List of near-Earth object observation projects


List of near-Earth object observation projects is a list of projects that observe Near-Earth objects. Most are astronomical surveys intended to find undiscovered asteroids. They sometimes find comets.

Project Commissioned Decommissioned Description
Anglo-Australian Near-Earth Asteroid Survey 1990 1996
Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey 2001 2002
Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) 2015
Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program 1996 2002 discovered more than 1000 minor planets[1]
Campo Imperatore Near-Earth Object Survey 2001
Catalina Sky Survey 1998
International Near-Earth Asteroid Survey
Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) 1998
Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search 1993 2008
Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite 2013 microsatellite observatory
Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) 1995 2007
Near-Earth Object Surveillance Mission 2025+
NEOSTEL 2020 planned ground-based fly-eye survey telescope
NEODyS Database of near earth asteroid orbits
NEOWISE 2009 infrared survey to identify and characterize the population of near-Earth objects
Orbit@home 2008 2013? NEO-related distributed computing project
OGS Telescope 1995
OCA–DLR Asteroid Survey 1996[2] 1999
Palomar–Leiden survey 1960 1977
Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey 1973
Palomar Transient Factory[3] 2009 2012
Pan-STARRS 2008
Sentinel Space Telescope proposed space telescope
Sentry (monitoring system)
Siding Spring Survey 2004 2013
Space Situational Awareness Programme
Spacewatch 1984[4]
Ukrainian Optical Facilities for Near-Earth Space Surveillance Network
Vera C. Rubin Observatory 2021 planned ground-based survey telescope

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