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Developer(s)Theorist Interactive, LLC (1999-2004, 3.0-3.5.6)
MathMonkeys, LLC (2004-, 3.5.7-)
Stable release
3.6.0 / January 2017
Operating systemMac OS X 10.4, Microsoft Windows XP, Linux (i386 Ubuntu 11.04, Redhat Linux, CentOS)
TypeComputer algebra system

LiveMath is a computer algebra system available on a number of platforms including Mac OS, macOS (Carbon), Microsoft Windows, Linux (x86) and Solaris (SPARC). It is the latest release of a system that originally emerged as Theorist for the "classic" Mac in 1989, became MathView and MathPlus in 1997 after it was sold to Waterloo Maple,[1] and finally LiveMath after it was purchased by members of its own userbase in 1999.[2][3] The application is currently owned by MathMonkeys of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The overall LiveMath suite contains LiveMath Maker, the main application, as well as LiveMath Viewer for end-users, and LiveMath Plug-In, an ActiveX plugin for browsers,[4] which was discontinued in 2014.[5]


LiveMath uses a worksheet-based approach, similar to products like Mathematica or MathCAD. The user enters equations into the worksheet and then uses the built-in functions to help solve them, or reduce them numerically. Workbooks typically contain a number of equations separated into sections, along with data tables, graphs, and similar outputs. Unlike most CAS applications, LiveMath uses a full GUI with high-quality graphical representations of the equations at every step, including input.

LiveMath also allows the user to interact with the equation in the sheet; for instance, one can drag an instance of to the left hand side of the equation, at which point LiveMath will re-arrange the equation to solve for . LiveMath's algebraic solving systems are relatively simple compared to better known systems like Mathematica, and does not offer the same sort of automated single-step solving of these packages.

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