List of general science and technology awards


This list of general science and technology awards is an index to articles about notable awards for general contributions to science and technology. These awards typically have broad scope, and may apply to many or all areas of science and/or technology. The list is organized by region and country of the sponsoring organization, but awards are not necessarily limited to people from that country.

Winners of the 2010 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris


Country Award Sponsor Notes
International Albert Einstein World Award of Science World Cultural Council Recognition and encouragement for scientific and technological research and development[1]
International Kalinga Prize UNESCO Exceptional skill in presenting scientific ideas to lay people[2]
International L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards L'Oréal and UNESCO Outstanding women researchers who have contributed to scientific progress[3][4][5]


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Nigeria Nigeria Prize for Science Nigeria LNG, Nigerian Academy of Science and the Nigerian Academy of Letters Excellence in science breakthroughs.[6]
South Africa Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Leading scholars who have a sustained record of outstanding research and intellectual achievement at the highest level[7]


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Canada Henry Marshall Tory Medal Royal Society of Canada Outstanding research in a branch of astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or an allied science[8]
Canada Prix Lionel-Boulet Government of Quebec Researchers who have distinguished themselves through their inventions, their scientific and technological innovations, their leadership in scientific development, and their contribution to Québec's economic growth[9]
Canada Prix Marie-Victorin Government of Quebec Researchers in the pure and applied sciences whose work lies in fields outside biomedicine. These fields include the natural and physical sciences, engineering, and technology, and the agricultural sciences[10]
Canada Sandford Fleming Award Royal Canadian Institute Outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science[11]
Canada Sir John William Dawson Medal Royal Society of Canada Important and sustained contributions by one individual in at least two different domains[12]
United States Arthur B. Guise Medal Society of Fire Protection Engineers Eminent achievement in the advancement of the science and technology of fire protection engineering[13]
United States Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science Columbia University and National Academy of Sciences Meritorious service to science
United States Benjamin Franklin Medals Franklin Institute Medals for Chemistry, Computer and Cognitive Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering, Life Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics
United States Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists Blavatnik Family Foundation and New York Academy of Sciences Faculty and postdoctoral researchers age 42 years and younger who work in the life and physical sciences and engineering at institutions in the New York tri-state area
United States Common Wealth Award of Distinguished Service PNC Financial Services Outstanding achievement in dramatic arts, literature, science, invention, mass communications, public service, government and sociology
United States George Sarton Medal History of Science Society Historian of science from the international community
United States Global Security Challenge London Business School, InnoCentive Competition to find and select the most promising security technology startups in the world
United States Harold Brown Award United States Air Force Scientist or engineer who applies scientific research to solve a problem critical to the needs of the Air Force
United States Howard N. Potts Medal Franklin Institute Science and engineering award (no longer awarded)
United States John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science National Academy of Sciences Noteworthy and distinguished accomplishments in any field of science within the charter of the academy
United States Leidy Award Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Excellence in publications, explorations, discoveries or research in the natural sciences
United States Magellanic Premium American Philosophical Society Major contributions in the field of navigation (whether by sea, air, or in space), astronomy, or natural philosophy
United States Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize History of Science Society Outstanding book or article on the history of women in science
United States NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing National Academy of Sciences Authors whose reviews have synthesized extensive and difficult material, rendering a significant service to science and influencing the course of scientific thought
United States NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science National Academy of Sciences Original scientific work of intrinsic scientific importance and with significant, beneficial applications in industry
United States National Medal of Science President of the United States on recommendation of the National Science Foundation Individuals in science and engineering who have made important contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of behavioral and social sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics
United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation President of the United States American inventors and innovators who have made significant contributions to the development of new and important technology
United States Nierenberg Prize Scripps Institution of Oceanography Outstanding contributions to science in the public interest[14]
United States Percy L. Julian Award National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers Black scientists who have made significant contributions to the areas of pure or applied research in science or engineering
United States Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science Phi Beta Kappa Significant books in the fields of science and mathematics
United States Research Parasite Award Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing Scientists who study previously published data in ways not anticipated by the researchers who first generated it
United States Vannevar Bush Award National Science Foundation Individual who, through public service activities in science and technology, has made an outstanding contribution toward the welfare of mankind and the Nation
United States WITI@UC Athena Awards Women in Tech Initiative at the University of California (WITI@UC) Awards recognize those who embody, encourage, and promote the inclusion of women in technology. Awardees are leaders who inspire others to pursue and persist in technical careers.


