List of inflatable manufactured goods


This is a non-comprehensive list of inflatable manufactured goods, as no such list could ever completely contain all items that regularly change. An inflatable[1] is an object that can typically be inflated with a gas, including air, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen. Some can be inflated with liquids, such as waterbeds and water balloons.

An inflatable laser maze

Inflatable manufactured goods edit

An air dancer
Dunnage bags (center) being used to stabilize products in a shipping container
A Gambrinus inflatable structure with a climbing wall
A 27m Peter Lynn Octopus kite flown at Cervia International Kite Festival, Italy 2007
Outdoor movies shown on an airscreen or inflatable movie screen

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* Inflatable single-line kite
* Leading edge inflatable kite

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  • Medical devices
Inflatable swim rings
Children playing in water balls in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
A whoopee cushion

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  • Tent – some tents have inflatable pole supports, also known as airbeams
  • Tire
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