List of requirements engineering tools


Requirements engineering tools are usually software products to ease the RE processes and allow for more systematic and formalized handling of requirements, change management and traceability.[1][2]

The PMI guide Requirements Management: A Practical Guide recommends that a requirements tool should be identified at the beginning of the project, as [requirements] traceability can get complex and that switching tool mid-term could present a challenge.[3]

According to ISO/IEC TR 24766:2009,[4] six major tool capabilities exist:

  1. Requirements elicitation
  2. Requirements analysis
  3. Requirements specification
  4. Requirements verification and validation
  5. Requirements management
  6. Other capabilities

RE tool listEdit

As with most software, the vendor/owner, tool name or scope change over time. An updated list of synonyms can be found online, with last update according to website was March 2020.[5]

Note that compliance with for example safety standards such as ISO 26262 is supported by few tools directly or indirectly via specialist consulting.[6][7]

Unlike the major six tool capabilities (see above), the following categories are introduced for the list, which correlate closer with the product marketing or summarizes capabilities, such as RM including the elicitation, analysis and specification parts, and TM meaning verification & validation capabilities.

Specialties, such as OSLC-support, are not presented in the current list, but exist for some tools.[8][9]

List capabilitiesEdit

Excluded capabilities (limited list)Edit

  • CI/CD
  • Process management (Process design, etc.)
  • QM: Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Release/Patch management
  • Safety or Security
  • Variants management

RE tool listEdit

Name Vendor Agile ALM CM ISM PDM PLM PJM RM TM VCS VM_MBSE Other License type
acunote Pluron Inc. x Commercial
agosense.fidelia agosense GmbH x Commercial
Aha! Aha! Labs x x Commercial
Aligned Elements Aligned AG x Commercial
Quality Center Micro Focus x x x x x Commercial
ALM Octane Micro Focus x x x Commercial
Auros IQ Auros LLC x x x x x x x x CAD Commercial
Axosoft Axosoft x x Commercial
Azure DevOps Microsoft x x x x Commercial
Balsamiq Wireframes Balsamiq x x Commercial
Business Optix Business Optix x Commercial
Cameo Systems Modeler No Magic Inc. (since 2018 part of Dessault Systemes)[11] x x Commercial
Capella Eclipse Foundation x Eclipse Public License
CaseComplete Serlio Software x x Commercial
codeBeamer ALM Intland Software GmbH x x x x Commercial
Cognition Cockpit Cognition Corporation x x x x Commercial
Cradle 3SL x x x Commercial
Dimensions RM Micro Focus x Commercial
Eclipse (IDE) Papyrus Eclipse Foundation x Eclipse Public License
Enterprise Architect Sparx Systems x x x x[12] x Commercial
Helix RM Perforce x x x x Commercial
Rational DOORS IBM x x x Commercial
Rational Rhapsody IBM x x x x[13] Commercial
DOORS Next (Jazz) IBM x x x Commercial
innoslate SPEC Innovations x Commercial
Innovator for Business Analysts MID GmbH x x Commercial
in-STEP BLUE microTool GmbH x x x Commercial
iRise iRise x x x Commercial
Jama Connect Jama Software x x x Commercial
Jira Atlassian x x x x Commercial
Kanban Flow CodeKick AB x Commercial
Kanban Tool Shore Labs x Commercial
kanbanize kanbanize x x Commercial
Kovair ALM Kovair Software, Inc. Y Y Y Y Y Y Commercial
LeanKit Planview, Inc. x Commercial
MagicDraw No Magic Inc. (since 2018 part of Dessault Systemes)[11] x Commercial
Matrix ALM/QMS Matrix Requirements GmbH x x x x x Commercial
Marvel App Marvel x x x Commercial
Minerva PLM Minerva Group A/S x x x x Commercial
Swiftly Orca Intelligence x x x x x Commercial
Modelio Analyst Modeliosoft x x Commercial
Modern Requirements4DevOps eDev Technologies x x Commercial
objectiF microTool GmbH x x Commercial
objectiF RPM microTool GmbH x x x x Commercial
OneDesk Product Management OneDesk Inc. x x Commercial
OpenPDM PROSTEP Inc. (see also ProSTEP iViP) x x Commercial
OpenProject OpenProject GmbH x GPL3
PivotalTracker PivotalLabs x Commercial
Polarion Siemens PLM Software x x x x x x x Commercial
PREEvision Vektor Informatik GmbH x x x Commercial
Psoda Psoda x x x x Commercial
QVscribe QVscribe x Commercial
R4J ease solutions Pte Ltd x x Commercial
Rally Software Broadcom x x Commercial
RaQuest SparxSystems Japan Co., Ltd x Commercial
ReqEdit REQTEAM GmbH x Commercial
ReqSuite RM OSSENO Software GmbH x Commercial
ReQtest ReQtest AB x x x Commercial
RequirementONE RequirementOne Inc. x Commercial
ReqView Eccam s.r.o. x x x Commercial
Retina Intland Software GmbH x x x Commercial
RMsis Optimizory Technologies Pvt. Ltd. x x x Commercial
rmToo flonatel GmbH & Co. KG x x GPL3
RMTrak Prometeo Technologies x Commercial
ScopeMaster ScopeMaster Ltd. x x x x x Commercial
Scrumwise x Commercial
ScrumWorks Pro CollabNet x Commercial
SOX2 RM Engineers Consulting GmbH x Commercial
Specification Wizard MeetAdd x Commercial
SpiraTeam Inflectra x x x x Commercial
Storyteller Blueprint Software Systems, Inc. x x Commercial
SwiftKanban Digité Inc. x Commercial
Targetprocess Targetprocess Inc. x Commercial
Tuleap Enterprise enalean x x Commercial
Valispace Valispace GmbH x x x x x x x Commercial
VersionOne CollabNet x x x Commercial
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm International x x Commercial
Visure Requirements Visure Solutions, Inc. x x x Commercial
Windchill RV&S PTC x x Commercial
Yodiz Yodiz x Commercial
Yonix Yonix Ltd. x Commercial

Other tools, developments, specialitiesEdit

  • ReqInspector[14][15]
  • ReqIF - For example to transfer requirements data from one tool to another (e. g. DOORS to DOORS Next[16])
  • Doorstop (hosted on GitHub)

Further readingEdit

  • Winning the Hidden Battle: Requirements Tool Selection and Adoption[17]
  • Evaluation of Open Source Tools for Requirements Management[18]
  • A case study of requirements management: Toward transparency in requirements management tools[19]
  • Modeling requirements with SysML (IREB, 2015)
  • Is requirements engineering still needed in agile development approaches? (IREB, 2015)
  • DOORS: A Tool to Manage Requirements[20]
  • Risto Salo et al. Requirements management in GitHub with a lean approach (2015)

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