List of historical political parties in Australia


This article lists historical political parties in Australia.

These are Australian political parties which are no longer registered with any federal, state or territory political bodies, and can thus no longer contest elections. A number of these may still exist as organisations in some form, however, if they are inactive as a political party they are listed here. For notable political parties that are not registered but remain active, see unregistered political parties. Historical names of defunct and current parties are not included in the list as they are not separate entities.

Major parties

Federally represented

Name Period Ideology
Commonwealth Liberal Party 1909 – 1916 Liberalism (Australian)
Democratic Party (1940s) 1943 – 1945 Liberal conservatism
Emergency Committee of South Australia 1931 – 1932
Free Trade Party 1887 – 1909 Free trade
National Labor Party 1916 – 1917 Nationalism
Nationalist Party 1917 – 1931 Nationalism
Liberal conservatism
Protectionist Party 1887 – 1909 Social liberalism
United Australia Party 1931 – 1944 Liberalism
Economic nationalism

State represented

Name Period Ideology
Country and Progressive National Party 1926 – 1936 Agrarianism
Western Australian Liberal Party 1911 – 1917
Liberal and Democratic Union 1906 – 1910
Liberal Federation 1923 – 1932
Liberal Reform Party 1901 – 1916 Temperance
Liberal conservatism
Liberal Union 1910 – 1923
One Nation NSW 2000 – 2007 Australian nationalism
Progressive Party 1901 – 1907 Protectionism
Social liberalism

Other represented parties


Name Period Ideology
Australian Conservatives 2017–2019 Conservatism
Australia Party Social liberalism
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party 2013–2017 Against anti-hooning laws
Australian Party
Australian Progressive Alliance
Country Progressive Party late 1920s–1930
Democratic Labor Party 1955–1978
Family First Party 2001–2017 Social conservatism
Glenn Lazarus Team 2015–2017
Industrial Socialist Labor Party 1919–1921 Socialism
Labor (Non-Communist)
Liberal Union
Liberal Country Party
Liberal Movement 1972–1977 Social liberalism
Majority Labor Party 1922–1923
National Alliance
National Liberal Party 1974–1974
Nuclear Disarmament Party 1984–2009 Nuclear disarmament
Progress Party 1975–1981 Libertarianism
Progressive Party 1920–1927
Queensland Labor Party 1957–1962
Revenue Tariff Party 1903–1903
Unite Australia Party 1986–1990
Victorian Farmers' Union
Western Australian Party 1906–1906

State only

Name Period Ideology
A Better Future For Our Children
Abolish Self Government Coalition 1992–1995
Australian Family Movement 1974–1990 Social conservatism
Australian Liberal Party
Centre Party
City Country Alliance 1999–2003
Communist Party of Australia 1920–1991 Communism
Country-National Organisation
Democratic Party
Executive Country Party
Hare-Clark Independent Party
Illawarra Workers Party
Independent Labor Group 1959–1977
Independents Group 1989–1995
Lang Labor (SA)
Liberals for Forests 2001–2009
New Conservative Group
New Country Party 2003–2008
New Liberal Movement
No Self-Government Party 1989–1992
North Queensland Labor Party
Northern Country Party
Northern Territory Nationals
Protestant Labor Party
Redistribution Liberals
Reform the Legal System 2000–2002
Residents Rally 1989–1995
SA First 1999–2002
Single Tax League 1914–1941 Georgism
Unity Party Centrism
Victorian Liberal Party 1954–1955

Parties without representation


Name Period Ideology
All for Australia League 1931–1932
Australian Nationalist Party 1958–1958
Australian National Socialist Party 1962–1968 Nazism
White supremacy
Australian Commonwealth Party 1972–1972
Advance Australia Party Nationalism
Australians Against Further Immigration 1989–2008 Nationalism
Australian Conservative Party 1989–1991
Australian Country Party (2004) 2004–2020
Australia's Indigenous Peoples Party 1993–1999
Australian Women's Party 1995–2003
Australian Recreational Fishers Party 2016–2017
Australian Reform Party 1997–2002
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party 2006–2014
4Change 2007–2010
Australia's First Nations Political Party 2011–2015
Australian Bill of Rights Group Bill of Rights
Australian Defence Movement
Australian Marijuana Party
Australian Motorist Party
Australian National Party
Australian Defence Veterans Party 2015–2017
Bullet Train for Australia 2013–2017
Centre Party Fascism
Commonwealth Party 1943–1944
Commonwealth Centre Party 1961–1961
Conservative Party of Australia 1984–1998
Combined New Australia Party 1990–1990
Confederate Action Party of Australia 1992–1993
Country Party (South Australia) 1917–1932
Curtin Labor Alliance 2001–2005
Carers Alliance 2007–2015
Communist Alliance 2009–2012 Communism
CountryMinded 2014–2018
Consumer Rights & No-Tolls 2016–2018
Defence of Government Schools 1966–1985
Engineered Australia Plan Party 1982–1983
Deadly Serious Party 1980s–1988
Defence and Ex-Services Party 1986–1989
Earthsave 1996–1999
Democratic Socialist Electoral League 1998–2001
Daylight Saving for South East Queensland
Douglas Credit Party Social credit
Drug Law Reform Australia
Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy Australia
Ex-Service, Service and Veterans Party
Farmers and Producers Political Union 1904–1910
Freedom and Prosperity Party
FREE Australia Party 2010–2014
Fair Land Tax - Tax Party
Family Law Reform Party
Gamers 4 Croydon 2009–2010
Grey Power 1983–1994
Great Australians Party 2003–2006
Hear Our Voice 2007–2010
Human Rights Party
Hope Party Australia 1997–2006
Industrial Labor Party 1936–1939
Independent EFF 1987–1999


