List of civil aircraft


List of civil aircraft is a list of articles on civilian aircraft with descriptions, which excludes aircraft operated by military organizations in civil markings, warbirds, warbirds used for racing, replica warbirds and research aircraft.

A edit

ABC Motors edit

Abraham edit

Abrams edit

Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Company edit

  • Ace Baby Ace single-seat parasol monoplane ultralight homebuilt
  • Ace Junior Ace single-seat parasol monoplane ultralight homebuilt
  • Ace Scooter single-seat parasol monoplane ultralight homebuilt

Acro Sport edit

Adam Aircraft Industries edit

Adcox edit

Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc. edit

Advanced Vehicle Engineers edit

Aerial Distributors edit

Aero Engineers Australia edit

Aero-Flight edit

Aermacchi edit

(for earlier types see Macchi)

Aero AT edit

Aero Boero edit

Aéro Club du Bas Armagnac edit

Aero Commander edit

Aero Vodochody edit

Aerokopter edit

Aeromarine/Aeromarine-Klemm edit

Aeromot edit

Aeronca edit

Aero Spacelines edit

Aérospatiale edit

(see also Eurocopter & SOCATA)

Aerostar edit

Aetna edit

Agusta and AgustaWestland edit

Ahrens edit

Air Tractor edit

Aichi edit

Airbus edit

Airco edit

(for later designs see de Havilland)

Aircraft Designs edit

Airspeed edit

Air Creation edit

Albatros edit

Alcor edit

Aleksandrov-Kalinin edit

Alexander Aircraft Company edit

All American edit

Allegro LSA edit

Alliance edit

Alon edit

Alpha edit

  • Alpha 2000 Robin R2000 manufactured in New Zealand

American Aviation edit

American Champion edit

American Eagle edit

American Gyro edit

Anderson edit

Anderson Greenwood edit

ANEC edit

  • ANEC I single-seat ultralight monoplane
  • ANEC III single engine mailplane and airliner

Angel Aircraft Corporation edit

Ansaldo edit

Antonov edit

Antoinette edit

APM edit

Arado edit

Arctic Aircraft edit

Argonaut edit

Armstrong Whitworth edit

Arrow edit

Arup edit

Atlantic Aircraft edit

(Fokker America, for Dutch aircraft see Fokker)

ATR edit

  • ATR 42 turboprop regional airliner
  • ATR 72 turboprop regional airliner

Auster edit

Austin edit

Avia edit

Aviamilano edit

Aviat edit

Aviation Traders edit

Avid edit

Aviméta edit

Avro edit

Avro Canada edit

Avtek edit

  • Avtek 400 twin-turboprop canard utility airliner

Ayres edit

B edit

BAC (British Aircraft Company) edit

BAC (British Aircraft Corporation) edit

Bach edit

BAe edit

Barkley-Grow edit

Barnhart edit

BAT edit

Bäumer edit

Beagle Aircraft edit

Beardmore edit

Bede edit

Beechcraft edit

Beecraft edit

Bell Helicopter edit

Bellanca edit

Beneš-Mráz edit

Beriev edit

Bernard edit

BFW edit

(for later designs see Messerschmitt)

  • BFW M.17 two-seat ultralight sportsplane
  • BFW M.18 single-engine high-wing monoplane airliner
  • BFW M.19 low-wing single-seat sportsplane
  • BFW M.20 single-engine high-wing monoplane airliner
  • BFW M.23 two-seat sports monoplane
  • BFW M.24 single-engine high-wing monoplane airliner
  • BFW M.27 two-seat sports monoplane
  • BFW M.29 two-seat sports/racing monoplane
  • BFW M.35 two-seat sports monoplane

Blackburn edit

Blériot edit

Blériot-SPAD edit

Bloch edit

Blohm + Voss edit

Boeing edit

Boeing Canada edit

Boisavia edit

Bölkow edit

Bombardier edit

Bonomi edit

Boom Supersonic edit

  • XB-1 Planned one-third scale supersonic demonstrator
  • Boom Overture planned supersonic airliner

Boulton & Paul edit

Brantly edit

Breese edit

Breda edit

Breguet edit

Bristol edit

Brown-Young edit

British Aircraft Manufacturing edit

Britten-Norman edit

Brochet edit

Brunner-Winkle edit

Buhl edit

Burnelli edit

C edit

CAB edit

CAMS edit

  • CAMS 37 single-engine airmail flying boat
  • CAMS 51 twin-engine airmail and passenger flying boat
  • CAMS 53 twin-engine airmail and passenger flying boat
  • CAMS 56 twin-engine airmail and passenger flying boat
  • CAMS 58 twin-engine airmail and passenger flying boat
  • CAMS 161 four-engine airliner flying boat