Country Award Sponsor Notes
China Highest Science and Technology Award President of the People's Republic of China Highest scientific award to scientists working in China[15][16]
China State Science and Technology Prizes President of the People's Republic of China and Premier of the People's Republic of China Remarkable contributions to scientific and technological progress, and to promote the development of science and technology[17]
Hong Kong Shaw Prize Shaw Prize Foundation Outstanding contributions in academic and scientific research or applications[18]
India G. D. Birla Award for Scientific Research K. K. Birla Foundation Outstanding scientific research by an Indian scientist who is below the age of 50 in India[19]
India H K Firodia awards H K Firodia Foundation Lifetime achievement in the field of science & technology and a second award is given to a young and promising scientist[20][21]
India India Science Award Government of India Outstanding contribution to science[22]
India Infosys Prize Infosys Science Foundation Outstanding achievements of contemporary researchers and scientists across six categories : Engineering and Computer Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences[23]
India VASVIK Industrial Research Award Vividhlaxi Audyogik Samshodhan Vikas Kendra (VASVIK) Excellence in industry based research in the fields of science and technology across eight categories : Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical & Structural, Information & Communication and Materials Sciences
India Om Prakash Bhasin Award Shri Om Prakash Bhasin Foundation Excellence in the areas of science and technology across five categories : Agriculture, Biotechnology, Electronics & Information Technology, Engineering and Medicine [24]
India Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Notable and outstanding research, applied or fundamental across seven categories: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Physics[25][26]
India Vigyan Gaurav Award Council of Science and Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh Lifetime achievement award for scientific research[27][28]
Israel Dan David Prize Dan David Foundation and Tel Aviv University Outstanding contribution in the fields of science, technology, culture or social welfare[29]
Israel Harvey Prize Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Breakthroughs in science and technology[30][31]
Israel Wolf Prize Wolf Foundation Living scientists and artists for achievements in the interest of mankind and friendly relations among people[32][33]
Japan Japan Prize Japan Prize Foundation Original and outstanding achievements in science and technology recognized as having advanced the frontiers of knowledge and served the cause of peace and prosperity for mankind[34]
Japan Kyoto Prize Inamori Foundation Lifetime achievement in the arts and sciences[35]
Japan Saruhashi Prize Association for the Bright Future of Women Scientists Japanese woman researcher in the natural sciences[36][unreliable source?][37]
Saudi Arabia King Faisal International Prize King Faisal Foundation Dedicated men and women whose contributions make a positive difference (for science)[38][39]
South Korea Ho-Am Prize in Science Samsung Individuals of Korean heritage who have furthered the welfare of humanity through distinguished accomplishments in the field of Science[40]
  Vietnam Hồ Chí Minh Prize Government of Vietnam Cultural and/or scientific achievement[41]
  Vietnam VinFuture Prize VinFuture Foundation Science and technology breakthrough research and technological innovations that positively improve the quality of human life, and create a more equitable and sustainable world for future generations[42]


