List of protoplanetary nebulae


This is a list of protoplanetary nebulae. These objects represent the final stage before a planetary nebula. During this stage, the red giant star begins to slowly expel its outermost layers of material. A protoplanetary nebula usually glows with the light from its parent star. This stage is usually brief, typically lasting no more than a few thousand years.


Image Name NGC Other designation Date discovered Distance (ly)
Boomerang nebula.jpg Boomerang Nebula Centaurus Bipolar Nebula About 5,000
Rotteneggnebula.jpg Calabash Nebula OH231.8+4.2 About 4,200
Egg Nebula.jpg Egg Nebula CRL 2688 1996 About 3,000
Frosty Leo Nebula.jpg Frosty Leo Nebula IRAS 09371+1212 About 3,000
Redrectangle hst full.jpg Red Rectangle Nebula HD 44179 1973 2,300 ± 300
Gomez Hamburger hst.jpg Gomez's Hamburger IRAS 18059-3211 1985 6500
Cottoncandynebula.jpg Cotton Candy Nebula IRAS 17150-3224
WaterLilyNebula1999.jpg Water lily nebula IRAS 16594-4656
IRAS 22036+5306.tif IRAS 22036+5306 About 6,500
Westbrook Nebula.tif Westbrook Nebula IRAS 04395+3601
IRAS 13208-6020.tif IRAS 13208-6020
IRAS 20068+4051.jpg IRAS 20068+4051
Celestial spiral with a twist.jpg LL Pegasi IRAS 23166+1655
Minkowski 92.jpg M1-92 IRAS 19343+2926 About 8000
IRAS 19024+0044.jpg IRAS 19024+0044 11 000
Fried Egg Nebula.jpg IRAS 17163-3907 13 000
M2-9 minkowski's butterfly.png Minkowski's Butterfly M2-9 2 100
An interstellar butterfly.jpg Roberts 22 (MR 22) AFGL 4104

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