Canadair edit

Canadian Vickers edit

CAP Aviation (now Apex Aircraft) edit

Capelis edit

Caproni edit

CASA edit

Caudron edit

Central Aircraft edit

Cessna edit

Champion edit

Chester edit

Chichester-Miles edit

Chilton edit

Chrislea edit

Christen edit

Cierva edit

Cirrus edit

Civilian edit

COMAC edit

Command-Aire edit

Commercial edit

Commonwealth (US) edit

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (Australia) edit

Comper edit

Conroy edit

Consolidated edit

Convair edit

Couzinet edit

  • Couzinet 70 Arc en Ciel trimotor airliner and mailplane

Cranwell edit

Crawford edit

C.R.D.A. CANT (Cantieri Aeronautici e Navali Triestini) edit

Culver edit

Cunliffe-Owen edit

Cunningham-Hall edit

Curtiss edit

Curtiss Canada edit

Curtiss-Reid edit

Curtiss-Wright edit

(absorbed Travel Air)

D edit

Dassault edit

Davis edit

  • Davis D-1 light open-cockpit two-seat parasol monoplane

de Havilland edit

(see also Airco)

de Havilland Australia edit

de Havilland Canada edit

Dean-Wilson Aviation edit

Denney edit

Deperdussin (Société Pour L'Aviation et ses Dérivés) edit

Desoutter edit

  • Desoutter three-seat cabin monoplane air taxi

Dewoitine edit

Diamond edit

Dornier edit

Douglas edit

(for later types see McDonnell Douglas)

Driggs edit

Druine edit

Dyle et Bacalan edit

E edit

Eagle Aircraft (US) edit

Eagle Aircraft (Australia) edit

Eastman edit

Eclipse Aviation/Aerospace edit

Edge edit

Edgley edit

utility/VIP helicopter-->

English Electric edit

Embraer edit

Emigh edit

Enstrom edit

ERCO edit

Europa edit

Eurocopter edit

(see also Aérospatiale)

Evangel edit

Extra Aircraft edit

F edit

Fairchild edit

Fairchild Canada edit

Fairchild Dornier/Swearingen edit

Farman edit

FFA edit

Fiat edit

Fleet edit

Fleetwings edit

Focke-Wulf edit

Fokker edit

(for US aircraft see Atlantic Aircraft)

Foster, Wikner edit

Found Brothers edit

Fournier edit

Ford edit

3-AT 1924

Four Winds edit

  • Four Winds FX-210 four-seat light aircraft

Friedrichshafen edit

Fuji edit

Funk edit

  • Funk B two-seat cabin monoplane

G edit

Gasuden edit

Government Aircraft Factories edit

General Aircraft (UK) edit

General Aviation (US) edit

Giles edit

Gippsland Aeronautics/GippsAero edit

Globe edit

Gloster edit

Granville Brothers edit

Great Lakes edit

Grob edit

Grumman edit

Gulfstream edit

H edit

Hamburger Flugzeugbau edit

Handley Page edit

Harbin edit

Harmon edit

Hawker Beechcraft edit

Hawker Siddeley edit

Heath edit

Heinkel edit

Helio edit

Hess edit

Heston edit

Hiller edit

Hindustan edit

Hitachi edit

Hollsmidt edit

Honda edit

Howard edit

Howard edit

Hughes edit

Hurel-Dubois edit

I edit

IAI edit

IAR edit

ICAR edit

  • ICAR 36 single-engine monoplane airliner

Ilyushin edit

Indonesian Aerospace edit

Iniziative Industriali Italiane (3I) edit

Interstate edit

Ireland edit

Irkut edit

Ishikawajima edit

J edit

Jabiru edit

Johnson edit

Junkers edit

K edit

Kalinin edit

Kaman Aircraft edit

Kamov edit

Kari-Keen edit

Kharkiv KhAI-1 edit

Kawanishi edit

Kawasaki edit

Kellett edit

Kestrel edit

Keystone edit

Keystone-Loening edit

Kharkov edit

Kinner edit

Klemm edit

Koolhoven edit

Kreider-Reisner edit

Kreutzer edit

L edit

Laird edit

Lake edit

  • Lake LA4, Buccaneer amphibious light aircraft
  • Lake Renegade, Renegade & Turbo Renegade amphibious light aircraft

Lancair edit

Lasco edit

Latécoère edit

Laville edit

Learjet edit

Let Kunovice edit

Letov Kbely edit

Lincoln-Page edit

  • Lincoln-Page LP-2 three-seat sport biplane
  • Lincoln-Page LS-2 Sport racing biplane
  • Lincoln-Page PT open-cockpit two-seat biplane trainer

Lioré et Olivier edit

Lisunov edit

Lockheed edit

L-1049 Super Constellation|L-1049 Super Constellation]] long-range piston-engine airliner