Name Period Ideology
Liberal Party (1922) 1922–1922
Liberal Democratic Party 1943–1944
Mature Australia Party 2014–2017
Middle Class Party 1943–1943
Liberal Reform Group 1966–1969
Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party 2001–2004
Mutual Party 2014–2015
Libertarian Party of Australia
Multicultural Progress Party
National Defence League 1891–1910
National Party (South Australia) 1917–1923
One Parliament for Australia 1943–1943
National Humanitarian Party 1983–1984
No Hoo Haa Party 2002–2011
Natural Law Party 1990–1997
One Australia Movement 1986–1992
One Australia Party 1995–1999
No GST Party
No Aircraft Noise
No Land Tax Campaign
National Action White supremacy
National Socialist Party of Australia White supremacy
New England New State Movement
Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop the Greens) 1996–2017


Party Period Description
Pangallo Independents Party
Protestant People's Party 1946–1949
Queensland Labor Party 1957–1962 A breakaway group of the then ruling Australian Labor Party Government after the expulsion of Premier Vince Gair. The party was absorbed into the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) in 1962
Progressive Conservative Party 1980–1980 Its stated aims included the reintroduction of the White Australia Policy, an end to Asian immigration to Australia, the cessation of foreign aid, and higher tax concessions to non-working mothers
Pensioner and Citizen Initiated Referendum Alliance (formerly Pensioner Party of Australia) 1982–1996 It generally supported the rights of pensioners and retirees, and was also notable as a strongly monarchist group
Party! Party! Party! 1989–1989
People Power Party 2006–2006
Pauline's United Australia Party 2007–2010


Party Period Description
Services and Citizens' Party 1943–1944 In 1944 it was one of the groups brought together by Robert Menzies to form the Liberal Party of Australia
Services Party of Australia 1946–1946
Smokers' Rights Party 2012–2017 The Smokers' Rights Party was formed in 2012 to argue that taxation on cigarettes in Australia is excessive and not justified by public health costs. They would like to see property owners making their own smoking rules (including in bars and pubs), rather than the government, and argue that the decision to smoke is a matter of personal choice.
Social Democratic Party 1980–1983
Republican Party of Australia The Republican Party of Australia was a minor political party dedicated to ending the country's links with the United Kingdom and establishing a republic, but remaining in the Commonwealth. It was formed in 1982 and achieved registration federally in 1992. It in many ways replaced the Australian Republican Party, which had operated from 1949 through until the RPA's founding. it was deregistered on 15 February 2016 after failing to demonstrate the required number of members.
Referendum First Group 1984–1984 It was a single-issue party, demanding a referendum before granting the ACT self-government.
Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration 1996–1999 The party advocated reducing immigration to Australia, The party's best electoral result was in the by-election following the retirement of former Prime Minister Paul Keating from the federal seat of Blaxland. In this by-election, the Liberal Party did not field a candidate to oppose the sitting Labor Party, and, although RARI finished behind AAFI on the primary vote, on preferences RARI was able to come second in the seat.
Save the RAH (South Australia) 2010–2010 A single-issue party with the aim of stopping the relocation of Adelaide's main hospital, the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Rational Association
Red Eureka Movement
Restore the Workers' Rights Party
Save Our State (New South Wales)
Social Credit Movement of Australia
Socialist Federation of Australia
Socialist Party of Australia (WSM) 1930–1970 Companion party of the World Socialist Movement
State Labor Party
Stop CSG Party
Stormy Summers Reform Party (South Australia)
Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party
Surprise Party


Party Period Description
United Christian Party 1972–1974
United Tasmania Group 1972–1976
(2016– )
Generally acknowledged as the world's first Green party. A few UTG candidates, including Bob Brown, formed the Tasmanian Greens (who enjoyed considerably more success) and then, at the national level, the Australian Greens. The United Tasmania Group was revived in April 2016.
Tasmania Senate Team 1992–1996
Tasmania First Party 1996–2006
Taxi Operators Political Service 1997–2001
The Basics Rock 'n' Roll Party
United Party (South Australia)


Party Period Description
Victorian Socialist Party 1906–1932 A socialist political party, the first explicitly Marxist party in Australia.
Voluntary Euthanasia Party 2013–2019 A political party that supported legalising voluntary euthanasia in Australia. It merged into the Reason Party in 2019.
Young Australia National Party 1909–1916?
What Women Want 2007–2010 Strong interest in maternity issues, including support of midwives.

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