List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Utah


This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Utah.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Cable Creek Bridge Cable Creek Bridge NPS.jpg 1932 1996-02-16 Floor of the Valley Road, Zion National Park
37°16′13″N 112°56′19″W / 37.27028°N 112.93861°W / 37.27028; -112.93861 (Cable Creek Bridge)
Washington NPS Rustic
Dewey Bridge Deweybridge.jpg 1916
destroyed 2008
1984-07-12 Former routing of SR‑128 over Colorado River, Dewey
38°48′43″N 109°18′9″W / 38.81194°N 109.30250°W / 38.81194; -109.30250 (Dewey Bridge)
Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge.jpg 1908 1995-04-14 old SR‑9 over Virgin River, between Hurricane and La Verkin
37°11′22″N 113°16′13″W / 37.18944°N 113.27028°W / 37.18944; -113.27028 (Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge)
Lincoln Highway Bridge Government Creek Bridge (Lincoln Highway Bridge).jpg 1900 1975-05-21 old Lincoln Highway over Government Creek, Dugway Proving Ground
40°10′58″N 112°55′23″W / 40.18278°N 112.92306°W / 40.18278; -112.92306 (Lincoln Highway Bridge)
Murphy Trail and Bridge 1917 1988-10-07 Sidehill viaduct on Murphy Trail descending from the Island in the Sky district, Canyonlands National Park
38°20′30″N 109°52′30″W / 38.34167°N 109.87500°W / 38.34167; -109.87500 (Murphy Trail and Bridge)
San Juan
Rockville Bridge Rockville Bridge 1924 1995-08-04 Bridge Road over Virgin River, Rockville
37°9′30″N 113°2′16″W / 37.15833°N 113.03778°W / 37.15833; -113.03778 (Rockville Bridge)
San Rafael Bridge San Rafael Bridge 1935, 1937 1996-06-03 Buckhorn Draw Road over San Rafael River, southeast of Castle Dale
39°4′52″N 110°39′49″W / 39.08111°N 110.66361°W / 39.08111; -110.66361 (San Rafael Bridge)
Southern Pacific Railroad: Ogden-Lucin Cut-Off Trestle Lucin Cut-Off Trestle 1902–1904 1972-04-14 Lucin Cutoff over Great Salt Lake, west of Ogden
41°12′N 112°30′W / 41.200°N 112.500°W / 41.200; -112.500 (Southern Pacific Railroad: Ogden-Lucin Cut-Off Trestle)
Box Elder
Weber River Railroad Bridge Weber River Railroad Bridge 1897 2015-04-06 0.5 miles (0.80 km) west of Union Station along Exchange Rd.
41°13′N 111°59′W / 41.217°N 111.983°W / 41.217; -111.983 (Weber River Railroad Bridge)
Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel 1930 1987-07-07 SR‑9 through Zion National Park
bridges over North Fork Virgin River, Pine Creek (twice), Co-op Creek[2]
two tunnels, including the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel
37°13′N 112°56′W / 37.217°N 112.933°W / 37.217; -112.933 (Zion-Mount Carmel Highway)


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