheus Books Hardcover 2003
Gardner, Martin Creationism Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?: Debunking Pseudoscience 978-0393322385 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 2001
Ruse, Michael Creationism But Is It Science? 978-1573920872 Prometheus Books Paperback 1996
National Academy of Sciences Creationism Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science 978-0309063647 National Academies Press Paperback 1998
National Academy of Sciences Creationism Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences 978-0309064064 National Academies Press Paperback 1999
Shanks, Niall Creationism God, the Devil, and Darwin: A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory 978-0195161991 Oxford University Press, USA Hardcover 2004
Eldredge, Niles Creationism Why We Do It: Rethinking Sex and the Selfish Gene 978-0393326956 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 2005
Dawkins, Richard Creationism A Devil's Chaplain : Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love 978-0618485390 Mariner Books Paperback 2004
Dawkins, Richard Creationism Climbing Mount Improbable 978-0393316827 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 1997
Dawkins, Richard Creationism River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life 978-0465069903 Basic Books Paperback 1996
Dawkins, Richard Creationism The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene 978-0192880512 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback (revised) 1999
Dawkins, Richard Creationism The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution 978-1416594789 Free Press Hardcover 2009
Dawkins, Richard Creationism The Selfish Gene 978-0192860927 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback 1989
Dawkins, Richard Creationism Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder 978-0618056736 Mariner Books Paperback 2000
Carroll, Sean B. Creationism Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The New Science of Evo Devo 978-0393060164 W. W. Norton & Company Hardcover 2005
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism Bully for Brontosaurus 978-0393308570 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback (reprint) 1992
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism The Flamingo's Smile: Reflections in Natural History 978-0393303759 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 1987
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History 978-0393308198 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 1992
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism The Structure of Evolutionary Theory 978-0674006133 Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Hardcover 2002
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History 978-0393307009 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback 1990
Gould, Stephen Jay Creationism Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes: Further Reflections in Natural History 978-0393311037 W. W. Norton & Company Paperback (re-issue) 1994
Kauffman, Stuart A. Creationism The Origins of Order: Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution 978-0195079517 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback 1993
Cairns-Smith, A. G. Creationism Seven Clues to the Origin of Life: A Scientific Detective Story 978-0521398282 Cambridge University Press Paperback 1990
Committee on Planetary Biology and Chemical Evolution Creationism The Search for Life's Origins: Progress and Future Directions in Planetary Biology and Chemical Evolution 978-0309042468 National Academies Press Paperback 1990
Fry, Iris Creationism Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview 978-0813527406 Rutgers University Press Paperback 2000
Hardcastle, Gary L.(ed); George A. Reisch (ed) Creationism Bullshit and Philosophy: Guaranteed to Get Perfect Results Every Time 978-0812696110 Open Court Paperback 2006
Lahav, Noam Creationism Biogenesis: Theories of Life's Origin 978-0195117554 Oxford University Press Paperback 1998
Martin, Robert A. Creationism Missing Links: Evolutionary Concepts & Transitions Through Time 978-0763721961 Jones & Bartlett Learning Paperback 2003
McKown, Delos B. Creationism The Mythmaker's Magic 978-0879757700 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1993
Peoples, Hervey Cunningham Creationism The Human Question: What People Believe About Evolution, Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life 978-0972233064 Red Lion Press Paperback 2003
Smith, Cameron M.; Charles Sullivan Creationism The Top 10 Myths About Evolution 978-1591024798 Prometheus Books Paperback 2006
Tiffin, Lee Creationism Creationism's Upside-Down Pyramid: How Science Refutes Fundamentalism 978-0879758981 Prometheus Books Hardcover 1994
Weller, Tom Creationism Science Made Stupid 978-0395366462 Mariner Books Paperback 1985
Young, Matt; Taner Edis Creationism Why Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism 978-0813534336 Rutgers University Press Hardcover 2004
Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel Scientific skepticism The Outline of Bunk, Including the Admirations of a Debunker ASIN B00085P4UI Stratford Company Hardcover 1929
Nickell, Joe Scientific skepticism Investigating the Paranormal 0485820021 Barnes & Noble Books 1st, Highlighted 2001
Nickell, Joe Scientific skepticism The Science of Miracles: Investigating the Incredible ASIN B00BH0VPSI Barnes & Noble Books 1st Printing, Highlighted 2001
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