List of open-access journals


This is a list of open-access journals by field. The list contains notable journals which have a policy of full open access. It does not include delayed open access journals, hybrid open access journals, or related collections or indexing services.

True open-access journals can be split into two categories:

Agriculture edit

Astronomy edit

Bioethics edit

Biology edit

Botany edit

Chemistry edit

Computer science edit

Earth Sciences edit

Ecology edit

Economics and finance edit

Education edit

Energy edit

Engineering edit

Geography and environmental studies edit

Humanities and other journals edit

Language and linguistics edit

Law edit

Library and information science edit

Materials science edit

Mathematics edit

Medicine, pharmaceutical and health sciences edit

(omitting journals already previously mentioned)

Music edit

Nutrition edit

Philosophy edit

Physics edit

Pluridisciplinary edit

Political science edit

Robotics edit

Social science edit

Statistics edit

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