Local government areas of Tasmania


Map showing the 29 local government areas of Tasmania (border lines are approximate).

Councils of Tasmania are the 29 administrative districts of the Australian state of Tasmania. Local government areas (LGAs), more generally known as councils, are the tier of government responsible for the management of local duties such as road maintenance, town planning and waste management.

Local government regions

The local government areas of Tasmania are grouped into six regions:

  • Central
  • Hobart
  • Launceston
  • North-east
  • North-west and west
  • South-east

Local government areas

There are 29 local government areas of Tasmania:

Local government area Principal town Region Date
Land area[1] Demographics Map
km2 sq mi Population[1]
(per km2)
Break O'Day St Helens North-east 1993 3,523.9 1,361 6,232 1.8 Rural Break O'Day LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Brighton Brighton Hobart 1863 171.2 66 17,294 101.0 Urban Brighton LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Burnie Burnie North-west and west 1908 611.0 236 19,348 31.7 Urban Burnie City LGA Tasmania locator map with inset.svg
Central Coast Ulverstone North-west and west 1993 933.1 360 21,904 23.5 Urban Central Coast LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Central Highlands Hamilton Central 1993 7,982.4 3,082 2,144 0.3 Rural Central Highlands LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Circular Head Smithton North-west and west 1907 4,898.0 1,891 8,066 1.6 Rural Circular Head LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Clarence Rosny Park Hobart 1860 378.0 146 56,945 150.7 Urban Clarence City LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Derwent Valley New Norfolk South-east 1994 4,108.1 1,586 10,290 2.5 Rural Derwent Valley LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Devonport Devonport North-west and west 1907 111.3 43 25,415 228.4 Urban Devonport City LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Dorset Scottsdale North-east 1993 3,230.5 1,247 6,652 2.1 Rural Dorset LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Flinders Whitemark North-east 1907 1,996.6 771 987 0.5 Rural Flinders LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
George Town George Town Launceston 1907 653.4 252 6,931 10.6 Rural George Town LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Glamorgan–Spring Bay Triabunna South-east 1993 2,591.6 1,001 4,528 1.7 Rural Glamorgan Spring Bay LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Glenorchy Glenorchy Hobart 1864 121.1 47 47636 393.2 Urban Glenorchy City LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Hobart Hobart Hobart 1852 77.9 30 53684 689.1 Urban Hobart City LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Huon Valley Huonville South-east 1993 5,507.4 2,126 17219 3.1 Rural Huon Valley LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Kentish Sheffield North-west and west 1907 1,156.2 446 6324 5.5 Rural Kentish LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
King Island Currie North-west and west 1907 1,095.7 423 1601 1.5 Rural King Island LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Kingborough Kingston Hobart 1907 720.1 278 37743 52.4 Urban Kingborough LGA Tasmania locator map inset.svg
Latrobe Latrobe North-west and west 1907 600.5 232 11329 18.9 Rural Latrobe LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Launceston Launceston Launceston 1852 1,413.6 546 67449 47.7 Urban Launceston City LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Meander Valley Westbury Launceston 1993 3,330.8 1,286 19713 5.9 Rural Meander Valley LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Northern Midlands Longford Central 1993 5,135.3 1,983 13300 2.6 Rural Northern Midlands LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Sorell Sorell South-east 1862 583.8 225 15218 26.1 Rural Sorell LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Southern Midlands Oatlands Central 1993 2,615.5 1,010 6,118 2.3 Rural Southern Midlands LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Tasman Nubeena South-east 1907 660.4 255 2,404 3.6 Rural Tasman LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
Waratah–Wynyard Wynyard North-west and west 1993 3,535.9 1,365 13,800 3.9 Rural Waratah-Wynyard LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
West Coast Zeehan North-west and west 1993 9,583.5 3,700 4,167 0.4 Rural West Coast LGA Tasmania locator map.svg
West Tamar Beaconsfield Launceston 1993 691.1 267 23,769 34.4 Urban West Tamar LGA Tasmania locator map.svg

Towns and suburbs of councils areas

Map of local government areas of Tasmania

The following is a list of councils areas grouped by region, and the major towns and suburbs within each LGA.

Hobart area councils

Greater Hobart contains six LGAs:

South-east area councils

The south-east area councils contains four LGAs:

  • Derwent Valley Council, containing the towns and settlements of Adamsfield, Black Hills, Boyer, Bushy Park, Feilton, Fenton Forest, Fitzgerald, Glenfern, Glenora, Granton, Hayes, Karanja, Lachlan, Lawitta, Macquarie Plains, Magra, Malbina, Maydena, Molesworth, Moogara, Mount Field, Mount Lloyd, National Park, New Norfolk, Plenty, Rosegarland, Sorell Creek, Strathgordon, Tyenna, Upper Plenty, Uxbridge, and Westerway.
  • Municipality of Tasman, containing the towns and settlements of Koonya, Murdunna, Nubeena, and Port Arthur.
  • Huon Valley Council, containing the towns and settlements of Barretts Bay, Brooks Bay, Cairns Bay, Castle Forbes Bay, Charlotte Cove, Crabtree, Cradoc, Cygnet, Deep Bay, Dover, Eggs and Bacon Bay, Franklin, Garden Island Creek, Garden Island Sands, Gardners Bay, Geeveston, Glaziers Bay, Glen Huon, Glendevie, Golden Valley, Grove, Hastings, Huonville, Ida Bay, Judbury, Lonnavale, Lower Longley, Lower Wattle Grove, Lucaston, Lune River, Lymington, Mountain River, Nicholls Rivulet, Pelverata, Petcheys Bay, Police Point, Port Huon, Raminea, Randalls Bay, Ranelagh, Recherche, Strathblane, Surges Bay, Surveyors Bay, Upper Woodstock, Verona Sands, Wattle Grove, Woodstock Cygnet, Eggs and Bacon Bay, Dover, Franklin, Geeveston, Port Huon, Glen Huon, Huonville, and Southport.
  • Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, containing the towns and settlements of Bicheno, Coles Bay, Cranbrook, Orford, Swansea, and Triabunna.

North-east area councils

The north-east area councils contain three LGAs:

Launceston area councils

The Launceston area councils contain four LGAs:

North-west and west coast councils

The north-west and west coast councils contain nine LGAs:

Central councils

The Central councils contain three LGAs:

Former local government areas

Tasmania has had a number of former local government areas. In 1907, the 149 road trusts or town boards (LGAs) of Tasmania were reduced by mergers and amalgamations to 53 LGAs. By the time of a large scale overhaul in 1993, 46 LGAs were reduced to the present-day 29.[2]

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