List of typographical symbols and punctuation marks


This is a list of the most common typographical symbols and punctuation marks used with Latin script. For a far more comprehensive list of symbols and signs, see List of Unicode characters. For other languages and symbol sets (especially accents), see below

Typographical symbols and punctuation marks
Symbol Name of the symbol[a] Similar glyphs or concepts See also
❦ ❧ Aldus leaf Dingbat, Dinkus, Hedera, Index Fleuron
Almost equal to Approximately equal to sign. Mathematical operators and symbols in Unicode, Double tilde
& Ampersand plus sign Ligature (writing)
⟨ ⟩ Angle brackets Bracket, Parenthesis, Greater-than sign, Less-than sign Bracket
' ’ Apostrophe Quotation mark, Guillemet, Prime, Grave
* Asterisk Asterism, Dagger Footnote
Asterism Dinkus, Therefore sign
@ At sign
\ Backslash Slash (Solidus) (/)
` Backtick
(non-Unicode name)
('Backtick' is an alias for the grave accent symbol)
Basis point (per ten thousand) Per cent, per mille (per 1,000)
[ ] { } Brackets Angle bracket, Parenthesis
Bullet Interpunct
‸ ⁁ ⎀ Caret (proofreading) Caret (computing) (^)
⟨ ⟩ Chevron
(non-Unicode name)
('Chevron' is an alias for Angle bracket)
^ Circumflex (symbol) Caret (The circumflex symbol is known as a caret in computing and mathematics) Circumflex (diacritic), Caret (computing)
◌̂ Circumflex (diacritic) Grave, Tilde Combining Diacritical Marks, Diacritic
: Colon Semicolon
, Comma Cedilla, Decimal separator
Commercial minus sign Minus sign, Division sign, Per cent, Obelus
🄯, (ɔ) Copyleft sign Copyright sign
© Copyright sign Sound recording copyright Circled latin capital letter C
¤ Currency sign Square lozenge ("Pillow") various Currency symbols
† ‡ Dagger Obelus Footnotes, Latin cross,
   Dash Hyphen, Hyphen-minus, minus sign
° Degree sign Masculine ordinal indicator
* * * Dinkus Asterism, Fleuron, Dingbat
(many) Dingbat Dinkus, Fleuron
Diameter Ø (Scandinavian orthography),
Slashed zero; empty set
" Ditto mark Quotation mark
÷ Division sign Slash (Solidus) (/), Obelus
Dotted circle (Used as a generic placeholder when describing diacritics) Combining Diacritical Marks
⹀ ⸗ Double hyphen Almost equal to
= Equals sign
Estimated sign
! Exclamation mark Inverted exclamation mark, Interrobang
ª Feminine ordinal indicator Masculine ordinal indicator, Degree sign
(many) Fleuron Dinkus, Dingbat
❦ ❧ Floral heart Dingbat, Dinkus, Hedera, Index Fleuron
. Full stop Interpunct, Period Decimal separator
♀ ♂ ⚥ Gender symbol LGBT symbols
` Grave (symbol) also called a 'backtick' Quotation mark#Typewriters and early computers
◌̀ Grave (diacrictic) Circumflex, Tilde Combining Diacritical Marks, Diacritic
> Greater-than sign Angle bracket
« » Guillemet Angle brackets, quotation marks Much greater than
❦ ❧ Hedera Dingbat, Dinkus, Index, Pilcrow Fleuron
Hyphen Dash, Hyphen-minus
- Hyphen-minus Dash, Hyphen, Minus sign
Index Manicule, Obelus (medieval usage)
· Interpunct Full-stop, Period, Decimal separator
Interrobang (combined
'Question mark' and 'Exclamation mark')
Inverted question and exclamation marks
¡ Inverted exclamation mark Exclamation mark, Interrobang
¿ Inverted question mark Question mark, Interrobang
< Less-than sign Angle bracket, Chevron, Guillemet
Lozenge Square lozenge ("Pillow")
Manicule Index, Obelus
º Masculine ordinal indicator Feminine ordinal indicator, Degree sign
Minus sign Hyphen-minus, Commercial minus
× Multiplication sign X mark
# Number sign Numero sign. Also known as "octothorpe" and "hash" Pound sign
Numero sign Number sign
Image of manuscript annotation symbols Obelus Division sign, Dagger, Commercial minus, Index
( ) Parenthesis Bracket, Angle bracket
% Percent sign Per mille (per 1,000), Basis point (per 10,000)
Per mille Percent, Basis point
. Period
(non-Unicode name)
('Period' is a recognized alias for Full stop)
Pilcrow Paragraph mark, paragraph sign, paraph, alinea, or blind P Section sign ('Silcrow')
(non-Unicode name)
('Pillow' is an informal nick-name for the 'Square lozenge'.) The generic Currency sign is superficially similar
+ Plus sign minus sign, ampersand
± Plus–minus sign ('plus or minus') Approximately equal to
′ ″ ‴ Prime (symbol) Apostrophe, quotation marks foot (unit), Inch, Minute, Second
? Question mark Inverted question mark, Interrobang
“ ”   " "
‘ ’   ' '
Quotation marks Apostrophe, Ditto, Guillemets, Prime Inch, Second
® Registered trademark symbol Trademark symbol
¤ Scarab
(non-Unicode name)
('Scarab' is an informal name for the generic Currency sign)
§ Section sign section symbol, section mark, double-s, 'silcrow'
; Semicolon Colon
Service mark symbol Trademark symbol
§ Silcrow
(non-Unicode name)
'Silcrow' is an informal name for the Section sign Pilcrow
/ Slash Division sign, Backslash
/ Solidus Division sign
Sound recording copyright symbol Copyright sign
Square lozenge Currency sign
Therefore sign Asterism
~ Tilde (symbol) Tilde (diacritic)
Wave dash
Double tilde
◌̃ Tilde (diacrictic) Circumflex, Grave Combining Diacritical Marks, Diacritic
Trademark symbol Registered trade mark
_ Underscore
| Vertical bar also known as a 'pipe'
| or / Virgule Slash Virgule (disambiguation)

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