Lockspeiser edit

Lockwood edit

Loening edit

Luscombe edit

Luton Aircraft edit

L.V.G. edit

  • LVG C.V passenger and mail biplane converted from observation aircraft
  • LVG C.VI passenger and mail biplane converted from observation aircraft

M edit

Macchi edit

(for later types see Aermacchi)

Malmö edit

Mansyu/Manshu edit

Margański & Mysłowski edit

Martin edit

Martin-Baker edit

Maule edit

  • Maule M-4 to M-7 4–5-seat STOL light aircraft

McDonnell Douglas edit

(for earlier types see Douglas)

MD Helicopters edit

MDM edit

Messerschmitt edit

(for earlier designs see BFW)

Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm edit

(for earlier designs see Bölkow)

Meyers edit

Mil edit

Miles edit

Millicer edit

Mitsubishi edit

Mohawk edit

Monocoupe edit

Mooney edit

Morane-Saulnier edit

(see also SOCATA)

Morrisey/Shinn/Varga edit

Moss Brothers edit

  • Moss M.A.1 tandem two-seat low-winged sporting monoplane
  • Moss M.A.2 side by side two-seat low-winged sporting monoplane

Murphy Aircraft edit

N edit

Nakajima edit

National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) edit

National Air Service edit

Nationale Vliegtuig Industrie (NVI) edit

NAMC edit

New Standard edit

Nicholas-Beazley edit

Nieuport & Nieuport-Delage edit

Noorduyn edit

Norsk Flyindustri edit

North American edit

Northrop edit

NuWaco edit

  • NuWaco T-10 single-engine three-seat biplane

O edit

Ogden edit

Omega Aircraft edit

P edit

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex edit

Pacific Aerospace edit

Pander & Son edit

Paramount edit

Parks edit

Parnall edit

Partenavia edit

Pasped edit

Percival & Hunting Percival edit

Pheasant Aircraft Company edit

Piel edit

Piaggio edit

Pietenpol edit

Pilatus edit

Piper edit

Pipistrel d.o.o Ajdovščina edit

Pitts edit

Pitcairn/Pitcairn-Cierva edit

Platzer edit

Poberezny edit

Pocino edit

Polikarpov edit

Ponnier edit

Porterfield Aircraft Corporation edit

Potez edit

  • Potez 29 single-engine biplane airliner
  • Potez 43 single-engine light utility/touring monoplane
  • Potez 56 twin-engine low-wing monoplane airliner
  • Potez 58 single-engine light utility/touring monoplane
  • Potez 60 two-seat parasol utility/trainer monoplane
  • Potez 62 twin-engine monoplane airliner
  • Potez 840 four-engine turboprop executive transport

Pottier edit

Poullin edit

Praga edit

PWS edit

  • PWS-21 single-engine 4-passenger monoplane airliner
  • PWS-24 single-engine 4-passenger monoplane airliner
  • PWS-54 single-engine 3-passenger monoplane airliner

PZL edit

  • PZL.4 trimotor monoplane airliner
  • PZL.5 two-seat open-cockpit sporting and training biplane
  • PZL.16 single-engine passenger monoplane
  • PZL.19 three-seat sports monoplane
  • PZL.26 three-seat sports monoplane
  • PZL.27 trimotor monoplane airliner and mailplane
  • PZL.44 Wicher twin-engine low wing monoplane airliner

PZL Mielec edit

PZL Świdnik edit

PZL Warszawa-Okęcie edit

Q edit

Quest Aircraft edit

Questair edit

Quicksilver Manufacturing edit

Quickie edit

R edit

Raab-Katzenstein edit

Rafaelyants edit

  • Rafaelyants PR-5 single-engine cabin biplane developed from Polikarpov R-5
  • Rafaelyants PR-12 cabin monoplane developed from Polikarpov R-5
  • Rafaelyants RAF-1 single-seat low-wing sporting monoplane[4]
  • Rafaelyants RAF-2two-seat low-wing sporting monoplane[4]
  • Rafaelyants RAF-11twin-engine low-wing monoplane airliner[4]

Rans edit

Rawdon Brothers edit

Raytheon edit

RBVZ (Russo Baltic Wagon Works) edit

Rearwin edit

Renard edit

Reims edit

(licence built Cessna)

Republic edit

RFB edit

Robin edit

Robinson/Redwing edit

Robinson Helicopter edit

Rockwell edit

Rohrbach edit

Rotorway edit

Rumpler edit

  • Rumpler 5A 2 converted reconnaissance biplane used for mail and passengers

Ruschmeyer edit

Rutan edit

(see also Scaled Composites)

