List of clarinet makers


The following are lists of makers of clarinets, clarinet mouthpieces, clarinet ligatures, and clarinet reeds. Note that some of the following are simply brands for instruments from original equipment manufacturers.

Companies by specialtyEdit


Piccolo Soprano Basset clarinet Basset horn Alto Bass Contra-alto Contrabass
Amati-Denak   E♭, C, B♭, A, G     E♭ B♭    
Backun Musical Services    B♭, A A Clarinet Extensions Only          
E. K. Blessing   B♭            
Boosey & Hawkes   E♭, B♭, A     E♭ B♭    
Buffet Crampon   E♭, D, C, B♭, A A F E♭ B♭ E♭  
Benedikt Eppelsheim               B♭
Stephen Fox   E♭, D, C, B♭, A, G C, B♭, A, G (also joints and joint conversions in C, B♭, A) F   B♭, A (projected)    
Hanson Clarinet Company   B♭, A            
Howarth of London   B♭, A A (joints & barrels only)          
Jupiter Band Instruments   B♭       B♭    
Leblanc (division of Conn-Selmer) A♭ E♭, D, C, B♭, A A F E♭ B♭ E♭ B♭
Leitner & Kraus   E♭, D, C, B♭, A B♭, A F   B♭    
Orsi Instrument Company G, A♭ (on request; soprano?) E♭, C, B♭, A, G   F (on request) E♭ B♭    
Fratelli Patricola   E♭, C, B♭, A            
Luis Rossi   D, C, B♭, A            
W. Schreiber (division of Buffet Crampon Germany)   B♭, C, A            
Schwenk & Seggelke G, A♭ E♭, D, C, B♭, A B♭, A F        
Selmer (division of Conn-Selmer)   B♭ E♭ B♭ B♭
F. Arthur Uebel E♭, C, B♭, A A B♭
Wisemann B♭
Herbert Wurlitzer   high G, E♭, D, C, B♭, A B♭, A F  E♭ B♭    
Yamaha Corporation   E♭, B♭, A     E♭ B♭    




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