List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in New Mexico


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This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of New Mexico.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Apache Canyon Railroad Bridge Apache Canyon Railroad Bridge Isometric View of Downstream (SouthEast) Side.jpg 1892 1979-04-27 Lamy Santa Fe Deck Plate Girder Bridge
Don Gaspar Bridge Don Gaspar Bridge, Santa Fe NM.jpg 1934 2002-10-16 Santa Fe
35°41′6″N 105°56′22″W / 35.68500°N 105.93944°W / 35.68500; -105.93944 (Don Gaspar Bridge)
Santa Fe
Fort Sumner Railroad Bridge FORT SUMNER RAILROAD BRIDGE.jpg 1905, 1906 1979-03-21 Fort Sumner
34°29′6″N 104°15′31″W / 34.48500°N 104.25861°W / 34.48500; -104.25861 (Fort Sumner Railroad Bridge)
De Baca Plate-girder design
Green Bridge Historic Green Bridge Las Cruces New Mexico.JPG 1943 2008-08-21 Las Cruces
Doña Ana County Pratt through truss
Mexican Canyon Trestle Mexican Canyon Trestle 1899 1979-05-07 Cloudcroft
32°57′49″N 105°44′52″W / 32.963734°N 105.747675°W / 32.963734; -105.747675 (Mexican Canyon Trestle)
Otowi Suspension Bridge Otowi Suspension Bridge 1924, 1948 1997-07-15 San Ildefonso
35°52′29″N 106°8′29″W / 35.87472°N 106.14139°W / 35.87472; -106.14139 (Otowi Suspension Bridge)
Santa Fe suspension bridge
Pecos River Bridge at Terrero 1921, 1944 1997-07-15 Terrero
35°44′26″N 105°40′40″W / 35.74056°N 105.67778°W / 35.74056; -105.67778 (Pecos River Bridge at Terrero)
San Miguel Howe type timber truss
Percha Creek Bridge Percha Creek Bridge 1927 1997-07-15 Hillsboro
32°55′00″N 107°36′21″W / 32.91669°N 107.60591°W / 32.91669; -107.60591 (Percha Creek Bridge)
Sierra Warren type steel deck truss bridge, removed from service in 1995 but preserved
Felix Bridge at Hagerman 1926 1997-07-15 Hagerman
33°7′51″N 104°20′9″W / 33.13083°N 104.33583°W / 33.13083; -104.33583 (Rio Felix Bridge at Hagerman)
Chaves Pratt through truss bridge
Rio Grande Bridge at Radium Springs Rio Grande Bridge at Radium Springs 1933 1997-07-15 Radium Springs
32°29′9″N 106°55′28″W / 32.48583°N 106.92444°W / 32.48583; -106.92444 (Rio Grande Bridge at Radium Springs)
Doña Ana timber beam bridge
Rio Grande Bridge at San Juan Pueblo RioGrandeBridgeSanJuanPueblo.jpg 1925 1997-08-14 Alcalde
36°3′22″N 106°5′35″W / 36.05611°N 106.09306°W / 36.05611; -106.09306 (Rio Grande Bridge at San Juan Pueblo)
Rio Arriba Parker pony truss
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge NMtrip-05-026.jpg 1965 1997-07-15 Taos
36°28′34″N 105°43′56″W / 36.47611°N 105.73222°W / 36.47611; -105.73222 (Rio Grande Gorge Bridge)
Taos steel deck truss
Rio Puerco Bridge Rio Puerco Bridge, NRHP.jpg 1933 1997-07-15 Albuquerque
35°2′0″N 106°56′29″W / 35.03333°N 106.94139°W / 35.03333; -106.94139 (Rio Puerco Bridge)
Bernalillo Parker through truss bridge
San Juan River Bridge at Shiprock 1937 1997-07-15 Shiprock
36°46′53″N 108°41′31″W / 36.781277°N 108.692046°W / 36.781277; -108.692046 (San Juan River Bridge at Shiprock)
San Juan Six-span Parker through truss bridge
Variadero Bridge VariaderoBridgeSanMiguelCountyNewMexico.jpg ca. 1915 1997-07-22 Variadero
35°23′21″N 104°27′33″W / 35.38917°N 104.45917°W / 35.38917; -104.45917 (Variadero Bridge)
San Miguel Concrete pony truss bridge
Wills Canyon Spur Trestle 1991-12-31 Cloudcroft Otero

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