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The following is the list of fleets of the navies from around the world.

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North Korean fleetsEdit

  • East Coast Fleet headquartered at Toejo
  • West Coast Fleet headquartered at Nampo

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Russian or Soviet fleetsEdit

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Inactive fleets, Soviet and RussianEdit

South Korean fleetsEdit

  • Republic of Korea First Fleet (Headquarters Donghae) – Sea of Japan (East Sea)
  • Republic of Korea Second Fleet (Headquarters Pyeongtaek) – Yellow Sea
  • Republic of Korea Third Fleet (Headquarters Mokpo) – South Sea
  • Submarine Force (HQ Jinhae, Jeju)
  • Component Flotilla FIVE (Headquarters Jinhae)
  • Mobile Flotilla SEVEN (Headquarters Jeju)
    • Mobile Squadron SEVEN ONE
    • Mobile Squadron SEVEN TWO
  • Fleet Combat Training Group EIGHT (Headquarters Jinhae)

Saudi Arabian fleetsEdit

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Swedish fleetsEdit

Turkish fleetsEdit

  • Turkish Fleet Command
  • Northern Sea Area Command, İstanbul
    • Istanbul Strait Command, Anadolukavağı, İstanbul
    • Çanakkale Strait Command, Nara, Çanakkale
    • Black Sea Area Command, Karadeniz Ereğli, Zonguldak
    • Underwater Search and Rescue Group Command, Beykoz, İstanbul
    • Rescue Group Command
    • Underwater Defence Group Command
    • Naval Hydrography and Oceanography Division Command, Çubuklu, İstanbul
    • Bartın Naval Base Command, Bartın
    • Naval Museum Command, Beşiktaş, İstanbul
    • Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command, Pendik
  • Southern Sea Area Command, İzmir
    • Amphibious Task Group Command, Foça, İzmir
    • Amphibious Marine Brigade Command, Foça, İzmir
    • Amphibious Ships Command, Foça, İzmir
    • Aksaz Naval Base Command, Aksaz Naval Base, Marmaris
    • Mediterranean Area Command, Mersin
    • İskenderun Naval Base Command, İskenderun, Hatay
    • Agean Sea Area Command, İzmir
    • Foça Naval Base Command, Foça, İzmir
    • Maintenance, Repair and Engineering Command, İzmir

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Post World War IIEdit

After 2002 a four-star commander-in-chief ceased to be appointed and the responsibilities of the post were transferred to the three-star Fleet Commander.

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Modern US Navy fleetsEdit

US Navy fleets are numbered odd in the Pacific or West, and even in the Atlantic or East:

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