List of space technology awards


2014 Collier Trophy presentation

This list of space technology awards is an index to articles about notable awards related to space technology. This includes awards for development of spacecraft, satellites, space stations, and support infrastructure, equipment, and procedures. The list shows the country of the sponsoring organization, but awards are not necessarily limited to people or organizations based in that country.


Country Award Sponsor Given for
France Allan D. Emil Memorial Award International Astronautical Federation Outstanding contribution in space science, space technology, space medicine, or space law which involved the participation of more than one nation and/or which furthered the possibility of greater international cooperation in astronautics[1]
United States America's Space Prize Bigelow Aerospace First US-based privately funded team to design and build a reusable manned capsule capable of flying 5 astronauts to a Bigelow Aerospace inflatable space module. Expired in 2010[2]
United States Ansari X Prize Amir Ansari / X Prize Foundation For first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks. Won in 2004.[3]
India Aryabhata Award Astronautical Society of India Notable lifetime contributions in the field of astronautics and aerospace technology in India[4][5]
United States Carl Sagan Memorial Award American Astronautical Society, The Planetary Society Demonstrated leadership in research or policies advancing exploration of the Cosmos[6]
United States Centennial Challenges NASA For various non-government-funded technological achievements by American teams[7]
United States Collier Trophy National Aeronautic Association Greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles[8]
United States Dirk Brouwer Award American Astronautical Society Significant technical contributions to space flight mechanics and astrodynamics[9]
International Edison Award Edison Awards Honoring excellence in innovation[10]
United States Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award American Astronautical Society Truly outstanding book serving public understanding about the positive impact of astronautics upon society[11]
France Franck J. Malina Astronautics Medal International Astronautical Federation Educator who has demonstrated excellence in taking the fullest advantage of the resources available to them to promote the study of astronautics and related space sciences[12]
United States Google Lunar X Prize Google For successfully launching, landing, and operating a rover on the lunar surface
United States Harold Brown Award United States Air Force Scientist or engineer who applies scientific research to solve a problem critical to the needs of the Air Force
United States Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization Heinlein Prize Trust Individuals who make practical contributions to the commercialization of space
United States IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Outstanding contributions to space engineering within the fields of interest of the IEEE
United States Lew Allen Award Jet Propulsion Laboratory Significant accomplishments or leadership early in an individual's professional career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
United States International Space Hall of Fame New Mexico Museum of Space History
France Luigi G. Napolitano Award International Astronautical Congress Young scientist, below 30 years of age, who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the aerospace science
United States Lunar Lander Challenge NASA : Centennial Challenges Series of prizes for teams that launch a vertical takeoff/vertical landing (VTVL) rocket that achieved the total delta-v needed for a vehicle to move between the surface of the Moon and its orbit.
United Kingdom N-Prize Paul H. Dear To launch a satellite weighing between 9.99 and 19.99 grammes into Earth orbit, and to track it for a minimum of nine orbits. The launch budget must be under £999.99 including the launch vehicle, all of the required non-reusable launch equipment hardware, and propellant
United States Orbit Award National Space Society and Space Tourism Society Pioneers in the private space travel industry
United Kingdom Sir Arthur Clarke Award Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Notable contributions to space exploration, particularly British achievements
United States Space Flight Award American Astronautical Society Person whose outstanding efforts and achievements have contributed most significantly to the advancement of space flight and space exploration
United States Space Pioneer Awards National Space Society Individuals and teams who have opened the space frontier
United States Victor A. Prather Award American Astronautical Society Researchers, engineers and flight crew members in the field of extravehicular protection or activity in space.
United States Wright Brothers Medal SAE International Notable contributions in the engineering, design, development, or operation of air and space vehicles

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