List of space races


The following is a list of space races, that is, competitions or rivalries in going into outer space.


Rivalries and political competitions

  • Space Race, the Cold War geopolitical rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union in space primacy
    • Moon Race, the race to have the first human landing on the Moon
  • Mars race, the rivalry between teams to put the first humans on or about the planet Mars
  • Asian space race, the geopolitical rivalry in Asia, between Japan, China, India, for supremacy in spaceflight
  • Billionaire space race, the entrepreneurial rivalry in NewSpace between billionaire entrants into the space sector

Contract competitions

  • Amerikabomber contract competition in WWII Nazi Germany Luftwaffe for a space bomber capable of striking the United States from Germany

Prize competitions

  • Ansari X Prize, the first X Prize Foundation prize for achieving repeated suborbital spaceflights using a space tourism capable vehicle, which was won by the SpaceShipOne team of Mojave Aerospace Ventures composed of Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan, Paul Allen and Vulcan Inc.
  • Google Lunar X Prize, the X Prize Foundation prize sponsored by Google to put a robotic rover onto the Moon, won by no team
  • America's Space Prize, the Bigelow Aerospace sponsored prize to create an American orbital space tourism capable vehicle, won by no team

External links

  • Caleb A. Scharf (1 May 2013). "Space Race: A Comparison of the Speediest Spacecraft". Scientific American. — a literal spacecraft speed comparison, instead of the metaphorical races for outer space, listed above.

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