RWD edit

  • RWD 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 two-seat open-cockpit sports monoplanes
  • RWD 5 two-seat cabin sports monoplane
  • RWD 6 two-seat cabin sports monoplane
  • RWD 8 two-seat open-cockpit parasol monoplane trainer
  • RWD 9 two-seat cabin sports monoplane
  • RWD 10 single-seat open-cockpit aerobatics monoplane
  • RWD 11 twin-engine monoplane airliner
  • RWD 13 three-seat cabin sports monoplane
  • RWD 15 5-seat cabin sports monoplane
  • RWD 16 two-seat low-wing sports monoplane
  • RWD 17 two-seat open-cockpit aerobatics and training monoplane
  • RWD-19 two-seat low-wing sports monoplane
  • RWD 21 two-seat low-wing touring and sports monoplane

Ryan edit

S edit

Saab edit

SABCA edit

  • SABCA S.2 4-seat single-engine monoplane airliner
  • SABCA S.11 trimotor monoplane airliner
  • SABCA S.12 trimotor monoplane airliner
  • SABCA S.30 parasol-wing ultralight

Sablatnig edit

Sadler edit

Salmson edit

Saunders (Canada) edit

Saunders-Roe/Saro (UK) edit

Savoia-Marchetti edit

(see also SIAI-Marchetti)

Scaled Composites edit

(see also Rutan)

Scheibe edit

Schempp-Hirth edit

Schleicher edit

Schneider (Australia) edit

Schweizer edit

Scottish Aviation edit

Seversky edit

Shanghai/Shaanxi edit

Shavrov edit

  • Shavrov Sh-2 single-engine utility monoplane amphibious flying boat

Short Brothers edit

SIAI-Marchetti edit

(for earlier designs see Savoia-Marchetti)

Siebel edit

Sikorsky edit

(for earlier types see RBVZ)

Sino Swearingen edit

SIPA (Société Industrielle Pour l'Aéronautique) edit

Skandinavisk Aero Industri (SAI) edit

Slick Aircraft Company edit

Sling Aircraft edit

Slingsby edit

SNCAC/Aérocentre (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre) edit

SNCAN/Nord (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord) edit

SNCASE/Sud-Est (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud Est) edit

SNCASO/Sud-Ouest (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest) edit

Snow edit


(for earlier types see Morane-Saulnier)

Sonaca edit

Sopwith edit

SPCA (Société Provençale de Construction Aéronautique) edit

Spectrum edit

Spartan Aircraft Company(US) edit

Spartan Aircraft (UK) edit

St-Just edit

St. Louis edit

Stampe et Vertongen edit


Standard edit

Star edit

Starck edit

Stearman Aircraft edit

(absorbed by Boeing)

Stemme edit

Stinson edit

Stits edit

Sukhoi edit

Supermarine edit

Swallow edit

Swearingen edit

T edit

Tachikawa edit

Tairov edit

Tatra edit

Taylorcraft edit

Technoavia edit

Tecnam edit

Temco edit

The Airplane Factory edit

Thruxton edit

Thurston edit

Tipsy/Avions Fairey edit

Tokyo Koku edit

Toyota edit

Transavia edit

Travel Air edit

Tupolev edit

U edit

Udet edit

V edit

Van's edit

  • Van's RV-3 single-seat low-wing monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-4 tandem two-seat low-wing monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-6 two-seat side by side low-wing monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-7 two-seat side by side low-wing monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-8 tandem two-seat low-wing monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-9 two-seat side by side low-wing nosewheel monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-10 four-seat low-wing homebuilt
  • Van's RV-12 two-seat side by side low-wing nosewheel monoplane homebuilt
  • Van's RV-14 two-seat side by side low-wing nosewheel monoplane homebuilt

VEB Flugzeugwerke Dresden edit

Verville edit

VFW-Fokker edit

Vickers-Armstrongs edit

Victa edit

VisionAire edit

Voisin edit

Volmer edit

Vulcanair edit

Vultee edit

W edit

Weaver Aircraft Co and Waco edit

Wassmer edit

Weatherly edit

Wedell-Williams edit

Werkspoor edit

Westland edit

Wibault edit

  • Wibault 240 single-engine airliner floatplane
  • Wibault 280 trimotor monoplane airliner
  • Wibault 360 single-engine monoplane airliner

Widerøe edit

X edit

Xi'an edit

  • Xian MA60 twin-turboprop regional aircraft
  • Xian MA600 twin-turboprop regional aircraft
  • Xian MA700 twin-turboprop regional aircraft under development
  • Xian Y-7 twin-turboprop transport/passenger aircraft

Y edit

Yakovlev edit

Yeoman edit

Z edit

Zeppelin edit

Zivko edit

Zlin edit

Zenith edit

Zenith edit

See also edit

References edit

Citations edit

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Bibliography edit

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