List of chancellors of the University of Massachusetts Amherst


Chancellors of the University of Massachusetts Amherst are individuals who serve in the top position of the university.[1] The office, originally known as "President," was changed to "Chancellor" in 1970 following John W. Lederle's resignation and the opening of UMass Boston five years earlier. The title "President of the University of Massachusetts" now refers to the president of the entire five-campus University of Massachusetts system. The current chancellor of the Amherst campus is Kumble R. Subbaswamy. The chancellor resides in Hillside, the campus residence for chancellors.[2]

List of presidents and chancellors

William S. Clark, founder of the university and the school's first functioning president

Presidents of Massachusetts Agricultural College

Presidents of Massachusetts State College

Presidents of the University of Massachusetts

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Chancellors of the University of Massachusetts Amherst


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