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Albania Governor's Award (Albania) Bank of Albania Undergraduate dissertation of high scientific standards concerning crucial issues related to the Bank of Albania and issues related to the macroeconomic and financial frames of the state
Austria Wilhelm Exner Medal Österreichischer Gewerbeverein Scientists and researchers who have had a direct impact on business and industry through their scientific achievements and contributions
Belgium Francqui Prize Francqui Foundation Achievements of a scholar or scientist, under 50, in exact sciences, social sciences or humanities, or biological or medical sciences.
Europe European Inventor Award European Patent Office Inventors who have made a significant contribution to innovation, economy and society in Europe
Finland Millennium Technology Prize Technology Academy Finland For innovations that have a favorable and sustainable impact on quality of life and well-being of people.
France Grande Médaille French Academy of Sciences Researcher who has contributed decisively to the development of science
Germany Dannie Heineman Prize Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities Excellent recently published publications in a new research field, for younger researchers in natural sciences or mathematics
Germany Leibniz Prize German Research Foundation Exceptional scientists and academics for their outstanding achievements in the field of research
Germany Humboldt Prize Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Internationally renowned scientists and scholars who work outside of Germany
Germany Otto Hahn Medal Max Planck Society Young scientists and researchers in both the natural and social sciences
Germany Werner von Siemens Ring Werner von Siemens Ring Foundation People who have promoted the technical sciences through their achievements or, as representatives of science, have opened up new paths through their research into technology[43]
Netherlands Spinoza Prize The Dutch Research Council (NWO) Annually to three or four researchers working in the Netherlands who according to international standards belong to the absolute top of science[44]
Netherlands Stevin Prize The Dutch Research Council (NWO) Annually to researchers or a team of two to three researchers who have achieved an exceptional success in the area of knowledge exchange and impact for society[45]
Norway Gunnerus Sustainability Award Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters Outstanding contribution to sustainable science within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, or technological sciences, either through interdisciplinary work or through work within one of these fields
Norway Kavli Prize Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Ministry of Education and Research (Norway), and Kavli Foundation Outstanding scientific work in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience
Poland Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science Foundation for Polish Science Renowned scientists for significant advancements and scientific discoveries which shift cognitive boundaries and open new perspectives for research ...
Poland, Germany Copernicus Award Foundation for Polish Science and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Individuals most active in Polish-German scientific cooperation who have made exceptional research achievements as a result of that cooperation
Portugal Pessoa Prize Expresso Portuguese person who has distinguished him or herself as a figure in scientific, artistic, or literary life
Russia Demidov Prize Russian Academy of Sciences Outstanding achievements in natural sciences and humanities
Russia Lomonosov Gold Medal Russian Academy of Sciences Outstanding achievements in the natural sciences and the humanities
Soviet Union Lenin Prize Government of the Soviet Union accomplishments relating to science, literature, arts, architecture, and technology. No longer awarded.
Spain Princess of Asturias Awards Felipe VI of Spain Research in the field of mathematics, astronomy and astrophysics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, medical sciences, earth and space sciences or technological sciences
Sweden Crafoord Prize Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Prize for astronomy and mathematics; geosciences; biosciences, with particular emphasis on ecology and polyarthritis
Switzerland Balzan Prize International Balzan Prize Foundation Outstanding achievements in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, culture, as well as for endeavours for peace and the brotherhood of man
Switzerland Marcel Benoist Prize Marcel Benoist Foundation Scientist of Swiss nationality or residency who has made the most useful scientific discovery
United Kingdom Cherry Kearton Medal and Award Royal Geographical Society Traveller concerned with the study or practice of natural history, with a preference for those with an interest in nature photography, art or cinematography
United Kingdom Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prize Royal Society of Edinburgh Original work by scientists resident in or connected with Scotland
United Kingdom Makdougall Brisbane Prize Royal Society of Edinburgh Particular distinction in the promotion of scientific research, awarded sequentially to research workers in the Physical Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Biological Sciences.[46]
United Kingdom Progress Medal (RPS) Royal Photographic Society Important advance in the scientific or technological development of photography or imaging in the widest sense
United Kingdom Royal Medal (Royal Society of Edinburgh) Royal Society of Edinburgh People with a Scottish connection, who have achieved distinction and international repute in either Life Sciences, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or Business and Commerce
United Kingdom W. S. Bruce Medal Royal Geographical Society Notable contributions to Zoology, Botany, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography or Geography, where new knowledge has been gained through a personal visit to polar regions


Country Award Sponsor Notes
Australia David Syme Research Prize University of Melbourne Best original research work in biology, physics, chemistry or geology in Australia
Australia Edgeworth David Medal Royal Society of New South Wales Distinguished contributions by a young scientist under the age of 35 years for work done predominantly in Australia or which contributed to the advancement of Australian science
Australia James Cook Medal Royal Society of New South Wales Outstanding contributions to science and human welfare in and for the Southern Hemisphere
Australia Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture Australian Academy of Science Exceptional research by Australian scientists in the physical sciences
Australia Prime Minister's Prizes for Science Prime Minister of Australia Outstanding achievements in scientific research, innovation, and teaching
Australia RSV Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research Royal Society of Victoria Peak career achievements by scientists
Australia RSV Young Scientist Research Prizes Royal Society of Victoria Early career researchers in science
Australia SA Scientist of the Year South Australia government Eminence in science
Australia Eureka Award Australian Museum Rewarding excellence in the fields of research & innovation, leadership, science engagement, and school science.
Australia Pearcey Award Pearcey Foundation The Pearcey Medal is awarded annually to the individual who has made the greatest lifetime achievement and contribution to the ICT profession and industry in Australia
Australia iAwards Australian Information Industry Association To recognise public and private sector organisations that had achieved business excellence through the application of information technology
Australia, New Zealand ANZAAS Medal Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science Advancement of science, or administration and organisation of scientific activities, or teaching of science
Australia, New Zealand Mueller Medal Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science Important contributions to anthropological, botanical, geological or zoological science, preferably with special reference to Australia
New Zealand Marsden Medal New Zealand Association of Scientists For a lifetime of outstanding service to the cause or profession of science
New Zealand Rutherford Medal Royal Society of New Zealand Exceptional contributions to the advancement and promotion of public awareness, knowledge and understanding ... in any field of science, mathematics, social science, or technology

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