List of glaciers of India


The Himalayan region of India is home to some of the most notable glaciers in the world including Siachen Glacier, second largest glacier on earth and largest in the himalayas. The following list is of the most important glaciers in India. Most glaciers lie in the territory of Ladakh and the states of Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Few glaciers are also found in Arunachal Pradesh.

List of Indian glaciers

Arunachal Pradesh

In Arunachal Pradesh, glaciers are found in Great Himalayas ranges which run along the Tibetan border. All peaks here rise above 4500 meters and are snow covered throughout the year. Important glaciers:

  • Bichom Glacier
  • Kangto Glacier
  • Mazgol Glacier

The Union Territory of Ladakh

Nun Kun Massif

Himachal Pradesh

  • Bara Shigri Glacier
  • BCB Glacier (bcb land)
  • Beas Kund glacier
  • Bhadal Glacier
  • Bhaga Glacier
  • Chandra Glacier
  • Chandra Nahan Glacier
  • Chhota Shigri
  • Dhaka Glacier
  • North Dakka Glacier
  • Gora Glacier
  • The Lady of Keylong
  • Mi
  • Shaune Gorang
  • Nagpo Tokpo[1][2]



Goumukh, terminus of the Gangotri glacier. The Bhagirathi peaks rise in the background.

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